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Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
ISSN 1088-6826(online) ISSN 0002-9939(print)


Papers accepted for publication in Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society which have not yet been published

Papers are displayed alphabetically by first author listed.

Abedelfatah, Abed
On the Eisenbud-Green-Harris conjecture

Abhyankar, Shreeram; Fireman, Nicholas; Moses, Nathan
Explicit multivariable meromorphic series

Abreu, Luis; Faustino, Nelson
On Toeplitz operators and Localization operators

Adamus, Janusz; Seyedinejad, Hadi
A fast flatness testing criterion in characteristic zero

Adiprasito, Karim; Sanyal, Raman
An Alexander-type duality for valuations

Agarwal, Ravi; Bohner, Martin; Saker, Samir
Dynamic Littlewood-type Inequalities

Aiena, Pietro; Muller, Vladimir
The localized single-valued extension property and Riesz operators

Akbulut, Selman; Karakurt, Çağri
Heegaard Floer homology of some Mazur type manifolds

Akhunov, Timur
A sharp condition for the well-posedness of the linear KdV-type equation

Aleman, Alexandru; Martín, María
Convex harmonic mappings are not necessarily in $h^{1/2}$

Alexeev, Valery; Borisov, Alexander
On the log discrepancies in toric Mori contractions

Alili, L.; Patie, P.
Boundary crossing identities for Brownian motion and some nonlinear ode’s

Alonso-Gutiérrez, David; Prochno, Joscha
On the Gaussian behavior of marginals and the mean width of random polytopes

Alpay, Daniel; Jorgensen, Palle; Volok, Dan
Relative reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces

Alsedà, Lluís; Misiurewicz, Michał
Skew product attractors and concavity

Alspach, Dale; Galego, Elói
A complete classification of the spaces of compact operators on $C([1,\alpha ], l_p)$ spaces, $1<p< \infty $

Ammari, Habib; Bossy, Emmanuel; Garnier, Josselin; Nguyen, Loc; Seppecher, Laurent
A reconstruction algorithm for ultrasound-modulated diffuse optical tomography

Amour, L.; Jager, L.; Nourrigat, J.
On bounded pseudodifferential operators in a high-dimensional setting

Anderson, Michael
Local existence and uniqueness for exterior static vacuum Einstein metrics

Andrews, Uri; Miller, Joseph
Spectra of theories and structures

Angella, Daniele; Tomassini, Adriano; Zhang, Weiyi
On cohomological decomposability of almost-Kähler structures

Ara, Pere; Bell, Jason
Primitivity of prime countable-dimensional regular algebras

Arosio, Leandro; Bracci, Filippo; Wold, Erlend
Embedding univalent functions in filtering Loewner chains in higher dimension

Artstein-Avidan, Shiri; Slomka, Boaz
A note on Santaló inequality for the polarity transform and its reverse

Atyam, Anant
Affine stratification of $\mathcal {A}_4$

Auslander, Joseph; Greschonig, Gernot; Nagar, Anima
Reflections on equicontinuity

Bae, Hantaek
Existence and analyticity of Lei-Lin solution to the Navier-Stokes equations

Bajolet, Aurélien; Sha, Min
Bounding $j$-invariant of integral points on $X_{ns}^{+}(p)$

Bajpai, J.; Kimport, S.; Liang, J.; Ma, D.; Ricci, J.
Bilateral series and Ramanujan’s radial limits

Bakan, Andrew; Ruscheweyh, Stephan; Salinas, Luis
Universal convexity and universal starlikeness of polylogarithms

Balasubramanian, S.; McCullough, S.
Quasi-convex free polynomials

Baldwin, John; Grigsby, J.
Categorified invariants and the braid group

Balka, Richárd; Elekes, Márton; Máthé, András
Answer to a question of Kolmogorov

Balm, Cheryl
Generalized crossing changes in satellite knots

Banakh, Taras; Zdomskyy, Lyubomyr
Non-meager free sets for meager relations on Polish spaces

Banerjee, Debargha
A note on the Eisenstein elements of prime square level

Bao, Chao; Shi, Yuguang
Gauss map of translating solitons of mean curvature flow

Barber, Ben; Hindman, Neil; Leader, Imre; Strauss, Dona
Partition regularity without the columns property

Baricz, Árpád
Landen inequalities for special functions

Barnard, Roger; Jayatilake, Udaya; Solynin, Alexander
Brannan’s conjecture and trigonometric sums

Barros, Abdênago; de Aquino, Cıcero; de Lima, Henrique
Complete CMC hypersurfaces in the hyperbolic space with prescribed Gauss mapping

Bate, Michael; Herpel, Sebastian; Martin, Benjamin; Röhrle, Gerhard
$G$-complete reducibility in non-connected groups

Bauer, I.
Bloch’s conjecture for Inoue surfaces with $p_g=0, K^2=7$

Baykur, R.
Virtual Betti numbers and the symplectic Kodaira dimension of fibered 4-manifolds

Beder, Jesse
The grade conjecture and asymptotic intersection multiplicity

Behrndt, Jussi; Hassi, Seppo; de Snoo, Henk; Wietsma, Hendrik
Antitonicity of the inverse for selfadjoint matrices, operators, and relations

Belegradek, Igor
Open aspherical manifolds not covered by the Euclidean space

Bennett, Michael; Pintér, Ákos
Intersections of recurrence sequences

Berezovskaya, F.
Asymptotics of orbits of a Kolmogorov type planar vector field with a fixed Newton polygon

Bergweiler, Walter
An entire function with no fixed points and no invariant Baker domains

Berg, Chris; Bergeron, Nantel; Saliola, Franco; Serrano, Luis; Zabrocki, Mike
Indecomposable modules for the dual immaculate basis of quasi-symmetric funtions

Berndt, Jürgen; Suh, Young Jin
Contact hypersurfaces in Kähler manifolds

Bettiol, Renato
Positive biorthogonal curvature on $S^2\times S^2$

Bezugly, Sergey; Karpel, Olena
Orbit equivalent substitution dynamical systems and complexity

Bierstone, Edward; Da Silva, Sergio; Milman, Pierre; Vera Pacheco, Franklin
Desingularization by blowings-up avoiding simple normal crossings

