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Mathematics of Computation
Mathematics of Computation
ISSN 1088-6842(online) ISSN 0025-5718(print)


Papers accepted for publication in Mathematics of Computation which have not yet been published

Papers are displayed alphabetically by first author listed.

Adcock, Ben; Hansen, Anders
Generalized sampling and the stable and accurate reconstruction of piecewise analytic functions from their Fourier coefficients

Adler, James; Nistor, Victor
Graded mesh approximation in weighted Sobolev spaces and elliptic equations in 2D

Akbary, Amir; Hambrook, Kyle
A variant of the Bombieri-Vinogradov theorem with explicit constants and applications

Akbary, Amir; Scholten, Keilan
Artin prime producing polynomials

Antonopoulou, D.; Karali, G.; Plexousakis, M.; Zouraris, G.
Crank-Nicolson finite element discretizations for a two-dimensional linear Schrödinger-type equation posed in a noncylindrical domain

Apel, Thomas; Pfefferer, Johannes; Rösch, Arnd
Finite element error estimates on the boundary with application to optimal control

Argyros, I.; Hernández, M.; Hilout, S.; Romero, N.
Directional Chebyshev-type methods for solving equations

Bach, Eric; Shallue, Andrew
Counting composites with two strong liars

Bai, Shi; Brent, Richard; Thomé, Emmanuel
Root optimization of polynomials in the number field sieve

Balakrishnan, Jennifer; Çiperiani, Mirela; Stein, William
$p$-adic heights of Heegner points and $\Lambda $-adic regulators

Barbulescu, Razvan
Selecting polynomials for the function field sieve

Bartels, Sören; Nochetto, Ricardo; Salgado, Abner
A total variation diminishing interpolation operator and applications

Bartels, Sóren
Error control and adaptivity for a variational model problem defined on functions of bounded variation

Batenkov, Dmitry
Complete algebraic reconstruction of piecewise-smooth functions from Fourier data

Belabas, Karim; Friedman, Eduardo
Computing the residue of the Dedekind zeta function

Berthelin, Florent; Goudon, Thierry; Minjeaud, Sebastian
Kinetic schemes on staggered grids for barotropic Euler models: Entropy-stability analysis

Best, D.; Trudgian, T.
Linear relations of zeroes of the zeta-function

Bisson, Gaetan
Computing endomorphism rings of abelian varieties of dimension two

Bonito, Andrea; Devaud, Denis
Adaptive finite element methods for the Stokes problem with discontinuous viscosity

Bonito, Andrea; Pasciak, Joseph
Numerical approximation of fractional powers of elliptic operators

Bonnaillie-Noël, V.; Dambrine, M.; Hérau, F.; Vial, G.
Artificial conditions for the linear elasticity equations

Bourgain, Jean; Konyagin, Sergei; Shparlinski, Igor
Character sums and deterministic polynomial root finding in finite fields

Boutin, Benjamin; Coquel, Frédéric; LeFloch, Philippe
Coupling techniques for nonlinear hyperbolic equations. IV. Well-balanced schemes for Scalar multidimensional and multi-component laws

Boyer, F.; Krell, S.; Nabet, F.
Inf-sup stability of the discrete duality finite volume method for the 2D Stokes problem

Brauchart, J.; Saff, E.; Sloan, I.; Womersley, R.
QMC designs: Optimal order quasi Monte Carlo integration schemes on the sphere

Braun, Oliver; Coulangeon, Renaud
Perfect lattices over imaginary quadratic number fields

Brenner, Susanne

Brenner, Susanne; Sung, Li-Yeng
Piecewise $H^1$ functions and vector fields associated with meshes generated by independent refinements

Brent, Richard; Johansson, Fredrik
A bound for the error term in the Brent-McMillan algorithm

Böhm, Janko; Decker, Wolfram; Fieker, Claus; Pfister, Gerhard
The use of bad primes in rational reconstruction

Büthe, Jan
A method for proving the completeness of a list of zeros of certain L-functions

