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The 52nd International Symposium on Functional Equations

Month: June 2014

Date: June 22--29

Name: The 52nd International Symposium on Functional Equations

Location: Innsbruck, Austria.


Functional equations and inequalities, mean values, equations on algebraic structures, Hyers-Ulam stability, regularity properties of solutions, conditional equations, iteration theory; applications to the natural, social, and behavioral sciences.

Local Organizer

Wolfgang Förg-Rob, Univ. Innsbruck, Tech. 19a, A-6020 Innsbruck; e-mail: L. Reich (Austria); R. Ger (Chair, Poland); Zs. Páles (Hungary); J. Rätz (Switzerland), J. Schwaiger (Austria), and A. Sklar (USA).


Participation at these annual meetings is by invitation only. Those wishing to be invited should send details of their interest and, preferably, publications with their postal and e-mail address to: Roman Ger, Institute of Mathematics, Silesian University, Bankowa 14, PL-40-007 Katowice, Poland; e-mail: before February 15, 2014.