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Directory of Institutions in the Mathematical Sciences

Puerto Rico

Antillean Adventist Univ
Mayaguez, PR 00681
Phone: 787-834-9595
Highest Degree: BAC
Math, Physics & Comp Sci Dept
P O Box 118, Mayaguez, PR 00681-0118
Phone: ext 2223
Fax: 787-834-9597
Chair: Alicia Moradillos, chair

Eastern Univ Coll
Carolina, PR 00984
Phone: 787-257-7373
Highest Degree: BAC
Sch of Sci & Tech
P O Box 2010, Carolina, PR 00984-2010
Phone: ext 3930, 3929 & 3938
Fax: 787-257-7390
Chair: Wilfredo Colon, dean

Inter American Univ, Aguadilla
Aguadilla, PR 00603
Phone: 809-891-0925
Highest Degree: AB
Dept of Math
Call Box 20000, Aguadilla, PR 00603
Phone: ext 2127, 3127 or 4127
Fax: 809-882-3020
Chair: Juan Lopez, chair

Inter American Univ, Arecibo
Arecibo, PR 00614
Phone: 787-878-5475
Highest Degree: BAC
Sci & Tech Dept
P O Box 4050, Arecibo, PR 00614-4050
Phone: ext 2516
Fax: 787-880-1624
Chair: Hector Pagan Roman, chair

Inter American Univ, Barranquitas
Barranquitas, PR 00794
Phone: 809-857-2528
Highest Degree: NON
Natural Sci & Math Dept
P O Box 517, Barranquitas, PR 00794-0517
Phone: 809-857-3600
Fax: 809-857-2244
Chair: Carlos M Bonet, chair

Inter American Univ, Hato Rey
Hato Rey, PR 00919
Phone: 787-250-1912
Highest Degree: MAS
Dept of Math & Comp Sci
P O Box 1293, Hato Rey, PR 00919-1293
Phone: ext 2391
Fax: 787-250-8736
Chair: Maria de Jesus-Berrios, chair

Inter American Univ, San German
San German, PR 00683
Phone: 787-264-1912
Highest Degree: MAS
Math & Appl Sci Dept
P O Box 5100, San German, PR 00683-5100
Phone: ext 7547 or 7548
Fax: 787-892-6350
Chair: Pedro Javier, chair

Pontifical Catholic Univ of Puerto Rico
Ponce, PR 00717
Phone: 787-841-2000
Highest Degree: BAC
Dept of Math
Suite 576, 2250 Blvd Luis A Ferre, Ponce, PR 00717-9997
Phone: ext 1628
Fax: 787-651-2648
Chair: Ada E Junco, chair

Univ of Puerto Rico, Cayey
Cayey, PR 00736
Phone: 787-738-2161
Highest Degree: BAC
Dept of Math & Physics
205 Ave Antonio R Barcelo, Cayey, PR 00736
Phone: 787-738-2161, ext 2029
Fax: 787-738-8039
Chair: Edwin Morera, chair

Univ of Puerto Rico, Humacao
Humacao, PR 00792
Phone: 787-850-0000
Highest Degree: BAC
Dept of Math
Call Box 860, Humacao, PR 00792-0001
Phone: 787-850-9386
Fax: 787-850-9409
Chair: Chair

Univ of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
Mayaguez, PR 00681
AMS Member
Phone: 787-832-4040
Highest Degree: PHD
Dept of Math Sci
Call Box 9000, Mayaguez, PR 00681-9000
Phone: 787-265-3848
Fax: 787-265-5454
Chair: Omar Colon Reyes, acting chair

Univ of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
San Juan, PR 00936
AMS Member
Phone: 787-764-0000, ext 4670
Highest Degree: PHD
Dept of Math
Fac of Natural Sci, Box 70377, San Juan, PR 00936-8377
Phone: 787-763-4399
Fax: 787-281-0651
Chair: Valentin Keyantuo, chair
Inst of Statistics
P O Box 22247, UPR Station, Rio Piedras, PR 00931-1877
Phone: ext 3142 & 3130
Fax: 787-763-6911
Chair: Nipsa Diaz Garcia, chair

Univ of Puerto Rico-Ponce
Ponce, PR 00732
Phone: 787-844-8181
Highest Degree: NON
Dept of Math
P O Box 7186, Ponce, PR 00732-7186
Phone: ext 2348 or 3035
Fax: 787-844-8679
Chair: Jaime Martinez, chair

Univ of the Sacred Heart
San Juan, PR 00914
Phone: 809-728-1515
Highest Degree: BAC
Dept of Natural Sci
P O Box 12383, Loiza Sta, San Juan, PR 00914
Phone: ext 4283
Chair: Mayra Alonso, chair