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Employment Center

The 62nd Annual
Mathematical Sciences
Employment Center

January 10th through January 13th, 2015
(Saturday through Tuesday morning)
San Antonio, Texas

Information about the 2015 Employment Center will be available at this site in August 2015.

The Employment Center is an in-person interviewing program for positions in the mathematical sciences (mostly requiring a PhD). The Employment Center provides tables for employers for interviewing purposes. Interviews are conducted over a period of three and one-half days.. Read an overview of the Employment Center.

The Employment Center registration process will be done through beginning in September 2014. Job seekers and prospective employers can register for the Employment Center through their accounts. This service will remain free for job seekers. Employers who do not have an existing account will be able to register and purchase an Employment Center table through

Overview · LAST YEAR'S Final Report & LAST YEAR'S List of Employers · Advice and Articles · Pictures


For Further Information

Contact the AMS Employment Center Staff:
Steven Ferrucci
Diane Boumenot
800-321-4267, ext. 4113. or submit an inquiry.

Interviewing at the JMM

AMS Council Statement

The AMS strongly encourages use of the Employment Center venues for all professional interviews of prospective employees at society meetings. The use of personal hotel rooms is particularly discouraged

MAA Board of Governors statement

The MAA strongly discourages the use of personal hotel sleeping rooms as the site for professional interviews of prospective employees. This practice is intimidating for some job-seekers, particularly those who find the situation uncomfortable and possibly unsafe.