Bilalov, Bilal; Sadigova, Sabina
On $\mu $-statistical convergence

Billera, Louis; Levine, Lionel; Mészáros, Karola
How to decompose a permutation into a pair of labeled Dyck paths by playing a game

Biswas, Indranil
Realization of an equivariant holomorphic Hermitian line bundle as a Quillen determinant bundle

Björner, Anders; Vorwerk, Kathrin
On the connectivity of manifold graphs

Bleher, Frauke
Large universal deformation rings

Blekherman, Grigoriy
Positive Gorenstein ideals

Bodzenta, Agnieszka
DG categories and exceptional collections

Boedihardjo, March; Johnson, William
On mean ergodic convergence in the Calkin algebras

Boroński, Jan; Oprocha, Piotr
On indecomposability in chaotic attractors

Botelho, Fernanda; Jamison, James; Jiménez-Vargas, A.; Villegas-Vallecillos, Moisés
Hermitian operators on Banach algebras of Lipschitz functions

Bowden, Jonathan
Symplectic 4-manifolds with fixed point free circle actions

Boyle, Mike; Buzzi, Jérôme; McGoff, Kevin
Bowen’s entropy-conjugacy conjecture is true up to finite index

Branquinho, A.; Fidalgo Prieto, U.; Foulquié Moreno, A.
An extension of Markov’s Theorem

Braun, Gábor; Strüngmann, Lutz
The independence of the notions of Hopfian and co-Hopfian Abelian $p$-groups

Breaz, Simion
$\Sigma $-pure injectivity and Brown representability

Bringmann, Kathrin; Fricke, Karl-Heinz; Kent, Zachary
Special $L$-values and periods of weakly holomorphic modular forms

Bruce, David; Kao, Pin-Hung; Nash, Evan; Perez, Ben; Vermeire, Peter
Betti tables of reducible algebraic curves

Bruinier, Jan
Vector valued formal Fourier-Jacobi series

Bshouty, Daoud; Lundberg, Erik; Weitsman, Allen
A solution to Sheil-Small’s harmonic mapping problem for Jordan polygons

Buff, Xavier; Gauthier, Thomas
Quadratic polynomials, multipliers and equidistribution

Burago, Dmitry; Ivanov, Sergei
Uniform approximation of metrics by graphs

Byott, Nigel; Elder, G.
Integral Galois module structure for elementary abelian extensions with a Galois scaffold

Byun, Sun-Sig; Cho, Yumi; Palagachev, Dian
Global weighted estimates for nonlinear elliptic obstacle problems over Reifenberg domains

Bárány, Balázs
On iterated function systems with place-dependent probabilities

Bédaride, Nicolas; Rao, Michael
Regular simplices and periodic billiard orbits

Cannone, Marco; Xue, Liutang
Remarks on self-similar solutions for the surface quasi-geostrophic equation and its generalization

Cantón, Alicia; Qu, Jingjing
Asymptotic values of some continuous mappings

Carette, Mathieu
Virtually splitting the map from Aut($G$) to Out($G$)

Carvalho, Bernardo
Hyperbolicity, transitivity and the two-sided limit shadowing property

Castro, Francis; Rubio, Ivelisse
Exact $p$-divisibility of exponential sums using the covering method

Catino, Giovanni
Critical metrics of the $L^2$-norm of the scalar curvature

Cavalcante, M.; Mirandola, H.; Vitório, F.
The non-parabolicity of infinite volume ends

Cavalletti, Fabio; Westdickenberg, Michael
The polar cone of the set of monotone maps

Ceccherini-Silberstein, Tullio; Coornaert, Michel
The Myhill property for cellular automata on amenable semigroups

Chantraine, Baptiste
A note on exact Lagrangian cobordisms with disconnected Legendrian ends

Chan, Heng Huat; Tanigawa, Yoshio
A generalization of a Brafman-Bailey type identity

Chardin, Marc
Regularity stabilization for the powers of graded $\mathfrak {m}$-primary ideals

Chen, Dongyang; Kim, Ju; Zheng, Bentuo
The weak bounded approximation property of pairs

Chen, Hsian-Yang
Fusion rules among irreducible $V_{\sqrt {2A_2}}^\tau $-modules of twisted type

Chen, Wei-Kuo
Partial results on the convexity of the Parisi functional with PDE approach

Chen, Xianghong
A Fourier restriction theorem based on convolution powers

Chen, Xiao-Wu
Singular equivalences induced by homological epimorphisms

Chen, Xuehua; Sogge, Christopher
On integrals of eigenfunctions over geodesics

Cheong, Gilyoung; Wood, Melanie; Zaman, Azeem
The distribution of points on superelliptic curves over finite fields

Chernikov, Artem; Kaplan, Itay; Simon, Pierre
Groups and fields with NTP$_2$

Cheskidov, Alexey; Zaya, Karen
Regularizing effect of the forward energy cascade in the inviscid dyadic model

Cheung, Man-Wai; Wallach, Nolan
Ricci flow and curvature on the variety of flags on the two dimensional projective space over the complexes, quaternions and the octonions

Chida, Masataka
Indivisibility of central values of $L$-functions for modular forms

Chiose, Ionuţ
Obstructions to the existence of Kähler structures on compact complex manifolds

Choi, Soyoung; Kim, Chang Heon
Mock modular period functions and $L$-functions of cusp forms in higher level cases

Chu, Haifeng
On the Blaschke circle diffeomorphisms

Cibils, Claude
A finite dimensional algebra of the diagram of a knot

Cima, Joseph; Nicolau, Artur
Inner functions with derivatives in the weak Hardy space

Ciubotaru, Dan; Moy, Allen
Dirac cohomology of one $K$-type representations

Cleanthous, Galatia
Monotonicity theorems for analytic functions centered at infinity

Cochran, Tim; Tanner, Daniel
Homology cobordism and Seifert fibered 3-manifolds

Cohen, F.; Komendarczyk, R.; Shonkwiler, C.
Homotopy Brunnian links and the $\kappa $-invariant

Cohen, Joel
Cauchy inequalities for the spectral radius of products of diagonal and nonnegative matrices

Cohn, Henry; Kumar, Abhinav
Metacommutation of Hurwitz primes

Conca, Aldo; Murai, Satoshi
Regularity bounds for Koszul cycles

Cooper, Jeff; Mubayi, Dhruv
Counting independent sets in triangle-free graphs

Cowen, Carl; Wahl, Rebecca
Shift-invariant subspaces invariant for composition operators on the Hardy Hilbert space