Calvetti, Daniela; Somersalo, Erkki; Spies, Ruben
Variable order smoothness priors for ill-posed inverse problems

Cao, Weiming
Superconvergence analysis of the linear finite element method and a gradient recovery postprocessing on anisotropic meshes

Carstensen, Carsten; Dolzmann, Georg
Convergence of adaptive finite element methods for a nonconvex double-well minimisation problem

Carstensen, Carsten; Gallistl, Dietmar; Schedensack, Mira
Adaptive nonconforming Crouzeix-Raviart FEM for eigenvalue problems

Carstensen, Carsten; Gedicke, Joscha
Guaranteed lower bounds for eigenvalues

Causley, Matthew; Christlieb, Andrew; Ong, Benjamin; Van Groningen, Lee
Method of lines transpose: An implicit solution to the wave equation

Chan, Wai Kiu; Icaza, María; Lauret, Emilio
On a generalized Hermite constant for imaginary quadratic number fields

Chen, Yannan; Sun, Wenyu
A dwindling filter line search method for unconstrained optimization

Chen, Zhongying; Xu, Yuesheng; Zhang, Yuanyuan
A construction of higher-order finite volume methods

Chouly, Franz; Hild, Patrick; Renard, Yves
Symmetric and non-symmetric variants of Nitsche’s method for contact problems in elasticity: Theory and numerical experiments

Chui, Charles; Mhaskar, H.
Smooth function extension based on high dimensional unstructured data

Chung, Y.-M.; Jolly, M.
A unified approach to compute foliations, inertial manifolds, and tracking initial conditions

Cohen, Henri
Exact counting of $D_\ell $ number fields with given quadratic resolvent

Cohen, Stephen; Oliveira e Silva, Tomás; Trudgian, Tim
A proof of the conjecture of Cohen and Mullen on sums of primitive roots

Cosset, Romain; Robert, Damien
Computing $(\ell ,\ell )$-isogenies in polynomial time on Jacobians of genus $2$ curves

Costello, Fintan; Watts, Paul
An upper bound on Jacobsthal’s function

Cremona, J.; Fisher, T.; O’Neil, C.; Simon, D.; Stoll, M.
Explicit $n$-descent on elliptic curves III. Algorithms

Cuntz, Michael; Stump, Christian
On root posets for noncrystallographic root systems

Darmon, Henri; Daub, Michael; Lichtenstein, Sam; Rotger, Victor; Stein, William
Algorithms for Chow-Heegner points via iterated integrals

Demaret, Laurent; Iske, Armin
Optimal $N$-term approximation by linear splines over anisotropic Delaunay triangulations

Di Pietro, Daniele; Lemaire, Simon
An extension of the Crouzeix-Raviart space to general meshes with application to quasi-incompressible linear elasticity and Stokes flow

Di Pietro, Daniele; Vohralík, Martin; Yousef, Soleiman
Adaptive regularization, linearization, and discretization and a posteriori error control for the two-phase Stefan problem

Doornik, Jurgen
Numerical evaluation of the Gauss hypergeometric function by power summations

Doyle, John; Krumm, David
Computing algebraic numbers of bounded height

Faber, Laura; Kadiri, Habiba
New bounds for $\psi (x)$

Fisher, Benji; Hayes, David
“The 2-divisibility of $h_p^+$”

Flammang, V.; Rhin, G.
On the absolute Mahler measure of polynomials having all zeros in a sector. III

Fort, Gersende; Jourdain, Benjamin; Kuhn, Estelle; Lelièvre, Tony; Stoltz, Gabriel
Convergence of the Wang-Landau algorithm

Franek, Peter; Ratschan, Stefan
Effective topological degree computation based on interval arithmetic

Georgoulis, Emmanuil; Virtanen, Juha
Adaptive discontinuous Galerkin approximations to fourth order parabolic problems

Gonzalez, Oscar; Li, Jun
A convergence theorem for a class of Nyström methods for weakly singular integral equations on surfaces in $\mathbb {R}^3$

