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2001 Spring Western Section Meeting
Las Vegas, NV, April 21-22, 2001
Meeting #965

Associate secretaries:
Bernard Russo, AMS

Abeles, Francine F   Program Listing  
Ackerman, Michael C   Program Listing  
Adjerid, Slimane    Program Listing  
Alibegovic, Emina    Program Listing  
Alperin, Roger C   Program Listing  
Alsina, Montserrat    Program Listing  
Alspach, Brian    Program Listing  
Anastassiou, George A   Program Listing  
Andretta, Alessandro    Program Listing  
Auslander, M. W.   Program Listing  
Azarian, Mohammad K.   Program Listing  
Bal, Guillaume    Program Listing  
Baragar, Arthur    Program Listing  
Barcau, Mugurel A   Program Listing  
Bartoszynski, Tomek    Program Listing  
Bates, Peter W   Program Listing  
Becker, Howard S   Program Listing  
Blass, Andreas R   Program Listing  
Bleiler, Steven A   Program Listing  
Bona, Jerry L   Program Listing  
Brilleslyper, Michael A   Program Listing  
Bruin, Nils    Program Listing  
Brujger;MD,PhD, Dr.Tiphoney S.   Program Listing  
Buck, Gregory R   Program Listing  
Buium, Alexandru    Program Listing  
Calvo, Jorge Alberto    Program Listing  
Cantarella, Jason    Program Listing  
Cao, Weiming    Program Listing  
Chen, Goong    Program Listing  
Chen, Zhangxin    Program Listing  
Chou, So-Hsiang    Program Listing  
Chow, Shue-Sum    Program Listing  
Chun, Liu    Program Listing  
Cleary, Sean    Program Listing  
Conant, Jim    Program Listing  
Conner, Gregory R   Program Listing  
Corazza, Paul J   Program Listing  
Dasbach, Oliver T   Program Listing  
Daskalopoulos, Panagiota    Program Listing  
Deguchi, Tetsuo    Program Listing  
Demaine, Erik D   Program Listing  
Diao, Yuanan    Program Listing  
Dietler, Giovanni    Program Listing  
Doering, Charles R   Program Listing  
Du, Qiang    Program Listing  
Ernst, Claus    Program Listing  
Fairweather, Graeme    Program Listing  
Fasanelli, Florence D.   Program Listing  
Faudree, Ralph J   Program Listing  
Figotin, Alexander    Program Listing  
Flapan, Erica L   Program Listing  
Fogarty, Tiernan R   Program Listing  
Freed, Rod A   Program Listing  
Friel, Patrick W   Program Listing  
Fursikov, Andrei V   Program Listing  
Gao, Su    Program Listing  
Gavlas, Heather    Program Listing  
Ghanbari, Kazem KG   Program Listing  
Ghoussoub, Nassif    Program Listing  
Gilmer, Patrick M   Program Listing  
Gitik, Rita    Program Listing  
Gonzalez, Oscar    Program Listing  
Gordon, Cameron McA.   Program Listing  
Gould, Ronald J   Program Listing  
Grant, Hardy    Program Listing  
Grigoryan, Suren A.   Program Listing  
Guo, Ben-yu    Program Listing  
Hansen, Scott    Program Listing  
Heinrich, Juan C   Program Listing  
Hesthaven, Jan S   Program Listing  
Hjorth, Greg    Program Listing  
Hopen, Cynthia Y   Program Listing  
Hou, Thomas Y   Program Listing  
Hruska, Christopher    Program Listing  
Hurlbert, Glenn H   Program Listing  
Imanuvilov, Oleg    Program Listing  
Jackson, Steve C   Program Listing  
Janse van Rensburg, Buks    Program Listing  
Jiang, Tao    Program Listing  
Jolly, Michael S   Program Listing  
Kalfagianni, Effie    Program Listing  
Kania-Bartoszynska, Joanna    Program Listing  
Kapanjie, Darin    Program Listing  
Kauffman, Louis H.   Program Listing  
Ketchersid, Richard O   Program Listing  
Khapalov, Alexander    Program Listing  
Kim, Arnold D   Program Listing  
Kim, Se-Goo    Program Listing  
Klein, Abel    Program Listing  
Kundgen, Andre    Program Listing  
Kusner, Robert B   Program Listing  
Lambropoulou, Sofia    Program Listing  
Larson, Jean A   Program Listing  
Le, Thang T   Program Listing  
Lee, Hyung-Chun    Program Listing  
Lesniak, Linda    Program Listing  
LeVeque, Randall J   Program Listing  
