Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Algebra

Frank Nelson ColeThe Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Algebra is awarded every three years for a notable paper in algebra published during the preceding six years.

Prize Details
The current prize amount is US$5,000, awarded every three years to an AMS member or for a paper published in a recognized North American journal.

Next Prize
January 2018

Nomination Period
1 March – 30 June, 2017

Most Recent Prize: January 2018
The 2018 Cole Prize in Algebra was awarded to Robert Guralnick for his groundbreaking research on representation theory, cohomology, and subgroup structure of finite quasi-simple groups, and the wide-ranging applications of this work to other areas of mathematics.

About this Prize
This prize (and the Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Number Theory ) was founded in honor of Professor Frank Nelson Cole upon his retirement after twenty-five years as Secretary of the American Mathematical Society. Cole also served as Editor-in-Chief of the Bulletin for twenty-one years.The original fund was donated by Professor Cole from moneys presented to him on his retirement, and was augmented by contributions from members of the Society.  The fund was later doubled by his son, Charles A. Cole.

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