Croot, Ernie; Lyall, Neil; Rice, Alex
A purely combinatorial approach to simultaneous polynomial recurrence modulo 1

Cubre, Paul; Rouse, Jeremy
Divisibility properties of the Fibonacci entry point

Cufí, Julià; Verdera, Joan
A general form of Green formula and the Cauchy integral theorem

Cukierman, F.; Lopez, A.; Vainsencher, I.
Enumeration of surfaces containing an elliptic quartic curve

Cuntz, M.; Hoge, T.
Free but not recursively free arrangements

Cúth, Marek; Fabian, Marián
Projections in duals to Asplund spaces made without Simons’ lemma

Dadarlat, Marius
A stably contractible $C^*$-algebra which is not contractible

Dalet, Aude
Free spaces over countable compact metric spaces

Dao, Hailong; Schweig, Jay
Bounding the projective dimension of a squarefree monomial ideal via domination in clutters

Darvas, Tamás
Morse theory and geodesics in the space of Kähler metrics

Das, Soumya; Ganguly, Satadal
Gaps between nonzero Fourier coefficients of cusp forms

Davis, James
Any finite group acts freely and homologically trivially on a product of spheres

De Carli, Laura; Kumar, Anudeep
Exponential bases on two dimensional trapezoids

De Commer, Kenny; Koelink, Erik
A $q$-Hankel transform associated to the quantum linking groupoid for the quantum $SU(2)$ and $E(2)$ groups

de Medeiros, Adriano
The weighted Sobolev and mean value inequalities

de Oliveira, José; do Ó, João
Trudinger-Moser type inequalities for weighted Sobolev spaces involving fractional dimensions

Denisov, Sergey
Double exponential growth of the vorticity gradient for the two-dimensional Euler equation

Derevyagin, Maxim; Tsujimoto, Satoshi; Vinet, Luc; Zhedanov, Alexei
Bannai-Ito polynomials and dressing chains

Deville, Robert; Ivanov, Milen; Lajara, Sebastián
Construction of pathological Gâteaux differentiable functions

Di Nasso, Mauro
Iterated hyper-extensions and idempotent ultrafilter proof of Rado’s theorem

Diacu, Florin; Thorn, Brendan
Rectangular orbits of the curved 4-body problem

Dias, Nuno; de Gosson, Maurice; Prata, João
Maximal covariance group of Wigner transforms and pseudo-differential operators

Dilworth, S.; Kutzarova, Denka; Lancien, G.; Randrianarivony, N.
Asymptotic geometry of Banach spaces and uniform quotient maps

Dinwoodie, Ian
Vanishing configurations in network dynamics with asynchronous updates

Ditzian, Z.; Prymak, A.
Discrete $d$-dimensional moduli of smoothness

Dose, Valerio; Green, Nathan; Griffin, Michael; Mao, Tianyi; Rolen, Larry; Willis, John
Singular moduli for a distinguished non-holomorphic modular function

Dousmanis, Gerasimos
A note on reductions of 2-dimensional crystalline Galois representations

Dranishnikov, Alexander
Topological complexity of wedges and covering maps

Dubinin, Vladimir; Vuorinen, Matti
Ahlfors-Beurling conformal invariant and relative capacity of compact sets

Duke, William; Garcia, Stephan; Lutz, Bob
The graphic nature of Gaussian periods

Dumnicki, Marcin
Containments of symbolic powers of ideals of generic points in $\mathbb {P}^3$

Dykema, Kenneth; Köstler, Claus
Tail algebras of quantum exchangeable random variables

Dzhafarov, Damir
Cohesive avoidance and strong reductions

Ekeland, Ivar; Schachermayer, Walter
Optimal transport and the geometry of $L^1(\mathbb {R}^d)$

El Khoury, Sabine; Kummini, Manoj; Srinivasan, Hema
Bounds for the multiplicity of Gorenstein algebras

El-Baz, Daniel; Marklof, Jens; Vinogradov, Ilya
The two-point correlation function of the fractional parts of $\sqrt {n}$ is Poisson

El-Fallah, Omar; Kellay, Karim; Mashreghi, Javad; Ransford, Thomas
One-box conditions for Carleson measures for the Dirichlet space

El-Guindy, Ahmad; Petrov, Aleksandar
On symmetric powers of $\tau $-recurrent sequences and deformations of Eisenstein series

Elek, Gábor
Full groups and soficity

Elias, J.; Rossi, M.
Analytic isomorphisms of compressed local algebras

Emamirad, Hassan; Goldstein, Gisele; Goldstein, Jerome
Corrigendum and improvement to “Chaotic solution for the Black-Scholes equation”

Enache, Cristian
Necessary conditions of solvability and isoperimetric estimates for some Monge-Ampère problems in the plane

Enochs, Edgar; Iacob, Alina
Gorenstein injective covers and envelopes noetherian rings

Estrada, Sergio; Guil Asensio, Pedro; Trlifaj, Jan
Descent of restricted flat Mittag-Leffler modules and generalized vector bundles

Faber, Xander
Benedetto’s trick and existence of rational preperiodic structures for quadratic polynomials

Faenzi, Daniele; Manivel, Laurent
On the derived category of the Cayley plane II

Fan, Jinhua; Jiang, Yunping
Angle geometry in universal Teichmüller Space

Feng, Wang
A volume stability theorem on toric manifolds with positive Ricci curvature

Ferrarotti, M.; Fortuna, E.; Wilson, L.
Local algebraic approximation of semianalytic sets

Fishel, Susanna; Nelson, Luke
Chains of maximum length in the Tamari lattice

Fletcher, Alastair
Poincaré linearizers in higher dimensions

Florentin, D.; Milman, V.; Schneider, R.
A characterization of the mixed discriminant

Foondun, Mohammud; Parshad, Rana
On non-existence of global solutions to a class of stochastic heat equations

Fornæss, John; Wold, Erlend
Non-autonomous basins with uniform bounds are elliptic

Freitag, Eberhard; Manni, Riccardo
Some ball quotients with a Calabi-Yau model

Fresse, Lucas; Melnikov, Anna; Sakas-Obeid, Sammar
On the structure of smooth components of Springer fibers

Fritz, Tobias; Netzer, Tim; Thom, Andreas
Can you compute the operator norm?

