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Current as of Tuesday, April 12, 2005 15:10:13

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2000 Fall Eastern Section Meeting
New York, NY, November 4-5, 2000
Meeting #959

Associate secretaries:
Lesley M Sibner, AMS

Adams, Colin C   Program Listing  
Alexander, Stephanie B   Program Listing  
Anderson, Laura M   Program Listing  
Aneziris, Charilaos N   Program Listing  
Arnold, Elizabeth A.   Program Listing  
Auslander, M.W.    Program Listing  
Bachman, David C   Program Listing  
Berman, Peter H   Program Listing  
Bessis, David    Program Listing  
Bogomolov, Fedor A   Program Listing  
Brennan, Joseph P   Program Listing  
Brin, Matt    Program Listing  
Bromberg, Kenneth W   Program Listing  
Bronstein, Manuel    Program Listing  
Brown, Kenneth S.   Program Listing  
Buch, Anders S   Program Listing  
Buchweitz, Ragnar-Olaf    Program Listing  
Buchweitz, Ragnar-Olaf    Program Listing  
Budney, Ryan D   Program Listing  
Cao, Jianguo    Program Listing  
Carra'-Ferro, Giuseppa    Program Listing  
Cassidy, Phyllis    Program Listing  
de Cataldo, Mark Andrea A   Program Listing  
Catanese, Fabrizio ME   Program Listing  
Cattani, Eduardo    Program Listing  
Chang, Sun-Yung A   Program Listing  
Charney, Ruth M   Program Listing  
Chas, Moira    Program Listing  
Cheeger, Jeff    Program Listing  
Chen, Linda    Program Listing  
Chen, Wenxiong    Program Listing  
Chen, Yong-Zhuo    Program Listing  
Cirre, Francisco-Javier    Program Listing  
Cogolludo, Jos\'e I   Program Listing  
Cohen, Daniel C   Program Listing  
Cohen, Marshall M.   Program Listing  
Cohen, Paula    Program Listing  
Conrey, Brian    Program Listing  
Cooper, Daryl    Program Listing  
Cordovil, Raul    Program Listing  
Curtis, Cynthia L.   Program Listing  
Darmon, Henri    Program Listing  
Dehornoy, Patrick    Program Listing  
Dehornoy, Patrick    Program Listing  
Denham, Graham C   Program Listing  
Doran, Charles F   Program Listing  
Edixhoven, Bas    Program Listing  
Ellenberg, Jordan S   Program Listing  
Ellis, Steven P   Program Listing  
Evans, Mark F   Program Listing  
Falk, Michael J   Program Listing  
Fang, Fuquan    Program Listing  
Feichtner, Eva-Maria E   Program Listing  
Feighn, Mark    Program Listing  
Felicitas, C. S.   Program Listing  
Ferry, Steven C   Program Listing  
Fine, Benjamin    Program Listing  
Freden, Eric M   Program Listing  
Frohman, Charles D   Program Listing  
Gaiffi, Giovanni    Program Listing  
Gehring, Frederick W   Program Listing  
Geramita, Anthony V   Program Listing  
Gilman, Jane    Program Listing  
Gilman, Robert H   Program Listing  
Giurgescu, Patricia    Program Listing  
Goren, Eyal Z   Program Listing  
Graber, Tom    Program Listing  
Greendlinger, Martin    Program Listing  
Greene, Brian    Program Listing  
Gui, Changfeng    Program Listing  
Gunnells, Paul E   Program Listing  
Guo, Li    Program Listing  
Guo, Yan    Program Listing  
Gustafson, Stephen J   Program Listing  
Hang, Fengbo    Program Listing  
van Hoeij, Mark    Program Listing  
Holcman, David    Program Listing  
Hubert, Evelyne    Program Listing  
Humphries, Stephen P   Program Listing  
Hunsicker, Eugenie    Program Listing  
Iyengar, Srikanth    Program Listing  
Jambu, Michel    Program Listing  
Jardim, Marcos B   Program Listing  
Juan, Lourdes    Program Listing  
Kaliman, Shulim    Program Listing  
Karu, Kalle    Program Listing  
Keaty, John M   Program Listing  
Keen, Linda    Program Listing  
Kerr, Megan M   Program Listing  
Kharlampovich, Olga    Program Listing  
Knopp, Marvin I.   Program Listing  
Kogan, Irina A   Program Listing  
Kotiuga, P. Robert    Program Listing  
Kotsireas, Ilias    Program Listing  
Kovacic, Jerald J   Program Listing  