Gopalakrishnan, J.; Li, F.-Y.; Nguyen, N.-C.; Peraire, J.
Spectral approximations by the HDG method

Grau, José; Oller-Marcén, Antonio; Sadornil, Daniel
A primality test for $Kp^n+1$ numbers

Greaves, Gary
Small-span Hermitian matrices over quadratic integer rings

Greither, Cornelius; Roblot, Xavier-François; Tangedal, Brett
Corrigendum to “The Brumer-Stark conjecture in some families of extensions of specified degree”

Guitart, Xavier; Masdeu, Marc
Elementary matrix decomposition and the computation of Darmon points with higher conductor

Han, Bin
Algorithm for constructing symmetric dual framelet filter banks

Heuer, Norbert; Sayas, Francisco-Javier
Analysis of a non-symmetric coupling of interior penalty DG and BEM

He, Simai; Li, Zhening; Zhang, Shuzhong
Inhomogeneous polynomial optimization over a convex set: An approximation approach

Hinrichs, Aicke; Novak, Erich; Ullrich, Mario; Woźniakowski, Henryk
The curse of dimensionality for numerical integration of smooth functions

Hiptmair, Ralf; Jerez-Hanckes, Carlos; Mao, Shipeng
Extension by zero in discrete trace spaces: Inverse estimates

Hutz, Benjamin
Determination of all rational preperiodic points for morphisms of PN

Hu, Jun; Zhang, Shangyou
The minimal conforming $H^k$ finite element spaces on $R^n$ rectangular grids

Ignat, L.; Pozo, A.; Zuazua, E.
Large-time asymptotics, vanishing viscosity and numerics for 1-D scalar conservation laws

Jespers, E.; Juriaans, S.; Kiefer, A.; de Andrade e Silva, A.; Souza Filho, A.
From the Poincaré theorem to generators of the unit group of integral group rings of finite groups

Jiang, Yupeng; Deng, Yingpu
Strong pseudoprimes to the first eight prime bases

Jin, Bangti; Lazarov, Raytcho; Pasciak, Joseph; Rundell, William
Variational formulation of problems involving fractional order differential operators

Johansson, Fredrik
A fast algorithm for reversion of power series

Karakasian, Ohannes; Makridakis, Charalambos
A posteriori error estimates for discontinuous Galerkin methods for the generalized Korteweg-de Vries equation

Kaski, Petteri; Ostergard, Patric; Popa, Alexandru
Enumeration of Steiner triple systems with subsystems

Kim, Minkyu; Cheon, Jung Hee
Computing prime divisors in an interval

Koornwinder, Tom; Sauter, Stefan
The intersection of bivariate orthogonal polynomials on triangle patches

Kuznetsov, A.
Computing the truncated theta function via Mordell integral

La Scala, Roberto
Gröbner bases and gradings for partial difference ideals

Lai, Ming-Jun; Liu, Yang
A study on the largest and smallest $q$-singular values of random matrices

Lakkis, Omar; Makridakis, Charalambos; Pryer, Tristan
A comparison of duality and energy aposteriori estimates for $L_\infty (0,T;L_2(\Omega ))$ in parabolic problems

Lamzouri, Youness; Li, Xiannan; Soundararajan, Kannan
Conditional bounds for the least quadratic non-residue and related problems

Lescarret, Vincent; Zuazua, Enrique
Numerical approximation schemes for multi-dimensional wave equations in asymmetric spaces

Ling, San; Ozdemir, Enver; Xing, Chaoping
A relation between embedding degrees and class numbers of binary quadratic forms

Liu, Hailiang
Optimal error estimates of the direct discontinuous Galerkin method for convection-diffusion equations

Li, Hengguang
Regularity and multigrid analysis for Laplace-type axisymmetric equations

Li, Jichun; Huang, Yunqing; Yang, Wei
Well-posedness study and finite element simulation of time-domain cylindrical and elliptical cloaks

Li, Zhilin
On convergence of the immersed boundary method for elliptic interface problems

