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The AMS Book Donation Program matches donors of certain types of mathematical materials with recipient institutions or libraries in currency-poor or developing countries where there is a need for mathematical research literature. Potential donors notify the AMS of their available donations, which are then (if suitable) listed on this website. Potential recipients from eligible countries can browse the list of available items and apply to the AMS for the materials (in extraordinary cases, applications made from within the U.S. and Canada might be approved). If a match is made, the donor will then be notified with instructions on shipping directly to the recipient. Shipments are never made to the AMS. The donor packs the materials (if possible), schedules the pick-up and the international shipping by a suitable shipper, pays the shipping bill, and is reimbursed by the AMS for the shipping costs.

Questions should be sent to the AMS Professional Programs Department at 800-321-4267, ext. 4096, or Book Donation Program.

Making Book Donations

First you must contact the AMS to determine if the materials are suitable for our donation program. Suitable types of materials include quality research books and monographs in mathematics. Textbooks are not appropriate donations for this program. Journals are no longer accepted. Widely available publications are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Please send the following information via e-mail to

  1. Your name, email address (or phone number), and mailing address
  2. A description of the materials to be donated: an overview of the topics, the number of books, and specific titles with authors/editors.
  3. The amount of time you are able to hold the books, until we find a suitable recipient.
  4. Any problems you foresee with packing and shipping. In the case of large donations, the AMS may possibly cover the packing fees.

Or mail the information to: AMS, Professional Programs Department, 201 Charles Street, Providence, RI 02904.

Donors will be notified about the approval of the materials. There will be a waiting period before a suitable recipient is found, and then the donors will receive instructions about the shipping preparation.

Donations of books made through this program are donations to needy (usually foreign) institutions and are not donations to the AMS; therefore, they are not deductible as donations to the AMS for tax purposes. Because the AMS does not receive or otherwise handle the donated material, it is not possible for the AMS to provide documentation as to the content of the shipments to the receiving institutions. The AMS is unable to offer advice on the tax status of donations to foreign institutions, except to warn donors to consult a tax advisor prior to making a donation to a foreign institution if the tax issue is an important consideration.

If the conditions of this program are not suitable for a particular donor, the American Library Association lists Other Book Donation Programs that may be a better match.


Receiving Book Donations

Please send the following information via email to or mail the information to: AMS, Professional Programs Department, 201 Charles Street, Providence, RI 02904-2213 USA.

  1. Name of person applying, job title, and email address
  2. Name of institution and/or library, and country
  3. Mailing address for regular mail
  4. Shipping address (and telephone number) for books
  5. Which Donation in the "Materials Currently Available" list are you interested in?
  6. Explain the need for such materials at your location. How extensive is the current mathematical collection, and how large is the mathematical community which will access the books?
  7. Explain any special circumstances which have affected your collection such as wars, natural disasters, growth of the graduate program in mathematics, shrinkage of the library budget, or other issues.
  8. Are your mathematical holdings available to all professional mathematicians, without regard to religion, gender, national origin and race/ethnicity?

Applicants will be notified about the result of the request. If plans are made to ship the materials, the receiving institution should anticipate any customs problems and instruct the AMS on specific shipping requirements. The AMS cannot pay customs duties.

Please consult the list of Developing Countries to see if your institution is located in a country eligible for a donation through this program.


Materials Currently Available

When contacting the AMS, indicate the number of the donation you are interested in as well as the information listed under Receiving Book Donations.

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