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Notices of the American Mathematical Society
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    Editor in Chief through December 2015:

    Editor in Chief beginning January 2016:

    Associate Editors:

    • Krishnaswami Alladi
      University of Florida
    • David Bailey
      Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    • Eric Bedford
      Indiana University, Bloomington
    • Jonathan Borwein
      University of Newcastle, Australia
    • Susanne C. Brenner
      Louisiana State University
    • Danny Calegari
      University of Chicago
    • Bill Casselman (Graphics Editor)
      University of British Columbia
    • Jennifer Chayes
    • Gerald Folland
      University of Washington
    • Susan Friedlander
      University of Southern California
    • Robion Kirby
      University of California at Berkeley
    • Rafe Mazzeo
      Stanford University
    • Frank Morgan
      Williams College
    • Harold Parks
      Oregon State University
    • Mark Saul
      Center for Mathematical Talent, New York University
    • Carla D. Savage (AMS Secretary)
      North Carolina State University
    • Steven Strogatz
      Cornell University
    • James Walker
      University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
    Senior Writer and Deputy Editor:
    Allyn Jackson
    Managing Editor:
    Rachel L. Rossi
    Contributing Writer:
    Elaine Kehoe
    Contributing Editor:
    Randi D. Ruden
    Editorial Assistant:
    David M. Collins
    Advertising Sales:
    Anne Newcomb
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