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2002 Fall Eastern Section Meeting
Boston, MA, October 5-6, 2002
Meeting #979

Associate secretaries:
Lesley M Sibner, AMS

Achar, Pramod N   Program Listing  
Achter, Jeffrey D   Program Listing  
Ackerberg-Hastings, Amy    Program Listing  
Ahlgren, Scott    Program Listing  
Akhmedov, Azer    Program Listing  
Akhtar, Reza    Program Listing  
Alesker, Semyon    Program Listing  
Aluffi, Paolo    Program Listing  
Anderson, Neal G.   Program Listing  
Archibald, Tom    Program Listing  
Arney, Chris    Program Listing  
Ash, Avner    Program Listing  
Baranovsky, Vladimir    Program Listing  
Baumslag, Gilbert    Program Listing  
Bautista, Raymundo    Program Listing  
Belkale, Prakash    Program Listing  
Bell, Robert W   Program Listing  
Bennett, Charles H.   Program Listing  
Berest, Yuri    Program Listing  
Braden, Tom    Program Listing  
Bradley, Robert E   Program Listing  
Brin, Matthew G   Program Listing  
Brownawell, W. Dale   Program Listing  
Brylinski, Ranee K   Program Listing  
Bumagin, Inna    Program Listing  
Byrd, Mark S.   Program Listing  
Byrne, Charles L   Program Listing  
C\u ald\u araru, Andrei H.   Program Listing  
Carberry, Emma E.   Program Listing  
Carter, John    Program Listing  
Casson, Andrew    Program Listing  
de Cataldo, Mark Andrea A   Program Listing  
de Cataldo, Mark Andrea A   Program Listing  
Charney, Ruth M   Program Listing  
Chen, Jingyi    Program Listing  
Chen, Linda    Program Listing  
Chen, Min    Program Listing  
Chi, Quo-Shin    Program Listing  
Childs, Andrew M   Program Listing  
Chinta, Gautam    Program Listing  
Coven, Ethan M.   Program Listing  
Craig, Walter    Program Listing  
Damon, James N   Program Listing  
Deconinck, Bernard    Program Listing  
Degeratu, Anda    Program Listing  
Djokovic, Dragomir Z.   Program Listing  
Dodziuk, J\'ozef    Program Listing  
Donnelly, Harold G   Program Listing  
van den Dries, Lou P.   Program Listing  
Drucker, Thomas    Program Listing  
Dvorsky, Alexander    Program Listing  
Eigen, Stanley J.   Program Listing  
Etingof, Pavel    Program Listing  
Feighn, Mark    Program Listing  
Ferrando, Sebastian E   Program Listing  
Fisher, David M   Program Listing  
Fisher, David M   Program Listing  
Friedberg, Solomon    Program Listing  
Friedlander, Leonid    Program Listing  
Fuller, Kent R   Program Listing  
Furstenberg, Hillel    Program Listing  
Gabrielov, Andrei    Program Listing  
Gaffney, Terence    Program Listing  
Geoghegan, Ross    Program Listing  
Ghomi, Mohammad    Program Listing  
Gil, Juan B   Program Listing  
Gilbert, Gerald N   Program Listing  
Gilman, Robert H   Program Listing  
Glaus, John D.   Program Listing  
Goldin, Rebecca    Program Listing  
Goodey, Paul    Program Listing  
Gordon, Yehoram    Program Listing  
Goss, David M   Program Listing  
Gotzmann, Gerd    Program Listing  
Grant, Hardy    Program Listing  
Green, E L   Program Listing  
Grinberg, Eric L.   Program Listing  
Guillemin, Victor    Program Listing  
Guner, Mehmet    Program Listing  
Gunnells, Paul E.   Program Listing  
Gutierrez, Mauricio    Program Listing  
Gutmann, Sam    Program Listing  
Hajir, Farshid   Program Listing  
Harrow, Aram W   Program Listing  
Hasselblatt, Boris    Program Listing  
Havel, Timothy F   Program Listing  
Hawkins, Jane M.   Program Listing  
Hayden, Patrick    Program Listing  
Henderson, Diane    Program Listing  
Hengelbrock, Harald    Program Listing  
Hermiller, Susan    Program Listing  
Herzog, Ivo    Program Listing  
Holden, Joshua Brandon   Program Listing  
Howard, Ralph    Program Listing  
Hug, Daniel Josef   Program Listing  
Huibregtse, Mark E   Program Listing  
Huisgen-Zimmermann, Birge    Program Listing  
Ionescu, Alexandru D   Program Listing  
Jardim, Marcos    Program Listing  
Jardine, Dick    Program Listing  
Jensen, Gary R.   Program Listing  
del Junco, Andr\'es    Program Listing  
Junge, Marius    Program Listing  
Kaminker, Jerry    Program Listing  
Kaufmann, Ralph M   Program Listing  
Kaul, Anton    Program Listing  
King, Christopher K.   Program Listing  
King, Donald R.   Program Listing  
Klain, Daniel A.   Program Listing  
Kleinbock, Dmitry Y   Program Listing  
Kleiner, Mark    Program Listing  
Knapp, Anthony W.   Program Listing  
Knutson, Allen    Program Listing  
Kogan, Mikhail    Program Listing  
Koldobsky, Alexander    Program Listing  