Lagarias, Jeffrey C   Program Listing  
Levesque, Claude    Program Listing  
Levin, Alexander B   Program Listing  
Leykin, Anton    Program Listing  
Li, W.-C. W.   Program Listing  
Lin, Fang-Hua    Program Listing  
Long, Darren D   Program Listing  
Long, Darren D   Program Listing  
de Longueville, Mark    Program Listing  
Lott, John    Program Listing  
Luo, Feng    Program Listing  
Maclagan, Diane    Program Listing  
Magid, Andy R   Program Listing  
Magid, Andy R   Program Listing  
Marker, David E   Program Listing  
Martin, Gaven    Program Listing  
Maskit, Bernard    Program Listing  
Masmoudi, Nader    Program Listing  
Matei, Daniel    Program Listing  
Matusevich, Laura F   Program Listing  
Mellor, Blake    Program Listing  
Meyerhoff, Robert    Program Listing  
Miller, Claudia    Program Listing  
Mills, Donald D   Program Listing  
Minsky, Yair N   Program Listing  
Monsky, Paul    Program Listing  
Morrison, Sally D   Program Listing  
Mulberry, James H   Program Listing  
Murty, Kumar    Program Listing  
Murty, Ram    Program Listing  
Mustata, Mircea I   Program Listing  
Nolder, Craig A   Program Listing  
Novikov, Sergey P.   Program Listing  
Ol'shanskii, A.Yu.    Program Listing  
Pandharipande, Rahul V.   Program Listing  
Pantev, Tony    Program Listing  
Peterson, Chris S   Program Listing  
Petronio, Carlo    Program Listing  
Polini, Claudia    Program Listing  
Poonen, Bjorn    Program Listing  
Pribitkin, Wladimir A   Program Listing  
Pries, Rachel J   Program Listing  
Pritchard, Frank Leon   Program Listing  
Przytycki, Jozef H   Program Listing  
van der Put, Marius    Program Listing  
Reid, Alan W   Program Listing  
Repov\v{s}, Du\v{s}an    Program Listing  
Ricciardi, Tonia    Program Listing  
Richardson, Andrew S   Program Listing  
Rodnianski, Igor    Program Listing  
Rodr{\'\i}guez, Rub{\'\i} E.   Program Listing  
Rolfsen, Dale P.   Program Listing  
Rosenberger, Gerhard    Program Listing  
Sarnak, Peter    Program Listing  
Scharlemann, Martin    Program Listing  
Schenck, Hal    Program Listing  
Schenck, Hal    Program Listing  
Schneiderman, Rob    Program Listing  
Sega, Liana M   Program Listing  
Sepp\"al\"a, Mika    Program Listing  
Shepler, Anne V   Program Listing  
Sikora, Adam S   Program Listing  
Silver, Daniel S   Program Listing  
Skinner, Christopher McLean   Program Listing  
Sottile, Frank    Program Listing  
Stalker, John G   Program Listing  
Stanford, Theodore    Program Listing  
Strooker, Jan R   Program Listing  
Suciu, Alexander I.   Program Listing  
Swartz, Edward B   Program Listing  
Szpiro, Lucien S   Program Listing  
Szydlik, Stephen D   Program Listing  
Tchernev, Alexandre    Program Listing  
Thaddeus, Michael    Program Listing  
Traves, William N   Program Listing  
Tsai, Harrison    Program Listing  
Tschinkel, Yuri    Program Listing  
Turner, Edward C.   Program Listing  
Ullmo, Emmanuel B   Program Listing  
Ulmer, Felix A   Program Listing  
Ulrich, Bernd    Program Listing  
Vakil, Ravi    Program Listing  
Ventura, Enric    Program Listing  
Vogtmann, Karen    Program Listing  
Walther, Uli    Program Listing  
Wei, Guofang    Program Listing  
Weibel, Charles A   Program Listing  
Wiegand, Roger A   Program Listing  
Wiegand, Sylvia M   Program Listing  
Wilking, Burkhard    Program Listing  
Wise, Daniel T   Program Listing  
Wu, Jyh-Yang    Program Listing  
Wu, Sijue    Program Listing  
Wunsch, Jared    Program Listing  
Yamaguchi, Takao    Program Listing  
Yang, Yisong    Program Listing  
Zaag, Hatem    Program Listing  
Zeng, Chongchun    Program Listing  
Zhang, Lei    Program Listing  
Zhang, Shou-Wu    Program Listing  
Ziller, Wolfgang    Program Listing  

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