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2002 Spring Eastern Section Meeting
Montreal, Quebec Canada, May 3-5, 2002
Meeting #976

Associate secretaries:
Lesley M Sibner, AMS

Aberbach, Ian M   Program Listing  
Alvarez, Josefina    Program Listing  
Anastassiou, George A   Program Listing  
Aulaskari, Rauno    Program Listing  
Bahls, Patrick    Program Listing  
Basener, Bill    Program Listing  
Bauer, Robert O.   Program Listing  
Beattie, Margaret    Program Listing  
Bergeron, Nantel    Program Listing  
Bertola, Marco    Program Listing  
Bleher, Pavel    Program Listing  
Bloch, Ethan D.   Program Listing  
Bloch, William L. G.   Program Listing  
Brady, Noel    Program Listing  
Brinkmann, Peter    Program Listing  
Burns, Robert G.   Program Listing  
Carbone, Lisa    Program Listing  
Chan, C-Y. Jean   Program Listing  
Cho, Yong-Kum    Program Listing  
Clark, Alex    Program Listing  
Clark, Dennis    Program Listing  
Colonna, Flavia    Program Listing  
Corso, Alberto    Program Listing  
Coskun, Hasan    Program Listing  
Craig, Gordon    Program Listing  
De La Llave, Rafael    Program Listing  
Diamantis, Nikolaos    Program Listing  
Disertori, Margherita    Program Listing  
Drissi, D    Program Listing  
Dryanov, Dimiter    Program Listing  
Duenez, Eduardo    Program Listing  
Dutta, Sankar P.   Program Listing  
Dydak, Jerzy    Program Listing  
Ehrenborg, Richard    Program Listing  
Ellis-Monaghan, Joanna    Program Listing  
Ercolani, Nicholas M.   Program Listing  
Escher, Christine M   Program Listing  
Eynard, B.    Program Listing  
Feighn, Mark    Program Listing  
Fine, Benjamin    Program Listing  
Fleischer, Isidore    Program Listing  
Foissy, Loic    Program Listing  
Fokkink, Robbert    Program Listing  
Formanek, Edward    Program Listing  
Fournier, Richard    Program Listing  
Frabetti, Alessandra    Program Listing  
Francisco, Christopher A.   Program Listing  
Fraser, Andrea J.   Program Listing  
Gaglione, Anthony M.   Program Listing  
Galloway, Gregory J   Program Listing  
Garsia, Adriano    Program Listing  
Gessel, Ira M   Program Listing  
Ghezzi, Laura    Program Listing  
GowriSankaran, Kohur    Program Listing  
Gupta, C. K.   Program Listing  
Ha, Tai Huy   Program Listing  
Harcos, Gergely    Program Listing  
Hare, Kathryn E.   Program Listing  
Harnad, John    Program Listing  
Hesselholt, Lars    Program Listing  
Hingston, Nancy    Program Listing  
Hoffman, Michael E   Program Listing  
Holtkamp, Ralf    Program Listing  
Hosten, Serkan    Program Listing  
Hruska, G. Christopher   Program Listing  
Hsu, Tim    Program Listing  
Huntley, Jonathan M   Program Listing  
Ivanov, Sergei V   Program Listing  
Iyengar, S    Program Listing  
Janfada, Ali S.   Program Listing  
Jia, Rong-Qing    Program Listing  
Kaczynski, Tomasz    Program Listing  
Kamran, Niky    Program Listing  
Kashcheyeva, Olga    Program Listing  
Keesling, James    Program Listing  
Kennedy, Judy A   Program Listing  
Kerr, Megan M   Program Listing  
Khan, Bilal    Program Listing  
Kheyfits, Alexander I   Program Listing  
Khuri-Makdisi, Kamal    Program Listing  
Khuri-Makdisi, Kamal    Program Listing  
Kim, Goansu    Program Listing  
Kim, Yong-Cheol    Program Listing  
Klemes, Ivo    Program Listing  
Korenblum, Boris    Program Listing  
Kovrijkine, Oleg    Program Listing  
Krob, Daniel    Program Listing  
Kuijlaars, Arno B.J.   Program Listing  
Kulczycki, Marcin Czeslaw   Program Listing  
Kuperberg, Krystyna M   Program Listing  
van der Laan, Pepijn P.I.   Program Listing  
Lappan, Peter    Program Listing  
Lenart, Cristian P   Program Listing  
