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2001 Fall Southeastern Section Meeting
Chattanooga, TN, October 5-6, 2001
Meeting #970

Associate secretaries:
John L Bryant, AMS

Alikhani-Koopaei, Ali A   Program Listing  
Anderson, D. D.   Program Listing  
Babin, Anatoli V   Program Listing  
Baginski, Frank E   Program Listing  
Barnard, Roger W   Program Listing  
Belinskiy, Boris P   Program Listing  
Boudreaux, Gregory M   Program Listing  
Brania, Abdelkrim    Program Listing  
Brenner, Susanne C.   Program Listing  
Brewer, James W   Program Listing  
Buczolich, Zolt\'an L.   Program Listing  
Cao, Jiansheng    Program Listing  
Capogna, Luca    Program Listing  
Carlson, Eric S   Program Listing  
Chang, Gyu W   Program Listing  
Chapman, Scott T.   Program Listing  
Chen, Guantao    Program Listing  
Chen, Min    Program Listing  
Chen, Yunmei    Program Listing  
Chuaqui, Martin S.   Program Listing  
Coykendall, Jim    Program Listing  
Csornyei, Marianna    Program Listing  
Dai, Xingde    Program Listing  
Damelin, Steven B   Program Listing  
Darji, Udayan B   Program Listing  
Davis, John M   Program Listing  
Dean, Nathaniel    Program Listing  
Devaraj, A. K.    Program Listing  
Douglas, Craig C   Program Listing  
Dragnev, Peter D   Program Listing  
Duren, Peter    Program Listing  
Ebiefung, Aniekan A   Program Listing  
Ellard, Cecil A   Program Listing  
Ellingham, Mark N   Program Listing  
Eloe, Paul W   Program Listing  
Erbe, Lynn H.   Program Listing  
Eyoh, Edet    Program Listing  
Faudree, Ralph J   Program Listing  
Feldman, Mikhail    Program Listing  
Finn, Robert    Program Listing  
Fishman, Louis    Program Listing  
Fleischer, Isidore    Program Listing  
Frederickson, Paul O.   Program Listing  
Freire, Alex    Program Listing  
Frisch, Sophie    Program Listing  
Gard, Thomas C   Program Listing  
Gardner, Robert    Program Listing  
Gehring, Frederick W   Program Listing  
Gilbert, Robert P   Program Listing  
Godbole, Anant P   Program Listing  
Gopalakrishnan, Jayadeep    Program Listing  
Gould, Ronald J   Program Listing  
Gremaud, Pierre A   Program Listing  
Griggs, Jerrold R   Program Listing  
Grotowski, Joseph F   Program Listing  
Guan, Bo    Program Listing  
Hager, William W   Program Listing  
Halitsky, David J   Program Listing  
Hall, Frank J   Program Listing  
Han, Bin    Program Listing  
Hardt, Robert M   Program Listing  
Harris, John M   Program Listing  
Hattingh, Johannes H   Program Listing  
He, Tian-Xiao    Program Listing  
Hedetniemi, Stephen T   Program Listing  
Henderson, Johnny    Program Listing  
Herron, David A   Program Listing  
Herzinger, Kurt D   Program Listing  
Hong, Don    Program Listing  
Houston, Evan    Program Listing  
Hsu, Leetsch C.   Program Listing  
Hu, Jonathan    Program Listing  
Humke, Paul D   Program Listing  
Hurri-Syrjanen, Ritva M   Program Listing  
Ibragimov, Zair S   Program Listing  
Isac, George    Program Listing  
Jiang, Qingtang    Program Listing  
Johnson Jr., Peter D.   Program Listing  
Jones, Gary D   Program Listing  
Jones, Julie C   Program Listing  
Jordan, Pedro M   Program Listing  
Kamberov, George I   Program Listing  
Karakashian, Ohannes    Program Listing  
Karpeshina, Yulia    Program Listing  
Kattchee, Karl    Program Listing  
Kaymakcalan, Billur    Program Listing  
Kellogg, Bruce    Program Listing  
Kezdy, Andre E   Program Listing  
Knowles, Ian W   Program Listing  
Kocic, Vlajko L   Program Listing  
Kusner, Robert B   Program Listing  
Lenhart, Suzanne    Program Listing  