Li, Jichun    Program Listing  
Lin, Xiao-Song    Program Listing  
L\"owe, Benedikt    Program Listing  
Luca, Florian    Program Listing  
Lundgren, J. Richard    Program Listing  
Marcozzi, Michael D   Program Listing  
McLendon, Michael    Program Listing  
McMorris, Fred R   Program Listing  
McMurran, Shawnee L   Program Listing  
Meier, John    Program Listing  
Meir, A. J   Program Listing  
Mellor, Blake    Program Listing  
Miel, George    Program Listing  
Mihalik, Michael L   Program Listing  
Millett, Kenneth C   Program Listing  
Mineyev, Igor    Program Listing  
Mitchell, William J   Program Listing  
Moore, John D   Program Listing  
Morin, Pat    Program Listing  
Moskow, Shari    Program Listing  
Mycielski, Jan    Program Listing  
Naik, Swatee    Program Listing  
Neeman, Itay    Program Listing  
Neuberger, John M.   Program Listing  
O'Hara, Jun    Program Listing  
Olson, Tim    Program Listing  
Papanicolaou, George C   Program Listing  
Penniston, David K   Program Listing  
Pepper, Darrell W.   Program Listing  
Pieranski, Piotr    Program Listing  
Plummer, Michael D.   Program Listing  
Pollington, Andrew D   Program Listing  
Przytycki, Jozef H   Program Listing  
Randell, Richard    Program Listing  
Ratcliffe, John G.   Program Listing  
Rawdon, Eric J   Program Listing  
Rice, Adrian    Program Listing  
Richter, Olav K   Program Listing  
Robinson, Stephen B   Program Listing  
Roseman, Dennis M   Program Listing  
Rosenfeld, Moshe    Program Listing  
Ros{\l}anowski, Andrzej    Program Listing  
Rosson, Holly J   Program Listing  
Salim, Ali A.   Program Listing  
Scheepers, Marion    Program Listing  
Schneiderman, Rob R   Program Listing  
Schultz, Michelle    Program Listing  
Serganova, Vera    Program Listing  
Seshaiyer, Padmanabhan    Program Listing  
Shapiro, Victor L.   Program Listing  
Sharifi, Romyar T   Program Listing  
Shell, Amy E   Program Listing  
Sheng, Qin    Program Listing  
Shi, Junping    Program Listing  
Shivaji, Ratnasingham    Program Listing  
Shpilrain, Vladimir    Program Listing  
Sikora, Adam S.   Program Listing  
Simms, John C   Program Listing  
Simon, Jonathan    Program Listing  
Slaman, Theodore A   Program Listing  
Solna, Knut    Program Listing  
Stanford, Ted    Program Listing  
Stanley, Adrienne M   Program Listing  
Stanley, MC (Mack)    Program Listing  
Stasiak, Andrzej    Program Listing  
Steel, John R   Program Listing  
Stein, Joel    Program Listing  
Stolk, Christiaan C   Program Listing  
Sullivan, John M   Program Listing  
Svobodny, Thomas P   Program Listing  
Tamulis, Andrius    Program Listing  
Tattersall, James J   Program Listing  
Thoo, J B   Program Listing  
Toussaint, Godfried T   Program Listing  
Turner, Edward C   Program Listing  
Turner, James C   Program Listing  
Ulmer, Douglas    Program Listing  
Van Brummelen, Glen R   Program Listing  
Ventura, Enric    Program Listing  
Walling, Lynne H.   Program Listing  
Wang, Xiao-ping    Program Listing  
Wantland, Evan B   Program Listing  
Ward, James R   Program Listing  
Watkins, John J   Program Listing  
Weaver, Anthony    Program Listing  
Weekes, Suzanne L   Program Listing  
West, Douglas B   Program Listing  
Wetherell, Joseph L   Program Listing  
White, Benjamin S.   Program Listing  
Wolfson, Paul R   Program Listing  
Woodin, W. Hugh    Program Listing  
Xie, W.    Program Listing  
Xin, Zhouping    Program Listing  
Yan, Catherine H   Program Listing  
Yang, Chung-Chun    Program Listing  
Yin, Hong-Ming    Program Listing  
Yong, Darryl H   Program Listing  
Zgliczynski, Piotr    Program Listing  
Zhao, Yue    Program Listing  
Zhong, Jianyuan K.   Program Listing  
Zhou, Jianxin    Program Listing  
Zhu, Meijun    Program Listing  

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