Futorny, Vyacheslav; Grantcharov, Dimitar; Mazorchuk, Volodymyr
Weight modules over infinite dimensional Weyl algebras

Gabriyelyan, Saak
Minimally almost periodic group topologies on countably infinite Abelian groups

Gao, Niushan
On commuting and semi-commuting positive operators

Geronimo, Jeffrey; Marcellán, Francisco
On Alpert multiwavelets

Gesztesy, Fritz; Mitrea, Marius; Nichols, Roger; Ouhabaz, El Maati
Heat kernel bounds for elliptic partial differential operators in divergence form with Robin-type boundary conditions II

Getz, Jayce; Klassen, Jamie
Isolating Rankin-Selberg lifts

Ghimire, Santosh; Moore, Charles
A lower bound in the tail law of the iterated logarithm for lacunary trigonometric series

Ghosh, Arka; Rastegar, Reza; Roitershtein, Alexander
On a directionally reinforced random walk

Gill, James
Doubling metric spaces are characterized by a lemma of Benjamini and Schramm

Gill, Nick; Helfgott, Harald; Rudnev, Misha
On growth in an abstract plane

Gimre, Karsten; Guenther, Christine; Isenberg, James
Short-time existence for the second order renormalization group flow in general dimensions

Glauberman, George; Mann, Avinoam; Segev, Yoav
A note on groups generated by involutions and sharply 2-transitive groups

Gluck, David
Coprime actions with all orbit sizes small

Golshani, Mohammad
More on almost Souslin Kurepa trees

Gonek, Steven
A note on finite Euler product approximations of the Riemann zeta-function

González, Jesús; Grant, Mark
Sequential motion planning of non-colliding particles in Euclidean spaces

Gonçalves, J.; Passman, D.
Explicit free groups in division rings

Gorodski, Claudio; Lytchak, Alexander
Representations whose minimal reduction has a toric identity component

Gregoriades, Vassilios
Choice free fixed point property in separable Banach spaces

Gressman, Philip
$L^p$-nondegenerate Radon-like operators with vanishing rotational curvature

Griffiths, Simon; Kang, Ross; Oliveira, Roberto; Patel, Viresh
Tight inequalities among set hitting times in Markov chains

Grinblat, L.
Limitations on representing $\mathcal {P(X)}$ as a union of proper subalgebras

Gripenberg, Gustaf
On the definition of the cone spectral radius

Grishkov, Alexandr; Kinyon, Michael; Nagy, Gábor
Solvability of commutative automorphic loops

Grohs, Philipp
Wolfowitz’s theorem and consensus algorithms in Hadamard spaces

Grosshans, Frank; Walcher, Sebastian
Modules of higher order invariants

Grundmeier, Dusty; Halfpap, Jennifer
An application of Macaulay’s estimates to sums of squares problems in several complex variables

Grushevsky, Samuel; Zakharov, Dmitry
The double ramification cycle and the theta divisor

Guillera, Jesús; Rogers, Mathew
Mahler measure and the WZ algorithm

Guilloux, Antonin
Deformation of hyperbolic manifolds in PGL($n$,C) and discreteness of the peripheral representations

Gunatillake, Gajath; Jovovic, Mirjana; Smith, Wayne
Groups of unitary composition operators on Hardy-Smirnov spaces

Guo, Changyu
Generalized quasidisks and conformality II

Guo, Victor; Zeng, Jiang
A quadratic formula for basic hypergeometric series with application to determinant computation

Gu, Hong; Lin, Zhigui; Lou, Bendong
Different asymptotic spreading speeds induced by advection in a diffusion problem with free boundaries

Haagerup, Uffe; Knudby, Søren
A Lévy-Khinchin formula for free groups

Hager, Anthony
Some unusual epicomplete Archimedean lattice-ordered groups

Haghighi, Hassan; Yassemi, Siamak; Zaare-Nahandi, Rahim
Cohen-Macaulay bipartite graphs in arbitrary codimension

Hajłasz, Piotr; Liu, Zhuomin
Maximal potentials, maximal singular integrals, and the spherical maximal function

Hallett, Jared; Manuelli, Lucas; Silva, Cesar
On Li-Yorke measurable sensitivity

Hambleton, Ian; Kreck, Matthias
Recognizing products of surfaces and simply connected 4-manifolds

Hammerlindl, Andy
Polynomial global product structure

Han, Qing; Liu, Yannan
Degenerate hyperbolic equations with lower degree degeneracy

Harrington, Phillip; Peloso, Marco; Raich, Andrew
Regularity equivalence of the Szegő projection and the complex Green operator

Hartz, Michael
Nevanlinna-Pick spaces with hyponormal multiplication operators

Hart, Jarod
A new proof of the bilinear T(1) theorem

Hasik, Karel; Trofimchuk, Sergei
An extension of the Wright’s 3/2-theorem for the KPP-Fisher delayed equation

Hayden, Kyle; Sabloff, Joshua
Positive knots and Lagrangian fillability

Hegenbarth, Friedrich; Repovš, Dušan
Controlled homotopy equivalences and structure sets of manifolds

Hernández, Daniel
$F$-invariants of diagonal hypersurfaces

Hernández, Eduardo; O’Regan, Donal
Global solutions for a new class of abstract neutral differential equations

Hertweck, Martin
On torsion units in integral group rings of Frobenius groups

Herzog, Jürgen; Hibi, Takayuki; Qureshi, Ayesha
Polarization of Koszul cycles with applications to powers of edge ideals of whisker graphs

He, Ji-Wei; Van Oystaeyen, Fred; Zhang, Yinhuo
Graded 3-Calabi-Yau algebras as Ore extensions of 2-Calabi-Yau algebras

He, Weiyong
On the convergence of the Calabi flow

Hind, Richard; Medori, Costantino; Tomassini, Adriano
On non-pure forms on almost complex manifolds

Hochs, Peter
Quantisation of presymplectic manifolds, $K$-theory and group representations

Hoge, Torsten; Röhrle, Gerhard
Supersolvable reflection arrangements

Hohloch, Sonja
Hyperkähler Floer theory as infinite dimensional Hamiltonian system

