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Current Issue: 12  2014  Volume 61  Issue 11 
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We end the year with a panoply of fascinating articles. There is an exposition of the study of Ramanujan’s mock theta function. Accompanying that is a review of a new film about Ramanujan. There is a study of Math Teachers’ Circles and an examination of the Kan extension seminar. Finally, there is a remembrance of the distinguished complex geometer Shoshichi Kobayashi. —Steven G. Krantz, Editor

Almost a Century of Answering the Question: What Is a Mock Theta Function?

W. Duke

(pp. 1314-1320)
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Remembering Shoshichi Kobayashi

Gary R. Jensen, Coordinating Editor

(pp. 1322-1332)
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Math Teachers' Circles: Partnerships between Mathematicians and Teachers

B. Donaldson, M. Nakamaye, K. Umland and D. White

(pp. 1335-1341)
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