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List of Fellows of the American Mathematical Society (sorted by institution)

The 2014 class of Fellows of the AMS appears below sorted by institution. The institution listed has been designated by the individual. See the main Fellows of the AMS page for further information. You may also view this list sorted by last name only.

Bar-Ilan University
Rowen, Louis Halle
For contributions to noncommutative algebra, and for service to the mathematical community.
Boston College
Friedberg, Solomon
For contributions to number theory, representation theory, and automorphic forms, and for the establishment of a new Ph.D. program in mathematics.
Columbia University
Weinstein, Michael I.
For contributions to existence and stability of solitary waves, and nonlinear dispersive wave propagation.
Cornell University
Peeva, Irena
For contributions to commutative algebra and its applications.
Imperial College
Gee, Toby
For contributions to Galois representations and automorphic forms.
Indiana University, Bloomington
Bercovici, Hari
For contributions to operator theory and to free probability.
Larsen, Michael J.
For contributions to group theory, number theory, topology, and algebraic geometry.
Wang, Shouhong
For contributions to geophysical fluid mechanics.
Zumbrun, Kevin R.
For contributions to continuum mechanics, shock, and boundary layer theory.
Johannes Kepler University Linz, Research Institute for Symbolic Computation
Paule, Peter
For contributions to classical combinatorics, computer algebra, and symbolic computation in combinatorics.
McGill University
Russell, K. Peter
For contributions to algebraic geometry, for mentoring the next generation of mathematicians, and for professional leadership at the highest levels.
Microsoft Research
Borgs, Christian
For contributions bringing together analysis, probability theory, graph theory and combinatorics with mathematical statistical physics and rigorous computer science.
North Carolina State University
Misra, Kailash C.
For contributions to the representation theory of Kac-Moody Lie algebras and quantum groups, and for service to the mathematical community.
Northwestern University
Calegari, Francesco
For contributions to number theory and to many aspects of the Langlands program.
Goerss, Paul G.
For contributions to modern homotopy theory through applications of modular forms and algebraic geometry.
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Holden, Helge
For contributions to partial differential equations.
Princeton University
Vanderbei, Robert J.
For contributions to linear programming and nonlinear optimization problems.
Purdue University
Bañuelos, Rodrigo
For contributions at the interface between probability and analysis.
Eremenko, Alexandre
For contributions to value distribution theory, geometric function theory, and other areas of analysis and complex dynamics.
Rice University
Cochran, Tim D.
For contributions to low-dimensional topology, specifically knot and link concordance, and for mentoring numerous junior mathematicians.
Hassett, Brendan
For contributions to higher-dimensional arithmetic geometry and birational geometry.
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey New Brunswick
Ferry, Steven C.
For contributions to controlled topology, and work on the Novikov conjecture.
Huang, Xiaojun
For contributions to the study of several complex variables, and for service to the community.
Lyons, Richard N.
For contributions to the classification of the finite simple groups, including the discovery of one of the 26 sporadic finite simple groups.
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey Newark
Gilman, Jane Piore
For contributions to topology and group theory, and for service to her department and the larger community.
Stony Brook University
Milnor, John Willard
For contributions to differential topology, geometric topology, algebraic topology, algebra, and dynamical systems.
The City University of New York Lehman College
Handel, Michael
For contributions to dynamics on surfaces, pseudo-Anosov maps, and automorphisms of free groups.
The City University of New York Lehman College and the Graduate Center
Pan, Victor Y.
For contributions to the mathematical theory of computation.
University of California, Berkeley
Frenkel, Edward
For contributions to representation theory, conformal field theory, affine Lie algebras, and quantum field theory.
University of California, Los Angeles
Babbitt, Donald
For contributions to mathematical physics, for the development of MathSciNet, and for his long service as Publisher of the American Mathematical Society.
Effros, Edward G.
For contributions to the study of quantized Banach spaces, classification of C*-algebras, and quantum information theory.
Eskin, Gregory I.
For contributions to linear partial differential equations and their applications.
University of California, San Diego
Fitzsimmons, Patrick J.
For contributions to stochastic analysis and probabilistic potential theory.
Rosenblatt, Murray
For contributions to probability and statistics.
University of California, Santa Barbara
Long, Darren
For contributions to low-dimensional topology and hyperbolic geometry.
Scharlemann, Martin
For contributions to low-dimensional topology and knot theory.
Wei, Guofang
For contributions to global Riemannian geometry and its relation with Ricci curvature.
University of Chicago
Wilkinson, Amie
For contributions to dynamical systems.
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Alexander, Stephanie B.
For contributions to geometry, for high-quality exposition, and for exceptional teaching of mathematics.
D'Angelo, John P.
For contributions to several complex variables and Cauchy-Riemann geometry, and for his inspiration of students.
University of Memphis
Goldstein, Jerome A.
For contributions to partial differential equations and its applications, and to the dissemination of mathematics to a wider public.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Iyengar, Srikanth B.
For contributions to commutative algebra, representation theory, homotopy theory, and algebraic geometry.
Meakin, John C.
For contributions to semigroup theory, and for exemplary service as department chair.
University of Rochester
Iosevich, Alexander
For contributions to harmonic analysis, analytic number theory, geometric measure theory, and geometric combinatorics.
University of Washington
Chen, Zhen-Qing
For contributions to the potential theory of stable and other jump processes in Euclidean domains.
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Seeger, Andreas
For contributions to Fourier integral operators, local smoothing, oscillatory integrals, and Fourier multipliers.
Vanderbilt University
Aldroubi, Akram
For contributions to modern harmonic analysis and its applications, and for building bridges between mathematics and other areas of science and engineering.
Vienna University of Technology
Gruber, Peter M.
For contributions to the geometry of numbers and to convex and discrete geometry.
Weizmann Institute of Science
Gelbart, Steve
For contributions to the development and dissemination of the Langlands program.
Western Washington University
Gardner, Richard J.
For contributions to geometric tomography.