Leuschke, Graham    Program Listing  
Levenberg, Norman    Program Listing  
Livernet, Muriel    Program Listing  
Loeb, Peter A.   Program Listing  
Mahajan, Swapneel    Program Listing  
Makover, Eran    Program Listing  
Malvenuto, Claudia    Program Listing  
Mashreghi, Javad    Program Listing  
Mayer, John C   Program Listing  
McCammond, Jon    Program Listing  
McLaughlin, Ken T-R   Program Listing  
Mezzadri, Francesco    Program Listing  
Miller, Peter D   Program Listing  
Milman, Mario    Program Listing  
Mischaikow, Konstantin    Program Listing  
Mitrea, Irina    Program Listing  
Murty, Ram    Program Listing  
Nabutovsky, Alexander    Program Listing  
Neithalath, Mohan Kumar    Program Listing  
Nyman, Kathryn    Program Listing  
Orellana, Rosa C   Program Listing  
Osin, Denis V   Program Listing  
O'Sullivan, Cormac    Program Listing  
Pandey, J. N.   Program Listing  
Pandey, Jagdish N.   Program Listing  
Perry, Andrew B.   Program Listing  
Polat, Harun    Program Listing  
Polini, Claudia    Program Listing  
Psarelli, Maria    Program Listing  
Purnaprajna, Bangere P   Program Listing  
Ransford, T J   Program Listing  
Rao, Murali    Program Listing  
Readdy, Margaret A.   Program Listing  
Reiner, Vic    Program Listing  
Reiner, Victor S.   Program Listing  
Rhemtulla, Akbar    Program Listing  
Rider, Brian    Program Listing  
Rochon, Dominic    Program Listing  
Rong, Xiaochun    Program Listing  
Rotman, Regina    Program Listing  
Roudenko, Svetlana    Program Listing  
Ryan, John    Program Listing  
Sabourau, St\'ephane    Program Listing  
Sabourin, Sindi    Program Listing  
Sadosky, Cora    Program Listing  
Sahab, Salem Ahmad   Program Listing  
Sapir, Mark    Program Listing  
Sawyer, Eric T.   Program Listing  
Schmitt, William R.   Program Listing  
Schocker, Manfred    Program Listing  
Schupp, Paul    Program Listing  
Serbin, Denis E   Program Listing  
Shankar, Krishnan    Program Listing  
Shapiro, Michael    Program Listing  
Shi, Yixun    Program Listing  
Singman, David H   Program Listing  
Smith, Gregory G   Program Listing  
Snaith, N C   Program Listing  
Sormani, Christina    Program Listing  
Sottile, Frank    Program Listing  
Spinu, Florin    Program Listing  
Stefanov, Atanas G.   Program Listing  
Sullivan, Michael C   Program Listing  
Taback, Jennifer    Program Listing  
Taft, Earl J.   Program Listing  
Talvila, Erik    Program Listing  
Tang, Francis C. Y.   Program Listing  
Tapp, Kristopher R.   Program Listing  
Taylor, Amelia    Program Listing  
Tchernev, A.    Program Listing  
Tepper, David E.   Program Listing  
Torres, Rodolfo H   Program Listing  
Tovbis, Alexander    Program Listing  
Tuncali, H. Murat    Program Listing  
Turner, Edward C   Program Listing  
Tuschmann, Wilderich    Program Listing  
Tymchatyn, Edward D   Program Listing  
Urbanski, Mariusz    Program Listing  
Valov, Vesko    Program Listing  
VanderKam, Jeffrey M   Program Listing  
Vdovina, Alina    Program Listing  
Vlad, Carmen    Program Listing  
Vraciu, Adela    Program Listing  
Walther, Uli    Program Listing  
Wang, McKenzie Y.   Program Listing  
Watson, Bill    Program Listing  
Watson, Thomas C.   Program Listing  
Wei, Guofang    Program Listing  
Welker, Volkmar    Program Listing  
Wilhelm, Frederick H   Program Listing  
Wilson, Michael    Program Listing  
Wittwer, Janine    Program Listing  
Wong, M. W.    Program Listing  
Wunsch, Jared    Program Listing  
Yamazaki, Masao    Program Listing  
Zheng, Fangyang    Program Listing  
Zorboska, Nina    Program Listing  

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