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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

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Spring Central Section Meeting
Athens, OH, March 26-27, 2004
Meeting #995

Associate secretaries:
Susan J Friedlander, AMS

Ackleh, Azmy S.   Program Listing  
Adan-Bante, Edith    Program Listing  
Ahmed, Nasiruddin    Program Listing  
Aizicovici, Sergiu    Program Listing  
Alfaro, Ricardo    Program Listing  
Alspach, Dale E.   Program Listing  
Amirdjanova, Anna    Program Listing  
Androulakis, George    Program Listing  
Anisca, Razvan    Program Listing  
Aratyn, Henrik    Program Listing  
Arzhantseva, Goulnara N.    Program Listing  
Aydin, Nuh    Program Listing  
Balan, Raluca M.   Program Listing  
Barlow, Jesse L   Program Listing  
Basu, Sudeshna    Program Listing  
Bator, Elizabeth M   Program Listing  
Becker, Paul E.   Program Listing  
Beidar, Konstantin    Program Listing  
Belinskiy, Boris P   Program Listing  
Bergelson, Vitaly    Program Listing  
Binder, Ilia    Program Listing  
Birkenmeier, Gary F   Program Listing  
Blake, Ian F.   Program Listing  
Bloch, Anthony M   Program Listing  
Blokh, Alexander    Program Listing  
Bonk, Mario    Program Listing  
Brady, Noel P   Program Listing  
Bresar, Matej    Program Listing  
Brozovic, Douglas P   Program Listing  
Bryc, Wlodzimierz    Program Listing  
Burslem, Lizzie    Program Listing  
Butler, Leo T   Program Listing  
Byrne, Eimear N   Program Listing  
Camillo, Victor    Program Listing  
Campbell, Peter S   Program Listing  
Chang, Jane Y.   Program Listing  
Chen, Xueqing    Program Listing  
Cheruvu, Vani    Program Listing  
Constantin, Elena    Program Listing  
Coult, Nicholas A   Program Listing  
Cowell, Simon R   Program Listing  
Dauns, John    Program Listing  
Dean, Angela M   Program Listing  
Dergachev, Vladimir    Program Listing  
Diagana, Toka    Program Listing  
van Dijk, Marten    Program Listing  
Dilworth, Stephen J.   Program Listing  
Dinh, Hai Quang   Program Listing  
Domokos, Andras    Program Listing  
Dowling, Patrick N   Program Listing  
Drutu, Cornelia    Program Listing  
Du, Xunming    Program Listing  
Dykema, Kenneth J   Program Listing  
ElBialy, Mohamed Sami   Program Listing  
Elder, Murray J   Program Listing  
Fallat, Shaun M   Program Listing  
Fang, Weifu    Program Listing  
Fann, George I   Program Listing  
Ferrero, Miguel    Program Listing  
Feuerverger, Andrey    Program Listing  
Fisher, Todd    Program Listing  
Floyd, William J   Program Listing  
Fonseca, Irene    Program Listing  
Ford, Kevin    Program Listing  
Foreman, Brendan    Program Listing  
Frohardt, Daniel E.   Program Listing  
Fuller, Kent R   Program Listing  
Gamba, Irene    Program Listing  
Ganichev, Mikhail    Program Listing  
Geller, William    Program Listing  
Geyer, Lukas    Program Listing  
Ghrist, Robert    Program Listing  
Gilman, Robert    Program Listing  
Gluesing-Luerssen, Heide    Program Listing  
Gopalakrishnan, Hema    Program Listing  
Greferath, Marcus    Program Listing  
Grigorchuk, Rostislav Ivanovich   Program Listing  
Guentner, Erik    Program Listing  
Guil Asensio, Pedro Antonio   Program Listing  
Gupta, Manish K   Program Listing  
Gusin, Fady A.   Program Listing  
Hajarnavis, Charudatta R   Program Listing  
Hall, Frank J   Program Listing  
Hammoudi, Lakhdar    Program Listing  
Harcharras, Asma    Program Listing  
Harrison, Robert J   Program Listing  
He, Haibo    Program Listing  
He, Tian-Xiao    Program Listing  
Herman, Allen    Program Listing  
Hiren, Maharaj   Program Listing  
Hoffmann, Mark Robert   Program Listing  
Hou, Xiang-dong    Program Listing  
Huang, Jingfang    Program Listing  
Hunt, Brian R   Program Listing  
Hurtubise, Jacques C.   Program Listing  
Isaacs, I. M.   Program Listing  
Ivanov, S. V.   Program Listing  
Johnson, Bruce R.   Program Listing  
Johnson, Charles R.   Program Listing  
Johnson, Kenneth W   Program Listing  
Johnson, William B.   Program Listing  
Jorgensen, Palle E. T.   Program Listing  
Junge, Marius -   Program Listing  
Kaimanovich, Vadim A,   Program Listing  
Kalton, Nigel    Program Listing  
Kami\'nska, Anna    Program Listing  
Kamvissis, Spyridon    Program Listing  
Kang, Sung Ha   Program Listing  
Kapovich, Ilya    Program Listing  
Karlsson, Anders    Program Listing  
