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2001 Spring Southeastern Section Meeting
Columbia, SC, March 16-18, 2001
Meeting #963

Associate secretaries:
John L Bryant, AMS

Abello, James    Program Listing  
Akman, Fusun    Program Listing  
AlDamen, Murad A   Program Listing  
Alexander, Stephanie    Program Listing  
Allen, Martha A   Program Listing  
Alspach, Dale E.   Program Listing  
Anderson, D D   Program Listing  
Anisca, Razvan L   Program Listing  
Anstee, Richard P   Program Listing  
Arias, Alvaro    Program Listing  
Astels, Stephen J   Program Listing  
Bajnok, B\'{e}la    Program Listing  
Baker, Kirby A   Program Listing  
Beasley, Brian D   Program Listing  
Bennett, Michael A   Program Listing  
Bey, Christian    Program Listing  
Bezrukov, Sergei L   Program Listing  
Binev, Peter G   Program Listing  
Bishop, Richard L   Program Listing  
Brass, Peter    Program Listing  
Brydges, David C.   Program Listing  
Canfield, Rod    Program Listing  
Cantarella, Jason H   Program Listing  
Cascaval, Radu C   Program Listing  
van Casteren, Jan A   Program Listing  
Cheng, Yuanyou F   Program Listing  
Chitikov, Igor'    Program Listing  
Cohen, Albert A.   Program Listing  
Cohn, Leslie    Program Listing  
Comer, Stephen D   Program Listing  
Coogan, Gwynneth GH   Program Listing  
Cowen, Lenore    Program Listing  
Cox, Ben L   Program Listing  
Cushing, J. M   Program Listing  
Czabarka, \'Eva    Program Listing  
Damelin, Steven B   Program Listing  
Day, Colin R   Program Listing  
Delic, Dejan    Program Listing  
Denley, Tristan M   Program Listing  
Diestel, Joe    Program Listing  
Dowling, Patrick N   Program Listing  
Dresden, Gregory P   Program Listing  
Duda, Jakub    Program Listing  
Edelsbrunner, Herbert    Program Listing  
Edelsbrunner, Herbert    Program Listing  
Efrat, Alon    Program Listing  
Elekes, Gy\"orgy    Program Listing  
Enflo, Per    Program Listing  
Even, Guy    Program Listing  
Farley, Jonathan D   Program Listing  
Ferland, Kevin K   Program Listing  
Fern\'andez, Silvia    Program Listing  
Ford, Kevin    Program Listing  
Fu, Joseph H   Program Listing  
Fuller, Eddie    Program Listing  
Gao, Shuhong    Program Listing  
Garcia, Cesar L   Program Listing  
Gasparis, Ioannis    Program Listing  
Ghomi, Mohammad    Program Listing  
Gore, Henry A   Program Listing  
Grantham, Jon    Program Listing  
Granville, Andrew    Program Listing  
Gratzer, George A   Program Listing  
Gribonval, R\'emi    Program Listing  
Gunturk, Sinan    Program Listing  
Hagler, James N   Program Listing  
Harborth, Heiko    Program Listing  
Hell, Pavol    Program Listing  
Hinrichs, Aicke    Program Listing  
Hong, Seokhee    Program Listing  
Hontz, Jennifer M.   Program Listing  
Howard, Ralph    Program Listing  
Hristova, Snezhnana G.   Program Listing  
Hu, Yingkang    Program Listing  
Hudson, Richard H   Program Listing  
Hurley, Katherine L   Program Listing  
Hurri-Syrjanen, Ritva    Program Listing  
Ivanov, Ivan V   Program Listing  
Ivey, Thomas A.   Program Listing  
Jakelic, Dijana    Program Listing  
James, Kevin L   Program Listing  
Janowitz, Melvin F   Program Listing  
Jena, Susil K   Program Listing  
Jing, Naihuan    Program Listing  
Jipsen, Peter    Program Listing  
Johnston-Thom, Katherine G   Program Listing  
J\'onsson, Bjarni    Program Listing  
Judd, Robert    Program Listing  
Jurisich, Elizabeth G   Program Listing  
Kalton, Nigel J   Program Listing  
Kalton, Nigel J   Program Listing  
Kami\'nska, Anna H   Program Listing  
Kamont, Anna    Program Listing  
Karolyi, Gyula A   Program Listing  
Katona, Gyula O.H.    Program Listing  
Katsoulis, Elias    Program Listing  
Kearnes, Keith A   Program Listing  
Kierstead, H. A   Program Listing  
Kleitman, Daniel J.   Program Listing  
Kobourov, Stephen G   Program Listing  
Koldobsky, Alexander    Program Listing  
Kostochka, Alexandr V   Program Listing  
Kozusko, Frank    Program Listing  
Kulkarni, Upendra B   Program Listing  
Kumchev, Angel V   Program Listing  
Kundgen, Andre    Program Listing  