Koss, Lorelei    Program Listing  
Kra, Bryna    Program Listing  
Krause, Henning    Program Listing  
Kuhlmann, Franz-Viktor    Program Listing  
Landahl, A J   Program Listing  
Le, Dung Trang    Program Listing  
Lejeune-Jalabert, Monique H   Program Listing  
Lenart, Cristian P.   Program Listing  
Leung, Debbie W   Program Listing  
Lian, Bong H   Program Listing  
Litvak, A. E.   Program Listing  
Liu, Xiaobo    Program Listing  
Loth, Peter    Program Listing  
Lovett, Stephen Tyler   Program Listing  
Magid, Martin A.   Program Listing  
Magyar, Peter    Program Listing  
Malkin, Anton    Program Listing  
Mare, Liviu    Program Listing  
Markman, Eyal    Program Listing  
Marsh, Robert J   Program Listing  
Martinez-Villa, Roberto    Program Listing  
Mast, Maura B   Program Listing  
McCallum, William G.   Program Listing  
McCrory, Clint    Program Listing  
McGraw, William J   Program Listing  
McOwen, Robert C   Program Listing  
Meckes, Mark W   Program Listing  
Meier, J.    Program Listing  
Mendoza, Gerardo A.   Program Listing  
Mihram, G. Arthur    Program Listing  
Miller, Ezra    Program Listing  
Mochizuki, Takuro    Program Listing  
Mosher, Lee    Program Listing  
Moszy\'nska, Maria    Program Listing  
Navarro, Jorge E   Program Listing  
Nevins, Monica    Program Listing  
Nicholls, David P   Program Listing  
Nitecki, Zbigniew H   Program Listing  
Ormes, Nicholas S   Program Listing  
Pacelli, Allison M.   Program Listing  
Papikian, Mihran    Program Listing  
Penniston, David K   Program Listing  
Peri, Carla    Program Listing  
Perry, Andrew B   Program Listing  
Piene, Ragni    Program Listing  
Pietraho, Thomas    Program Listing  
Plofker, Kim    Program Listing  
Popescu, Cristian D.   Program Listing  
Postnikov, Alexander    Program Listing  
Pries, Rachel J.   Program Listing  
Purbhoo, Kevin    Program Listing  
Qiao, Zhijun    Program Listing  
Quinto, Eric Todd   Program Listing  
Rausch, Randall E   Program Listing  
Reiten, Idun    Program Listing  
Retakh, Vladimir    Program Listing  
Rice, Adrian    Program Listing  
Richeson, David S.   Program Listing  
Rietsch, Konstanze    Program Listing  
Riley, Tim R   Program Listing  
Rimanyi, Richard    Program Listing  
Rimanyi, Richard    Program Listing  
Robinson, Jr., E. Arthur   Program Listing  
Robinson, Shawn    Program Listing  
Roe, John    Program Listing  
Ruane, Kim E.   Program Listing  
Rudelson, Mark    Program Listing  
Ruskai, M. Beth   Program Listing  
Russell, Heather J.   Program Listing  
Rybnikov, Konstantin    Program Listing  
Salim, Ali A.   Program Listing  
Salur, Sema    Program Listing  
Sandifer, C Edward   Program Listing  
Segur, Harvey    Program Listing  
Sekerzh-Zenkovich, Sergey    Program Listing  
Shell-Gellasch, Amy    Program Listing  
Sheppard, David C   Program Listing  
Silva, Cesar E   Program Listing  
Smolin, John A   Program Listing  
Soltan, Valeriu    Program Listing  
Sommers, Eric N   Program Listing  
Sondow, Jonathan    Program Listing  
Sormani, Christina    Program Listing  
Spivakovsky, Mark    Program Listing  
Stancu, Alina    Program Listing  
Sulem, Catherine    Program Listing  
Tamvakis, Harry    Program Listing  
Thakur, Dinesh S.   Program Listing  
Tian, Gang    Program Listing  
Trapa, Peter E   Program Listing  
Trotman, David J. A.   Program Listing  
Troxell, Denise Sakai   Program Listing  
Tucker, Thomas J   Program Listing  
Ulmer, Douglas    Program Listing  
Van Brummelen, Glen R   Program Listing  
Vasy, Andras    Program Listing  
Viaclovsky, Jeff A   Program Listing  
Vitale, R A   Program Listing  
Vlad, Carmen D   Program Listing  
Vogan, David A.   Program Listing  
Vogtmann, Karen    Program Listing  
Voloch, J. Felipe   Program Listing  
Vybornov, Maxim    Program Listing  
Wang, M.    Program Listing  
Wayne, C. Eugene   Program Listing  
Westmoreland, Michael D   Program Listing  
Weyman, Jerzy    Program Listing  
Wilson, Leslie    Program Listing  
Winter, Andreas    Program Listing  
Wiseman, Jim    Program Listing  
Wojciechowski, Krzysztof P   Program Listing  
Wolfson, Paul R   Program Listing  
Wright, J. Douglas   Program Listing  
Yassawi, Reem    Program Listing  
Yong, Alexander    Program Listing  
Zacharia, Dan    Program Listing  
Zara, Catalin    Program Listing  
Zvavitch, Artem    Program Listing  

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