Lewis, John L   Program Listing  
Li, Congming    Program Listing  
Li, Zhongshan    Program Listing  
Lin, En-Bing    Program Listing  
Lin, Tao    Program Listing  
Lindsay, Larry J   Program Listing  
Littman, Walter    Program Listing  
Luo, Rong    Program Listing  
Ma, William    Program Listing  
Majumdar, Ishita    Program Listing  
Mauldin, R. Daniel   Program Listing  
McCarthy, C. Maeve    Program Listing  
McCuan, John    Program Listing  
McCuan, John    Program Listing  
McGovern, Warren Wm   Program Listing  
Medhin, N G   Program Listing  
Medina, Rigoberto    Program Listing  
Miller, Alica    Program Listing  
Miller, Chris    Program Listing  
Minda, C. David   Program Listing  
Mott, Joe L   Program Listing  
Mulay, S B   Program Listing  
Muthuvel, Kandasamy    Program Listing  
Narcowich, Francis J   Program Listing  
Neamtu, Mike    Program Listing  
Oh, Hae-Soo    Program Listing  
Olberding, Bruce M   Program Listing  
Oruganti, Shobha    Program Listing  
Osikiewicz, Jeffrey A   Program Listing  
Park, Jeanam    Program Listing  
Parvatham, R.    Program Listing  
Patula, William T.   Program Listing  
Perry, Peter A   Program Listing  
Peterson, Allan C.   Program Listing  
Picavet, Gabriel    Program Listing  
Picavet-L'Hermitte, Martine    Program Listing  
Plummer, Michael D.   Program Listing  
Pomper, Markus    Program Listing  
Porter, John E.   Program Listing  
Powers, Victoria    Program Listing  
Qian, Chuanxi    Program Listing  
Qing, Jie    Program Listing  
Rall, Douglas F.   Program Listing  
Redmond, Shane P   Program Listing  
Reid, Talmage J   Program Listing  
Rodger, Chris A   Program Listing  
Ruan, Shigui    Program Listing  
Ruzmaikina, Anastasia A   Program Listing  
Saff, Edward B.   Program Listing  
Saydam, Azime S   Program Listing  
Schelp, Richard H.   Program Listing  
Scroggs, Jeffrey S   Program Listing  
Seshaiyer, Padmanabhan    Program Listing  
Shanmugalingam, Nageswari    Program Listing  
Shapiro, Jay    Program Listing  
Shen, Zhongwei    Program Listing  
Shi, Hongjian H   Program Listing  
Siegel, David    Program Listing  
Slater, Peter J.   Program Listing  
Smith, Brain    Program Listing  
Smith, William W   Program Listing  
Spencer, Joel H.   Program Listing  
Stals, Linda    Program Listing  
Sullivan, John M   Program Listing  
Sumner, David P   Program Listing  
Svetic, Ralph E   Program Listing  
Sznajder, Roman    Program Listing  
Talvila, Erik    Program Listing  
Trench, William F   Program Listing  
Triggiani, Roberto    Program Listing  
Tyson, Jeremy T.   Program Listing  
Vallin, Robert W   Program Listing  
Van Fleet, Patrick J   Program Listing  
Vatsala, Aghalaya S   Program Listing  
Vogel, Thomas I   Program Listing  
Voulov, Hristo D.   Program Listing  
Wang, Liancheng    Program Listing  
Ward, Joseph D   Program Listing  
Wei, Shihshu W.   Program Listing  
Weil, Clifford E   Program Listing  
Wente, Henry C   Program Listing  
Werby, Michael F   Program Listing  
Wiegand, Roger    Program Listing  
Williams, G Brock    Program Listing  
Wirgin, Armand    Program Listing  
Xu, Yongzhi S   Program Listing  
Yamada, Sumio    Program Listing  
Yang, Bo    Program Listing  
Ye, Xiu    Program Listing  
Yin, William    Program Listing  
Yu, Xingxing    Program Listing  
Zemyan, Stephen M   Program Listing  
Zhang, Bo    Program Listing  
Zhang, Jun    Program Listing  
Zhang, Qi S   Program Listing  
Zhang, Qi S   Program Listing  
Zhu, Jianping    Program Listing  
Zhu, Jianping    Program Listing  

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