Kurlberg, Par M   Program Listing  
Kusner, Rob    Program Listing  
Kutzarova, Denka N.   Program Listing  
Lammers, Mark C   Program Listing  
Lampe, William A   Program Listing  
Laskar, R. C.   Program Listing  
Latushkin, Yuri    Program Listing  
Lehel, Jeno    Program Listing  
Lennard, Chris    Program Listing  
Li, Bingtuan    Program Listing  
Linton, Fred E.J.   Program Listing  
Liu, Daphne Der-Fen   Program Listing  
Locke, Stephen C   Program Listing  
Lovejoy, Jeremy    Program Listing  
Luxemburg, Willem A   Program Listing  
Magdas, Ioana C   Program Listing  
Markovic, Petar    Program Listing  
Maroti, Miklos    Program Listing  
Mascioni, Vania    Program Listing  
Matou\v{s}kov\'a, Eva    Program Listing  
McCuan, John    Program Listing  
McKenzie, Ralph N   Program Listing  
Meade, Douglas B   Program Listing  
Miller, Mirka    Program Listing  
Misra, Kailash C   Program Listing  
Mitra, David S   Program Listing  
Mitrea, Marius    Program Listing  
Molofsky, Jane    Program Listing  
Morgan, Frank    Program Listing  
Mubayi, Dhruv    Program Listing  
Murphy, Robert F   Program Listing  
Nation, James B.   Program Listing  
van Neerven, Jan    Program Listing  
Nelson, Patrick    Program Listing  
Neuberger, John W   Program Listing  
Neubrander, Frank M   Program Listing  
Nielsen, Morten    Program Listing  
Noel, Alfred G   Program Listing  
Odell, Edward    Program Listing  
Oikhberg, Timur    Program Listing  
Oliveira, Joseph S.   Program Listing  
Oskolkov, Konstantin I   Program Listing  
Oskolkov, Konstantin I   Program Listing  
Pach, Janos    Program Listing  
Padmanabhan, R.    Program Listing  
Pauls, Scott D   Program Listing  
Penniston, David K   Program Listing  
Perry, Andrew B   Program Listing  
Perry, Andrew B   Program Listing  
Petukhov, Alexander    Program Listing  
Pigozzi, Don L   Program Listing  
Pinchasi, Rom    Program Listing  
Piskarev, Serguei    Program Listing  
Pomerance, Carl    Program Listing  
Popov, Bojan D   Program Listing  
Qing, Jie    Program Listing  
Quackenbush, Robert W   Program Listing  
Rakhmanov, Evguenii A   Program Listing  
Randrianantoanina, Beata    Program Listing  
Randrianantoanina, Narcisse    Program Listing  
Roberts, James W   Program Listing  
Sali, Attila    Program Listing  
Salim, Ali A.   Program Listing  
Schlumprecht, Thomas B   Program Listing  
Seif, Steve W   Program Listing  
Seress, \'Akos    Program Listing  
Shahriari, Shahriar    Program Listing  
Sharir, Micha    Program Listing  
Shekhtman, Boris    Program Listing  
Shvydkoy, Roman    Program Listing  
Sikes, Cynthia    Program Listing  
Singer, David A   Program Listing  
Smirnov, Oleg    Program Listing  
Soeharyadi, Yudi    Program Listing  
Solymosi, Jozsef    Program Listing  
Stancu, Alina    Program Listing  
Stanislavova, Milena O   Program Listing  
Sullivan, John M   Program Listing  
Sumner, David P   Program Listing  
Swanepoel, Konrad J   Program Listing  
Szarek, Stanislaw J   Program Listing  
Szekely, Zoltan    Program Listing  
Tasic, Boza R   Program Listing  
Taylor, Walter    Program Listing  
Temlyakov, Vladimir N   Program Listing  
Tollis, Ionnis G.   Program Listing  
Tomczak-Jaegermann, Nicole    Program Listing  
T\'oth, G\'eza    Program Listing  
Treibergs, Andrejs E   Program Listing  
Troitsky, Vladimir G   Program Listing  
Trotter, William T.   Program Listing  
Valeriote, Matt A   Program Listing  
Valtr, Pavel    Program Listing  
Vaughan, Theresa P   Program Listing  
Wallis, Walter D   Program Listing  
Wasserman, David R   Program Listing  
Wei, Shihshu Walter    Program Listing  
Weiner, Joel L   Program Listing  
Weis, Lutz    Program Listing  
Wells, Benjamin    Program Listing  
Wente, Henry C   Program Listing  
Werner, Elisabeth M   Program Listing  
West, Douglas B   Program Listing  
Willard, Ross    Program Listing  
Williams, Jr., Richard L   Program Listing  
Young, Paul T   Program Listing  
Yu, Gang    Program Listing  
Zhou, Bing    Program Listing  

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