Keeler, Dennis S.   Program Listing  
Kelarev, Andrei    Program Listing  
Keller, Thomas Michael   Program Listing  
Kessar, Radha    Program Listing  
Kharlampovich, Olga    Program Listing  
Kim, Seongjai    Program Listing  
Kodama, Yuji    Program Listing  
Koetter, Ralf    Program Listing  
Korman, Philip L   Program Listing  
Korotkin, Dmitry    Program Listing  
Korovnichenko, Alyona    Program Listing  
Krigman, Steven Slava   Program Listing  
Kucherenko, Tamara    Program Listing  
Kutzarova, D.    Program Listing  
Lakatos, Piroska    Program Listing  
Lam, T. Y.    Program Listing  
Langley, Thomas M   Program Listing  
Lee, Haewon    Program Listing  
Leizarowitz, Arie    Program Listing  
Lennard, Christopher J   Program Listing  
Li, Bingtuan    Program Listing  
Li, Luen-Chau    Program Listing  
Lin, En-Bing    Program Listing  
Linckelmann, Markus T   Program Listing  
Lomp, Christian    Program Listing  
Lowitzsch, Svenja    Program Listing  
Lu, Kening    Program Listing  
Magaard, Kay    Program Listing  
Matthews, Gretchen L.   Program Listing  
McCammond, Jon    Program Listing  
McGrath, Richard N   Program Listing  
McKibben, Mark A   Program Listing  
McVey, John K   Program Listing  
Mei, tao    Program Listing  
Merenkov, Sergiy    Program Listing  
Meyer, Daniel    Program Listing  
Miller, Peter D   Program Listing  
Misiurewicz, Michal    Program Listing  
Mizel, Victor J   Program Listing  
Mohlenkamp, Martin J.   Program Listing  
Molitierno, Jason J   Program Listing  
Monzon, Lucas A   Program Listing  
Mordukhovich, Boris    Program Listing  
Moreto, Alexander    Program Listing  
Mori, Izuru    Program Listing  
Musat, Magdalena E   Program Listing  
Myasnikov, Alexei    Program Listing  
Odell, Edward    Program Listing  
Oh, Byung-Geun    Program Listing  
Oikhberg, Timur    Program Listing  
Olshanskii, Alexander Y   Program Listing  
Osin, Denis V.   Program Listing  
Parry, Walter    Program Listing  
Pavel, Nicolae H   Program Listing  
Perez, Fernando    Program Listing  
Petrov, Nikola P.   Program Listing  
Pinsky, Mark A   Program Listing  
Pomper, Markus    Program Listing  
Posp\'ichal, Tom\'a\v s    Program Listing  
Raffoul, Youssef N   Program Listing  
Riedl, Jeffrey M   Program Listing  
Rizzo, Maria L   Program Listing  
Robertson, John W.   Program Listing  
Rodrigues, Virginia    Program Listing  
Rosenthal, Joachim    Program Listing  
Rothmaler, Philipp S   Program Listing  
Ruch, David K   Program Listing  
Sandberg, Kristian    Program Listing  
Sandstede, Bjorn    Program Listing  
Sangroniz, Josu    Program Listing  
Sanh, Nguyen Van   Program Listing  
Sapir, Mark V.   Program Listing  
Sari, Bunyamin    Program Listing  
Saunders, David C   Program Listing  
Schlumprecht, Thomas    Program Listing  
Schmidmeier, Markus    Program Listing  
Schoutens, Hans    Program Listing  
Schupp, Paul   Program Listing  
Senti, Samuel    Program Listing  
Shen, Xiaoping A.   Program Listing  
Sidki, Said Najati   Program Listing  
Sirotkin, Gleb    Program Listing  
Smarandache, Roxana    Program Listing  
Smirnov, Roman G.   Program Listing  
Smirnova-Nagnibeda, Tatiana    Program Listing  
Srivastava, J B   Program Listing  
Stancu, Radu    Program Listing  
Sun, Xiaobai    Program Listing  
Teply, Mark L.   Program Listing  
Terman, David    Program Listing  
Tian, Fei-Ran    Program Listing  
Tiep, Pham Huu    Program Listing  
Tomczak-Jaegermann, Nicole    Program Listing  
Tong, S.    Program Listing  
Tovbis, Alexander    Program Listing  
Troitsky, Vladimir G   Program Listing  
Turull, Alexandre    Program Listing  
Tynan, John C   Program Listing  
Urbanski, Mariusz    Program Listing  
Vaninsky, Kirill    Program Listing  
Verma, Ram    Program Listing  
Voisei, Mircea D   Program Listing  
Vu, Kim Tuan    Program Listing  
Walker, Judy L.   Program Listing  
Walter, Gilbert G   Program Listing  
Wang, Yi    Program Listing  
White, Donald B   Program Listing  
Wiegandt, Richard    Program Listing  
Wilson, John S   Program Listing  
Wilson, Lawrence E   Program Listing  
Wood, Jay A   Program Listing  
Xu, Jianhong    Program Listing  
Xu, Yuesheng    Program Listing  
Xu, Yuesheng    Program Listing  
Yakimov, Milen T   Program Listing  
Zaslow, Eric G.   Program Listing  
Zsak, Andras    Program Listing  

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