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2002 Spring Western Section Meeting
Portland, OR, June 20-22, 2002
Meeting #978

Associate secretaries:
Bernard Russo, AMS

Alexeev, Valery    Program Listing  
Alperin, Roger C.   Program Listing  
Asaeda, Marta    Program Listing  
Becker, Leigh C   Program Listing  
Bhandari, Bharti    Program Listing  
Bhandari, M. C.    Program Listing  
Bleiler, Steven A.   Program Listing  
Brauer, Fred    Program Listing  
Brosnan, Patrick G   Program Listing  
Brylawski, Thomas H.   Program Listing  
Buch, Anders S.   Program Listing  
Buhler, Joe P   Program Listing  
Burdon, Marcia Lynne   Program Listing  
Burger, Edward B.   Program Listing  
Burton, Theodore A   Program Listing  
Byler, Katherine S   Program Listing  
Calta, Kariane    Program Listing  
Caughman, John    Program Listing  
Chan, Ada    Program Listing  
Clouse, Chris A   Program Listing  
Conant, James R   Program Listing  
Conner, Gregory R   Program Listing  
Corduneanu, C.    Program Listing  
Cosner, Chris    Program Listing  
Crass, Scott    Program Listing  
Dabkowski, Mieczyslaw K.   Program Listing  
Dasbach, Oliver T   Program Listing  
Dickinson, Mark    Program Listing  
Dillon, Robert    Program Listing  
Dorff, Michael J   Program Listing  
Dummit, David S   Program Listing  
Dye, Heather A.   Program Listing  
Edwards, R.    Program Listing  
Elhamdadi, Mohamed    Program Listing  
Ely, Jeffrey    Program Listing  
Falk, Michael J.   Program Listing  
Feichtner, Eva-Maria E.   Program Listing  
Frohman, Charles D   Program Listing  
Furumochi, Tetsuo    Program Listing  
Goddyn, Luis A   Program Listing  
Goins, Edray Herber   Program Listing  
Guenther, Ronald    Program Listing  
Gunnells, Paul E.   Program Listing  
Haddock, John R   Program Listing  
Halverson, Denise M   Program Listing  
Harlander, Jens    Program Listing  
Hastings, Alan    Program Listing  
Herald, Christopher M.   Program Listing  
Hering, Roger H.   Program Listing  
Hermiller, Susan    Program Listing  
Hersonsky, Sa'ar D   Program Listing  
Hill, Gregory M   Program Listing  
Hochstaettler, Winfried    Program Listing  
Hoffman, William C   Program Listing  
Hu, Yi    Program Listing  
Huang, Zheng    Program Listing  
Jones, Scott    Program Listing  
Joyce, Paul    Program Listing  
Kabanov, Sergey N   Program Listing  
Kato, Junji    Program Listing  
Kelm, Travis R   Program Listing  
Kerler, Thomas    Program Listing  
Khetan, Amit    Program Listing  
King, R. Bruce   Program Listing  
Kingan, Sandra R   Program Listing  
Kirk, Colleen M.   Program Listing  
Knutson, Allen    Program Listing  
Kozlov, Dmitry N   Program Listing  
Krone, Stephen    Program Listing  
Loftin, John C.   Program Listing  
Mahdavi, Mehran    Program Listing  
Matusevich, Laura Felicia   Program Listing  
Mcguinness, Sean W   Program Listing  
McKay, David    Program Listing  
McMurray, Nolan B   Program Listing  
McNulty, Jenny    Program Listing  
Mills, Allan D.   Program Listing  
Mischaikow, Konstantin    Program Listing  
Montgomery, Richard W.   Program Listing  
Muldowney, James S   Program Listing  
Neel, David L   Program Listing  
Nemzer, Dennis H.   Program Listing  
Novik, Isabella    Program Listing  
Peterson, Allan C   Program Listing  
Postnikov, Alexander    Program Listing  
Przytycki, Jozef H.   Program Listing  
Qian, Hong    Program Listing  
Raffoul, Youssef N   Program Listing  
Reid, Talmage J   Program Listing  
Ribet, Kenneth A.   Program Listing  
Rosson, John    Program Listing  
Rothbach, Brian David   Program Listing  
Saito, Masahico    Program Listing  
Seifert, George    Program Listing  
Servatius, Brigitte    Program Listing  
Smith, Gregory G   Program Listing  
Smith, Hal L   Program Listing  
Song, Sung-Yell    Program Listing  
Souza, Fernando J. O.   Program Listing  
Stanford, Ted    Program Listing  
Straley, Tina H.   Program Listing  
Suciu, Alexander I   Program Listing  
Swartz, Ed    Program Listing  
Terwilliger, Paul M.   Program Listing  
Thomas, Hugh    Program Listing  
Titi, Edriss S.   Program Listing  
Vaintrob, Arkady    Program Listing  
Valerio, Jim H.   Program Listing  
de Vries, Gerda    Program Listing  
Waller, Nancy    Program Listing  
Wang, Hongyun    Program Listing  
Weber, Matthias    Program Listing  
Wente, Henry C   Program Listing  
Wolf, Michael    Program Listing  
Wolf, Michael    Program Listing  
Yin, Hong-Ming    Program Listing  
Yokota, Yoshiyuki    Program Listing  
Zaslavsky, Thomas    Program Listing  
Zeeman, M.L.    Program Listing  
Zhang, Bo    Program Listing  

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