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Symposium on Trustworthy Global Computing

Month: September 2014

Date: September 5--6

Name: Symposium on Trustworthy Global Computing

Location: Rome, Italy.

Call for Papers (co-located with Concur 2014). The Symposium on Trustworthy Global Computing is an international annual venue dedicated to secure and reliable computation in the so-called global computers, i.e., those computational abstractions emerging in large-scale infrastructures such as service-oriented architectures, autonomic systems, and cloud computing.


Parallel submission to CONCUR 2014 allowed (see submission instructions below).

Keynote speakers

Véronique Cortier (CNRS, France) and Catuscia Palamidessi (INRIA Saclay and LIX, France).

Deadline for abstract submission

May 2, 2014. The TGC series focuses on providing frameworks, tools, algorithms, and protocols for rigorously designing, verifying, and implementing open-ended, large-scaled applications.