Holloway, Caleb; Trent, Tavan
Wolff’s theorem on ideals for matrices

Honigs, Katrina
Derived equivalent surfaces and abelian varieties, and their zeta functions

Hounie, J.; Picon, T.
Local $L^1$ estimates for elliptic systems of complex vector fields

Hovey, Mark
Brown representability and the Eilenberg-Watts theorem in homotopical algebra

Hsu, Shu-Yu
Exact decay rate of a nonlinear elliptic equation related to the Yamabe flow

Hunter, John; Ifrim, Mihaela; Tataru, Daniel; Wong, Tak Kwong
Long time solutions for a Burgers-Hilbert equation via a modified energy method

Huo, Shengjin; Wu, Shengjian
The failure of analyticity of Hausdorff dimensions of quasi-cirles of Fuchsian groups of second kind

Hu, Xiaoli; Jing, Naihuan
Irreducible projective characters of wreath products

Hu, Zejun; Lyu, Dongliang; Wang, Jing
On rigidity phenomena of compact surfaces in homogeneous 3-manifolds

Hähnle, Nicolai; Klee, Steven; Pilaud, Vincent
Obstructions to weak decomposability for simplicial polytopes

Hájek, Petr; Talponen, Jarno
Note on Kadets Klee property and Asplund spaces

Ichihara, Kazuhiro; Kobayashi, Tsuyoshi; Rieck, Yo’av
Strong cylindricality and the monodromy of bundles

Iglesias, J.; Portela, A.; Rovella, A.; Xavier, J.
Attracting sets on surfaces

Ikeda, Masahiro; Wakasugi, Yuta
A note on the lifespan of solutions to the semilinear damped wave equation

Isaksen, Daniel
When is a fourfold Massey product defined?

Ismail, Mourad; Rahman, Mizan
Diophantine properties of orthogonal polynomials and rational functions

Ismail, Mourad; Simeonov, Plamen
Complex Hermite polynomials: Their combinatorics and integral operators

Ivaki, Mohammad
An application of dual convex bodies to the inverse Gauss curvature flow

Izhakian, Zur; Janson, Svante; Rhodes, John
Superboolean rank and the size of the largest triangular submatrix of a random matrix

Jabłoński, Zenon; Jung, Il Bong; Stochel, Jan
A hyponormal weighted shift on a directed tree whose square has trivial domain

Jaerisch, Johannes
Group extended Markov systems, amenability, and the Perron-Frobenius operator

Jafarian, Ali; Popov, Alexey; Radjabalipour, Mehdi; Radjavi, Heydar
Commutators of small rank and reducibility of operator semigroups

Jameson, Marie; Schneider, Robert
Combinatorial applications of Möbius inversion

James, Adam; Magaard, Kay; Shpectorov, Sergey
The lift invariant distinguishes components of Hurwitz spaces for $A_5$

Jarnicki, Marek; Pflug, Peter
A counterexample to a theorem of Bremermann on Shilov boundaries

Jaroš, Jaroslav
Caccioppoli estimates through an anisotropic Picone’s identity

Jelonek, Zbigniew
Affine varieties with exotic models

Jerby, Yochay
On Morse-Bott degenerations with $Crit(\pi )\simeq \mathbb {C}P^k$ and Floer homology

Johnson, Keith
$P$-orderings of noncommutative rings

Johnson, W.; Ortega Castillo, S.
The cluster value problem in spaces of continuous functions

Jo, Sihun; Kim, Byungchan
On asymptotic formulas for certain $q$-series involving partial theta functions

Juhász, István; Shelah, Saharon
Strong colorings yield $\kappa $-bounded spaces with discretely untouchable points

Kabluchko, Zakhar
Critical points of random polynomials with independent identically distributed roots

Kanel-Belov, Alexey; Malev, Sergey; Rowen, Louis
The images of multilinear polynomials evaluated on $3\times 3$ matrices

Kania, Tomasz; Laustsen, Niels Jakob
Operators on two Banach spaces of continuous functions on locally compact spaces of ordinals

Kappeler, T.; Topalov, P.
On nonlinear interpolation

Karamehmedovic, Mirza
On analytic continuability of the missing Cauchy datum for Helmholtz boundary problems

Katzourakis, Nikolaos
$\infty $-minimal submanifolds

Kerman, R.; Ol’hava, R.; Spektor, S.
An asymptotically sharp form of Ball’s integral inequality

Khoshnevisan, Davar; Kim, Kunwoo
Nonlinear noise excitation and intermittency under high disorder

Khukhro, E.; Makarenko, N.
Finite $p$-groups with a Frobenius group of automorphisms whose kernel is a cyclic $p$-group

Kibelbek, Jonas
On Atkin and Swinnerton-Dyer congruences for noncongruence modular forms

Killough, D.; Putnam, I.
Trace asymptotics for $C^*$-algebras from Smale spaces

Kilpeläinen, Tero; Koskela, Pekka; Masaoka, Hiroaki
Lattice property of $p$-admissible weights

Kiming, Ian
Lifts of projective congruence groups, II

Kim, Jaegil; Zvavitch, Artem
Stability of the reverse Blaschke-Santaló inequality for unconditional convex bodie

Kim, Jeongsoo; Stewart, C.
Well spaced integers generated by an infinite set of primes

Kinnunen, Juha; Masson, Mathias
Parabolic comparison principle and quasiminimizers in metric measure spaces

Kishimoto, Nobu
Remark on the periodic mass critical nonlinear Schrödinger equation

Kogoj, Alessia
A Liouville-type theorem on halfspaces for sub-Laplacians

Koh, Doowon; Sun, Hae-Sang
Distance sets of two subsets of vector spaces over finite fields

Kolountzakis, Mihalis
Multiple lattice tiles and Riesz bases of exponentials

Kolpakov, Alexander; Martelli, Bruno; Tschantz, Steven
Some hyperbolic three-manifolds that bound geometrically

Kolyada, Sergiĭ; Semikina, Julia
On topological entropy: When positivity implies +infinity

Kong, Lingju
Eigenvalues for a fourth order elliptic problem

Koropecki, Andres; Tal, Fabio
Area-preserving irrotational diffeomorphisms of the torus with sublinear diffusion

