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Current as of Tuesday, April 12, 2005 15:21:40

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2004 Spring Southeastern Section Meeting
Tallahassee, FL, March 12-13, 2004
Meeting #994

Associate secretaries:
John L Bryant, AMS

Abramov, Rafail V.   Program Listing  
Abrams, Aaron D   Program Listing  
Agol, Ian    Program Listing  
Ancel, Fredric D   Program Listing  
Anderson, D. D.    Program Listing  
Anderson, David F   Program Listing  
Asbury, Thomas M   Program Listing  
Ben-Zvi, David    Program Listing  
Bertram, Richard    Program Listing  
Besana, Gian Mario    Program Listing  
Bielecki, Tomasz R.   Program Listing  
Braden, Tom    Program Listing  
Brittenham, Mark    Program Listing  
Buck, Greg    Program Listing  
Cai, David    Program Listing  
Cantarella, Jason H   Program Listing  
de Cataldo, Mark Andrea Antonio   Program Listing  
Caviglia, Giulio    Program Listing  
Chan, C. Y.    Program Listing  
Chapman, Scott T   Program Listing  
Cooper, Susan Marie   Program Listing  
Corso, Alberto    Program Listing  
Coskunuzer, Baris    Program Listing  
Coykendall, Jim    Program Listing  
Cui, Zhenlu    Program Listing  
Cutkosky, Steven D   Program Listing  
Dalili, Kia    Program Listing  
Darcy, Isabel K   Program Listing  
Daverman, Robert J.   Program Listing  
Deguchi, Tetsuo    Program Listing  
Denne, Elizabeth J.   Program Listing  
Dijkstra, Jan J   Program Listing  
Dobay, Akos    Program Listing  
Dobbs, David E   Program Listing  
Dranishnikov, Alexander N   Program Listing  
Egli, Marcel    Program Listing  
Engheta, Bahman    Program Listing  
Erdogan, M Burak   Program Listing  
Ernst, Claus    Program Listing  
Felkel, Brian H   Program Listing  
Feng, Xiaobing    Program Listing  
Fenley, Marcia O   Program Listing  
Ferry, Steven C   Program Listing  
Figueroa-Lopez, Jose E   Program Listing  
Fontana, Marco    Program Listing  
Forest, M. Gregory   Program Listing  
Fouque, Jean-Pierre M   Program Listing  
Fu, Joseph HG   Program Listing  
Fuchs, Laszlo    Program Listing  
Ghezzi, Laura    Program Listing  
Giesecke, Kay    Program Listing  
Glaz, Sarah    Program Listing  
Gordon, Cameron McA   Program Listing  
Griffith, Phillip A   Program Listing  
Guilbault, Craig R   Program Listing  
Gunzburger, Max    Program Listing  
Ha, Huy Tai    Program Listing  
Hall, Frank J   Program Listing  
Halverson, Denise M.   Program Listing  
Hambleton, Ian    Program Listing  
Hamilton, Emily    Program Listing  
Hempel, John    Program Listing  
Hernandez, Luis    Program Listing  
Holcomb, Michael E   Program Listing  
Houston, Evan    Program Listing  
Huang, Zhi-Feng    Program Listing  
Hudson, Steve M   Program Listing  
Hunt, Fern Y.   Program Listing  
Hunt, Fern    Program Listing  
Iosevich, Alex    Program Listing  
Iwaniec, Tadeusz    Program Listing  
Jaco, William H.   Program Listing  
Jaco, William    Program Listing  
Jakab, Tunde D   Program Listing  
Johnston, Heather M   Program Listing  
Jorgensen, David A.   Program Listing  
Ju, Ning    Program Listing  
Kalliongis, John    Program Listing  
Kauffman, Louis H.   Program Listing  
Keesling, James E   Program Listing  
Kellerhals, Ruth    Program Listing  
Kenig, Carlos E   Program Listing  
Kovrizhkin, Oleg    Program Listing  
Kramer, Peter R   Program Listing  
Krokhmal, Paul    Program Listing  
Kukavica, Igor    Program Listing  
Kulosman, Hamid    Program Listing  
Kusner, Rob    Program Listing  
Lantz, David C,   Program Listing  
Leckband, Mark    Program Listing  
Lee, Kiseop    Program Listing  
Leininger, Chris    Program Listing  
Lequain, Yves    Program Listing  
Leuschke, Graham J   Program Listing  
