Employment Services for PhD Mathematicians


Employment Services for PhD MathematiciansNow that you're about to receive a PhD, you need services that will help you manage a major job search. The AMS is here to help you with job ads, interviews, and advice. The AMS provides the automated Mathjobs.org job application system plus job ads on the web and on paper, and helps arrange interviews at the January meetings. ALL services are free for applicants.

For help with hiring and job seeking contact the AMS at 800-321-4267, ext. 4096 or submit an inquiry.


For those hiring or those seeking jobs, choose one or more of these four services:


Employment Center

Schedule job interviews at the January Joint Mathematics Meetings/view registered employers
Reserve a table/view applicants/issue interview invitations for the Employment Center at the January Joint Mathematics Meetings


View job ads in the member journal Notices of the AMS
Place a print ad in the member journal Notices of the AMS (11 issues per year)

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