Loeffler, David; Weinstein, Jared
Erratum to “On the computation of local components of a newform”

Lopez-Fernandez, M.; Sauter, S.
Fast and stable contour integration for high order divided differences via elliptic functions

Lubich, Christian; Mansour, Dhia
Variational discretization of wave equations on evolving surfaces

Miller, John
Real cyclotomic fields of prime conductor and their class numbers

Morais, Joao; Cacao, Isabel
Quaternion Zernike spherical polynomials

Myasnikov, Alexei; Nikolaev, Andrey; Ushakov, Alexander
Knapsack problems in groups

Målqvist, Axel; Peterseim, Daniel
Localization of elliptic multiscale problems

Navas, Luis; Ruiz, Francisco; Varona, Juan
Some functional relations derived from the Lindelöf-Wirtinger expansion of the Lerch transcendent function

Neilan, Michael
Discrete and conforming smooth de Rham complexes in three dimensions

Nelson, Paul
Evaluating modular forms on Shimura curves

Nielsen, Pace
Odd perfect numbers, Diophantine equations, and upper bounds

Notaris, Sotirios
The error norm of Gauss-Radau quadrature formulae for Bernstein-Szegö weight functions

Okayama, Tomoaki; Matsuo, Takayasu; Sugihara, Masaaki
Theoretical analysis of Sinc-Nyström methods for Volterra integral equations

Page, Aurel
Computing arithmetic Kleinian groups

Pappalardi, Francesco
Divisibility of reduction in groups of rational numbers

Pieltant, Julia; Randriam, Hugues
New uniform and asymptotic upper bounds on the tensor rank of multiplication in extensions of finite fields

Pitoun, Frédéric; Varescon, Firmin
Computing the torsion of the $p$-ramified module of a number field

Platt, David
Computing $\pi (x)$ analytically

Poor, Cris; Yuen, David
Paramodular cusp forms

Pérez-Díaz, S.; Sendra, J.; Villarino, C.
Computing the singularities of rational surfaces

Qiao, Zhonghua; Sun, Zhi-Zhong; Zhang, Zhengru
Stability and convergence of second-order schemes for the nonlinear epitaxial growth model without slope selection

Rahman, Sharif
Approximation errors in truncated dimensional decompositions

Ramaré, Olivier
Explicit estimates on several summatory functions involving the Möbius function

Roblot, Xavier-François
Computing $p$-adic $L$-functions of totally real number fields

Rubinstein, Michael; Yamagishi, Shuntaro
Computing the moment polynomials of the zeta function

Saouter, Yannick; Trudgian, Timothy; Demichel, Patrick
A still sharper region where $\pi (x)-{\mathrm {li}}(x)$ is positive

Sauer, Martin; Stannat, Wilhelm
Lattice approximation for stochastic reaction diffusion equations with one-sided Lipschitz condition

Sneed, Jason
Lead changes in the prime number race

Soga, Kohei
Stochastic and variational approach to the Lax-Friedrichs scheme

Tian, WenYi; Zhou, Han; Deng, Weihua
A class of second order difference approximation for solving space fractional diffusion equations

Trudgian, T.
An improved upper bound for the error in the zero-counting formulae for Dirichlet $L$-functions and Dedekind zeta-functions

Wang, Junping; Ye, Xiu
A weak Galerkin mixed finite element method for second order elliptic problems

Xu, Yifeng; Zou, Jun
Convergence of an adaptive finite element method for distributed flux reconstruction

Yarman, Can; Flagg, Garret
Approximation of the integral representation of an analytic function with an arbitrary analytic kernel

Zeng, Jinxiang; Yin, Linsheng
On the computation of coefficients of modular forms: The reduction modulo $p$ approach

Zhang, Yi; Zhang, Liwei; Wu, Jia; Zhang, Jianzhong
A perturbation approach for an inverse quadratic programming problem over second-order cones

Zieve, Michael
A remark on the paper “$N$-tuples of positive integers with the same sum and the same product” by Zhang and Cai