Li, Tao    Program Listing  
Liu, Chun    Program Listing  
Liu, Chun    Program Listing  
Loper, K Alan   Program Listing  
Lucas, Thomas G   Program Listing  
Mann, Jennifer K   Program Listing  
Mariani, Maria Cristina   Program Listing  
Marley, Tom    Program Listing  
Martcheva, Maia    Program Listing  
Mascagni, Michael    Program Listing  
Massey, David B   Program Listing  
Masters, Joseph D   Program Listing  
Matei, Daniel    Program Listing  
Mayboroda, Svitlana    Program Listing  
McCullough, Darryl    Program Listing  
Melikhov, Sergey A   Program Listing  
Mendez, Osvaldo D.   Program Listing  
Metzler, David S   Program Listing  
Meyer-Baese, Anke    Program Listing  
Migliore, Juan C.   Program Listing  
Millett, Kenneth C   Program Listing  
Minsky, Yair    Program Listing  
Mitrea, Marius S   Program Listing  
Montin, Benoit S   Program Listing  
Mulay, S. B.   Program Listing  
Musslimani, Ziad H   Program Listing  
Myers, Robert   Program Listing  
Nagel, Uwe    Program Listing  
Navarra-Madsen, Junalyn P.   Program Listing  
Nikolaev, Igor V   Program Listing  
Nolder, Craig A.   Program Listing  
N\'u\~nez, V\'\i ctor    Program Listing  
Oertel, Frank    Program Listing  
Okun, B    Program Listing  
Olberding, Bruce M   Program Listing  
Orlandini, Enzo    Program Listing  
Paris, Steve    Program Listing  
Pedersen, Erik K.   Program Listing  
Piatek, Michael    Program Listing  
Pilyugin, S S   Program Listing  
Polini, Claudia    Program Listing  
Popescu, Sorin    Program Listing  
Quinn, Frank S.   Program Listing  
Raghavan, Jayathi    Program Listing  
Ranicki, Andrew A.   Program Listing  
Rawdon, Eric    Program Listing  
Reid, Alan W   Program Listing  
Repov\v{s}, Du\v{s}an    Program Listing  
Richert, Ben    Program Listing  
Roberts, Rachel    Program Listing  
Rochberg, Richard    Program Listing  
Rong, Yongwu    Program Listing  
Rose, David A   Program Listing  
Roudenko, Svetlana    Program Listing  
Sadykov, Rustam R   Program Listing  
Salma, Elaoud    Program Listing  
Sampson, G.    Program Listing  
Sather-Wagstaff, Sean    Program Listing  
Schultens, Jennifer C   Program Listing  
Shimamura, Miyuki K.   Program Listing  
Shlyonsky, Paul G   Program Listing  
Silver, Daniel S   Program Listing  
Simon, Jonathan    Program Listing  
Smith, Gregory G   Program Listing  
Smith, William W.   Program Listing  
Sokolov, Maksim S.   Program Listing  
Soteros, Christine E   Program Listing  
Srinivasan, Hema    Program Listing  
Srinivasan, P.    Program Listing  
Srisairam, Achuthan    Program Listing  
Stasiak, Andrzej    Program Listing  
Subramaniam, Shankar    Program Listing  
Sulivan, John M   Program Listing  
Sun, M    Program Listing  
Sussman, Mark M   Program Listing  
Szafron, M. L.   Program Listing  
Tchernev, A    Program Listing  
Tehranchi, Michael R.   Program Listing  
Thistlethwaite, Morwen    Program Listing  
Torres, Rodolfo H.   Program Listing  
Van Tuyl, Adam    Program Listing  
Veliche, Oana    Program Listing  
Venema, Gerard A   Program Listing  
Wang, Qi    Program Listing  
Wang, Qi    Program Listing  
Wang, Shouhong    Program Listing  
Webb, Glenn F.   Program Listing  
Welker, Volkmar    Program Listing  
Weyman, Jerzy M   Program Listing  
Whittington, Stuart G   Program Listing  
Wiegand, Roger    Program Listing  
Wiegand, Sylvia    Program Listing  
Williams, Susan G   Program Listing  
Wu, Jiahong    Program Listing  
Yong, Jiongmin    Program Listing  
Yu, Peng    Program Listing  
Zafrullah, Muhammad    Program Listing  
Zeng, Chongchun    Program Listing  
Zhao, Jianqiang    Program Listing  
Zhou, Ruhai    Program Listing  
Ziesler, Sarah N   Program Listing  

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