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AMS Notices: February 2016
February Feature Column: It Just Keeps Piling Up! by Bill Casselman
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Featured Publication

Codes and Curves
Judy Walker
Winner or the 2016 AWM Louise Hay Award for Contributions to Mathematics Education

This book introduces the reader to the exciting field of algebraic geometric coding theory.

Toric Varieties
David Cox, John Little, and Henry Schenck
Useful reference for graduate students and researchers interested in algebraic geometry, polyhedral geometry, and toric varieties


A Comprehensive Course in Analysis
Barry Simon
Winner of the 2016 AMS Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement

This set by Poincaré Prize winner Barry Simon consists of five volumes that can serve as a graduate-level analysis textbook with a lot of additional problems, notes, and historical background.

Notices of the AMS--FEBRUARY

Our 2016 issues feature an Exciting New Design, a Fresh Web Interface and Online Commentary!

Honoring Louis Nirenberg Interview: Fernando Coda Marquez George Andrews on Ramanujan Film

Bulletin of the AMS

Bulletin of the AMS Reciprocity laws and Galois representations: recent breakthroughs
( view abstract )
Reciprocity laws and Galois representations: recent breakthroughs
Given a polynomial $ f(x)$ with integer coefficients, a reciprocity law is a rule which determines, for a prime $ p$, whether $ f(x)$ modulo $ p$ is the product of distinct linear factors. We examine reciprocity laws through the ages, beginning with Fermat, Euler and Gauss, and continuing through the modern theory of modular forms and Galois representations. We conclude with an exposition of Peter Scholze's astonishing work on torsion classes in the cohomology of arithmetic manifolds.

Browse the archive 1891 - 2016.

The Scholarly Kitchen

Image by Kabir Bakie via Wikimedia CommonsHow does mission play a role in not-for-profit publishing?
AMS Associate Executive Director Robert Harington writes about the importance of mission in not-for-profit academic publishing.  Read more at the Scholarly Kitchen.

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