Koshitani, Shigeo; Späth, Britta
Clifford theory of characters in induced blocks

Koskela, Pekka; Zapadinskaya, Aleksandra
Generalized dimension estimates for images of porous sets under monotone Sobolev mappings

Kovalev, Leonid
Symmetric products of the line: embeddings and retractions

Krashen, Daniel; Matzri, Eliyahu
Diopantine and cohomological dimensions

Krupski, Mikołaj
A note on condensations of function spaces onto $\sigma $-compact and analytic spaces

Kumar, K.; Thangadurai, R.; Waldschmidt, M.
Liouville numbers, Liouville sets and Liouville fields

Kurdyka, Krzysztof; Spodzieja, Stanisław
Separation of real algebraic sets and the Łojasiewicz exponent

Kurilić, Milos
Forcing with copies of countable ordinals

Kuusi, Tuomo; Mingione, Giuseppe; Nyström, Kaj
A boundary Harnack inequality for singular equations of $p$-parabolic type

Károlyi, Gyula; Nagy, Zoltán
A simple proof of the Zeilberger-Bressoud $q$-Dyson theorem

Lacave, Christophe
3D viscous incompressible fluid around one thin obstacle

Lai, King; Longhi, Ignazio; Tan, Ki-Seng; Trihan, Fabien
An example of non-cotorsion Selmer group

Lam, Ching Hung
A level-rank duality for parafermion vertex operator algebras of type A

Larson, Paul
A choice function on countable sets, from determinacy

Lawson, Tyler
A note on $H_\infty $ structures

Le Donne, Enrico
A metric characterization of Carnot groups

Lee, Jung Hoon
On topologically minimal surfaces of high genus

Lee, K.; Wong, R.
Asymptotic expansion of the modified Lommel polynomials $h_{n,v}(x)$ and their zeros

Lei, Zhen; Li, Dong; Zhang, Xiaoyi
Remarks of global wellposedness of liquid crystal flows and heat flows of harmonic maps in two dimensions

Lemeux, François
Haagerup approximation property for quantum reflection groups

Lempert, László
A maximum principle for hermitian (and other) metrics

Lerario, A.
Random matrices and the average topology of the intersection of two quadrics

Leung, Denny
Ideals of operators on $(\oplus \ell ^\infty (n))_{\ell ^1}$

Levick, Jeremy; Pereira, Rajesh; Kribs, David
The four-dimensional Perfect-Mirsky conjecture

Levy, Alon; Manes, Michelle; Thompson, Bianca
Uniform bounds for pre-periodic points in families of twists

Lewko, Allison; Lewko, Mark
Maximal operators associated to multiplicative characters

Le, Dung; Nguyen, Vu
Global solutions to cross diffusion parabolic systems on 2D domains

Le, Nam; Savin, Ovidiu
On boundary Hölder gradient estimates for solutions to the linearized Monge-Ampère equations

Liang, Chao; Liao, Gang; Sun, Wenxiang
A note on approximation properties of the Oseledets splitting

Liebeck, Martin; Shalev, Aner
Power sets and soluble subgroups

Lima, Åsvald
On lifting the approximation property from a Banach space to its dual

Lisca, Paolo; Owens, Brendan
Signatures, Heegaard Floer correction terms and quasi-alternating links

Litt, Daniel
Symmetric powers do not stabilize

Liu, Junping; Zhang, Yifan
Approximated by finite-dimensional homomorphisms into simple $C*$-algebras with tracial rank one

Liu, Sheng-Chi; Masri, Riad
The average of the divisor function over values of a quadratic polynomial

Liu, Shiping; Paquette, Charles
Standard components of a Krull-Schmidt category

Li, Haizhong; Wei, Yong
Lower volume growth estimates for self-shrinkers of mean curvature flow

Llibre, Jaume
A note on the Dziobeck central configurations

Llibre, Jaume; Valls, Clàudia
Algebraic invariant curves and algebraic first integrals for Riccati polynomial differential systems

Logunov, A.; Slavin, L.; Stolyarov, D.; Vasyunin, V.; Zatitskiy, P.
Weak integral conditions for BMO

Lorenz, Martin
On the stratification of noncommutative prime spectra

Lotz, Martin
On the volume of tubular neighborhoods of real algebraic varieties

Loulit, Ahmed
Weighted estimates for $L_1$-vector fields

Lubinsky, D.
On sharp constants in Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund and Plancherel-Polya inequalities

Luca, Florian; Tachiya, Yohei
Linear independence of certain Lambert series

Lupini, Martino
Logic for metric structures and the number of universal sofic and hyperlinear groups

Lárusson, Finnur
Absolute neighbourhood retracts and spaces of holomorphic maps from Stein manifolds to Oka manifolds

Mackey, Benjamin
SO(2)-congruent projections of convex bodies with rotation about the origin

Maeta, Shun
Polyharmonic maps of order k with finite $L^p$ k-energy into Euclidean spaces

Mahalov, Alex; Suslov, Sergei
Solution of paraxial wave equation for inhomogeneous media in linear and quadratic approximation

Malchiodi, Andrea; Ruiz, David
On the Leray-Schauder degree of the Toda system on compact surfaces

Manoharmayum, Jayanta
A structure theorem for subgroups of $GL_n$ over complete local Noetherian rings with large residual image

Mantova, Vincenzo; Zannier, Umberto
Artin-Whaples approximations of bounded degree on algebraic varieties

Marchese, Andrea
On the building dimension of closed cones and Almgren’s stratification principle

Martikainen, Henri; Mourgoglou, Mihalis
Square functions with general measures

Martín, Joaquim; Milman, Mario
A note on Coulhon type inequalities

Mashreghi, Javad; Pouliasis, Stamatis
Condenser capacity, exponential Blaschke products and universal covering maps

Mayeli, Azita
A unified approach for Littlewood-Paley decomposition of abstract Besov spaces

Mazorchuk, Volodymyr; Wiesner, Emilie
Simple Virasoro modules induced from codimension one subalgebras of the positive part

Melamud, Eugeny
Linear operators on polynomials preserving roots in open circular domains

Menet, Quentin
Existence and non-existence of frequently hypercyclic subspaces for weighted shifts

Meng, Gang
Extremal problems for Eigenvalues of measure differential equations

Merenkov, Sergei
Local rigidity of Schottky maps

Micallef, Mario; Moraru, Vlad
Splitting of 3-manifolds and rigidity of area-minimising surfaces

