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Luther Pfahler Eisenhart


21. Luther Pfahler Eisenhart (1876-1965)

President, 1931-1932

Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, 1900

Eisenhart published a wealth of research in the field of differential geometry and its physical applications. He developed a remarkable body of original work and served his colleagues by publishing surveys of fields in which he had become a specialist. He was the first American to publish a general work in the field of differential geometry, for instance. Eisenhart spent most of his career at Princeton University (1900 until his retirement in 1945); he became professor in 1909, served as dean of the faculty from 1923 to 1933, and was appointed dean of the graduate school in 1933. Over the years Eisenhart had a varied association with the AMS, serving as Vice President, editor of Transactions of the AMS, Colloquium Lecturer, and President. Eisenhart was a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.

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