Mierczyński, Janusz
Lower estimates of top Lyapunov exponent for cooperative random systems of linear ODEs

Miheisi, Nazar
Algebras generated by inner functions

Miles, Richard
A natural boundary for the dynamical zeta function for commuting group automorphisms

Miller, Alexander
Foulkes characters for complex reflection groups

Millichap, Christian
Factorial growth rates for the number of hyperbolic 3-manifolds of a given volume

Miró-Roig, Rosa
On the representation type of a projective variety

Mishra, Manish
Langlands parameters associated to special maximal parahoric spherical representations

Miyachi, Hideki
A rigidity theorem for holomorphic disks in Teichmüller space

Miyachi, Hideki; Nogi, Toshihiro
On extendibility of a map induced by Bers isomorphism

Miyazaki, Chikashi
A cohomological criterion for splitting of vector bundles on multiprojective space

Molica Bisci, Giovanni; Rădulescu, Vicenţiu
A characterization for elliptic problems on fractal sets

Mortenson, Eric
Eulerian series as modular forms revisited

Murty, M.; Thangadurai, R.
On the parity of the Fourier coefficients of $j$-function

Muñoz, Vicente; Pérez Marco, Ricardo
On the genus of meromorphic functions

Mészáros, Karola
Product formulas for volumes of flow polytopes

Nakamura, Takashi
A modified Riemann zeta distribution in the critical strip

Naor, Assaf; Regev, Oded
Krivine schemes are optimal

Navarro, Gabriel
Pronormal subgroups and zeros of characters

Navarro, Gabriel
The set of character degrees of a finite group does not determine its solvability

Nawata, Norio
A note on trace scaling actions and fundamental groups of C$^*$-algebras

Nestoridis, Vassili
Universal Laurent series on domains of infinite connectivity

Nguyen, Khoa
Algebraic independence of local conjugacies and related questions in polynomial dynamics

Ng, Sui-Chung
On proper holomorphic mappings among irreducible bounded symmetric domains of rank at least 2

Niu, Yanyan
A note on nonnegative quadratic orthogonal bisectional curvature

Noor, S. Waleed
Complex symmetry of composition operators induced by involutive ball automorphisms

Nourdin, Ivan; Peccati, Giovanni
The optimal fourth moment theorem

Noy, Marc; Ravelomanana, Vlady; Rué, Juanjo
On the probability of planarity of a random graph near the critical point

O’Rourke, Shane
A tree-free group that is not orderable

Odaka, Yuji
On parametrization, optimization and triviality of test configurations

Odell, Edward; Teixeira, Ricardo
On $S_1$-strictly singular operators

Ogievetsky, O.; Poulain d’Andecy, L.
Fusion procedure for Coxeter groups of type B and complex reflection groups $G(m,1,n)$

Oh, Byung-Geun
Conformal and cp types of surfaces of class $S$

Okniński, Jan
On the semiprimitivity of finitely presented algebras

Okuyama, Yusuke; Pankka, Pekka
Rescaling principle for isolated essential singularities of quasiregular mappings

Pacifico, M.; Vieitez, J.
On measure expansive diffeomorphisms

Pape, Daniel; Schick, Thomas
A counterexample to a conjecture about positive scalar curvature

Parkhe, Kiran
Smooth gluing of group actions and applications

Park, Euisung
On syzygies of linear sections

Pastine, Adrián; Zanello, Fabrizio
Two unfortunate properties of pure $f$-vectors

Paul, Sean
The discriminant of a space curve is stable

Pau, Jordi
A remark on Schatten class Toeplitz operators on Bergman spaces

Pawlikowski, Janusz
On the concept of analytic hardness

Perkins, Rudolph
On Pellarin’s $L$-series

Petsche, Clayton; Stout, Brian
On quadratic rational maps with prescribed good reduction

Pevtsova, Julia; Witherspoon, Sarah
Tensor ideals and varieties for modules of quantum elementary abelian groups

Philippin, G.
Blow-up phenomena for a class of fourth order parabolic problems

Pilaud, Vincent; Stump, Christian
Vertex barycenter of generalized associahedra

Pirashvili, Teimuraz
On projective and injective symmetric categorical groups

Pires, Benito; Rabanal, Roland
Vector fields whose linearisation is Hurwitz almost everywhere

Poddar, Mainak; Sarkar, Soumen
A class of torus manifolds with nonconvex orbit space

Pollicott, M.
Analyticity of dimensions for hyperbolic surface diffeomorphisms

Ponce, G.; Tahzibi, A.
Central Lyapunov exponent of partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms of $\mathbb {T}^3$

Pritsker, Igor; Sola, Alan
Expected discrepancy for zeros of random polynomials

Pérez, Carlos; Rela, Ezequiel
A new quantitative two weight theorem for the Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator

Qin, Yueshi; Yang, Rongwei
A characterization of submodules via Beurling-Lax-Halmos theorem

Quarez, Ronan
Some examples of trace-positive non-commutative polynomials

Racine, M.; Zel’manov, E.
An octonionic construction of the Kac superalgebra $K_10$

Rajarama Bhat, B.; Ravichandran, Mohan
The Schur-Horn theorem for operators with finite spectrum

Raji, Wissam
Corrigendum to “Eichler cohomology for generalized modular forms of real weights”

Randol, Burton
Stable configurations of repelling points on compact manifolds

Rechtman, Ana
Periodic orbits of Euler vector fields on 3-manifolds

Renard, Claire
Circular characteristics and fibrations of hyperbolic closed 3-manifolds

Ricker, Werner; Rodríguez-Piazza, Luis
Absolutely summing multipliers operators in $L^p(G)$ for $p>2$

Riggs, Kyle
The decomposability problem for torsion-free abelian groups in analytic-complete

Rimoldi, Michele
On a classification theorem for self-shrinkers

Rogalski, D.; Sierra, S.; Stafford, J.
Algebras in which every subalgebra is Noetherian

Roos, Bero
On Bobkov’s approximate de Finetti representation via approximation of permanents of complex rectangular matrices

Roques, Julien
On generalized hypergeometric equations and mirror maps

Rubin, B.
Weighted norm inequalities for $k$-plane transforms

Ruzhansky, Michael; Sugimoto, Mitsuru
Trace theorems: Critical cases and best constants

Sageev, Michah; Wise, Daniel
Cores for quasiconvex actions

Salani, Paolo
A characterization of balls through optimal concavity for potential functions

Sanjay, P. K.; Thangavelu, S.
Dimension free boundedness of Riesz transforms for the Grushin operator

Sarizadeh, Aliasghar
Non-removable term ergodic action semigroups/groups

Schenzel, Peter
A criterion for completeness

Schikorra, Armin
A note on zero sets of fractional Sobolev functions with negative power of integrability

Schippers, Eric; Staubach, Wolfgang
A symplectic functional analytic proof of the conformal welding theorem

Schleißinger, Sebastian
On support points of the class $S^0(B^n)$

Schmidt, Thomas
Strict interior approximation of sets of finite perimeter and functions of bounded variation

Schmidt, W.; Zannier, U.
Points near real algebraic sets

Schneider, Rolf
Curvatures of typical convex bodies–The complete picture

Schwartzman, Sol
Symplectic actions on compact manifolds

Seifert, David
Some improvements of the Katznelson-Tzafriri theorem on Hilbert space

Serban, Marius
On the universality of generalized IW-degenerations

Seven, Ahmet
Cluster algebras and symmetric matrices

Shekhtman, Boris
Regularity of multivariate Birkhoff interpolation schemes

Sheng, Weimin; Yu, Haobin
$F$-stability of $f$-minimal hypersurface

Sher, David
The determinant on flat conic surfaces with excision of disks

Shimomura, Katsumi
A beta family in the homotopy of spheres

Shparlinski, Igor
On the product of small Elkies primes

Silliman, Jesse; Vogt, Isabel
Powers in Lucas sequences via Galois representations

Silva, Luis; Teschl, Gerald; Toloza, Julio
Singular Schrödinger operators as self-adjoint extensions of $N$-entire operators

Simon, Thomas
Positive stable densities and the bell-shape

Sixsmith, David
Functions of genus zero for which the fast escaping set has Hausdorff dimension two

Smyrnelis, Panayotis
The harmonic map problem with mixed boundary conditions

Solynin, Alexander
An estimate for the Green’s function

Spencer, Patrick
A classification of some unit Lorentz balls as non-intersection bodies

Stefan, Marius
On doubly periodic phases

Steinerberger, Stefan
Dispersion dynamics for the defocusing generalized Korteweg-de Vries equation

Söderberg, Jonas
On Zanello’s lower bound for generic quotients of level algebras

Sánchez-Morgado, Héctor
Hyperbolicity and exponential long-time convergence for space-time periodic Hamilton-Jacobi equations

Tanaka, Naoki
Flow invariance for differential delay equations

Texier, Benjamin; Zumbrun, Kevin
Entropy criteria and stability of extreme shocks: A remark on a paper of Leger and Vasseur

Toda, Yukinobu
A note on Bogomolov-Gieseker type inequality for Calabi-Yau 3-folds

Tonev, T.
Spectral conditions for almost composition operators between algebras of functions

Towers, David
On minimal non-elementary Lie algebras

Tsaban, Boaz; Zdomskyy, Lyubomyr
Additivity of the Gerlits-Nagy property and concentrated sets

Tucker-Drob, Robin
Mixing actions of countable groups are almost free

Ueda, Kazushi
Hyperplane sections and stable derived categories

Ueyama, Kenta
Noncommutative graded algebras of finite Cohen-Macaulay representation type

Vernicos, Constantin
On the Hilbert geometry of products

Vigni, Stefano
Heegner points and Jochnowitz congruences on Shimura curves

Vogt, Dietmar
A characteristic property of the space $s$

Voloch, José
Differential descent obstructions over function fields

Vu, Thanh
$N_6$ property for third Veronese embeddings

Wade, Andrew; Xu, Chang
Convex hulls of planar random walks with drift

Wang, Jun; Xu, Xiaowei
Minimal surfaces in the complex hyperquadric $Q_2$ II

Wang, Kui
Singularities of mean curvature flow and isoperimetric inequalities in $\mathbb {H}^3$

Wheeler, Glen
Gap phenomena for a class of fourth-order geometric differential operators on surfaces with boundary

Wong, Tak Kwong
Blowup of solutions of the hydrostatic Euler equations

Wu, Jie
A new characterization of geodesic spheres in the hyperbolic space

Wu, Wenming; Yuan, Wei
A remark on central sequence algebras of the tensor product of $II_1$ factors

Xiangrong, Zhu
Bubble tree for approximate harmonic maps

Xue, Jiangwei; Yu, Chia-Fu
Abelian varieties without a prescribed Newton polygon reduction

Yamamori, Atsushi
A generalization of the Forelli-Rudin construction and deflation identities

Yang, Jinge; Zhou, Shuangshuang; Zheng, Sining
Asymptotic behavior of nonlocal diffusion equation with localized source

Yang, Minsuk
A parabolic Triebel-Lizorkin space estimate for the fractional Laplacian operator

Yaskin, Vladyslav
Counterexamples to convexity of $k$-intersection bodies

Yu, Josephine
Tropicalizing the positive semidefinite cone

Zajíček, Luděk
Hadamard differentiability via Gâteaux differentiability

Zanello, Fabrizio
Zeilberger’s KOH theorem and the strict unimodality of $q$-binomial coefficients

Zelenyuk, Yevhen
Discontinuity of multiplication and left translations in $\beta G$

Zhang, Qinqin
Homoclinic orbits for a class of discrete periodic Hamiltonian systems

Zhang, Shicheng
Stability of spacelike hypersurfaces in de Sitter space

Zhou, Xiaoyao; Yaqing, Zhang; Chen, Ercai
Topological conditional entropy for amenable group actions

Zhou, Yunhua
Non-zero Lyapunov exponents for some conservative partially hyperbolic systems

Zhu, Can
Twisted Poincaré duality for Poisson homology and cohomology of affine Poisson algebras

Zhu, Shuqiang
Eulerian relative equilibria of the curved 3-body problems in $S^2$

Zudilin, Wadim
On three theorems of Folsom, Ono and Rhoades

Šarić, Dragomir
Earthquakes in the length-spectrum Teichmüller spaces