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1997 Spring Western Sectional Meeting
Corvallis, OR, April 19-20, 1997
Meeting #921

Associate secretaries:
William A Harris, Jr, AMS

Abdullayev, Alisher S.   Program Listing  
Ab\l amowicz, Rafa\l F.   Program Listing  
Akemann, Peter T   Program Listing  
Allen, John S.   Program Listing  
Amiran, Edoh Y.   Program Listing  
Anderson, Ian M.   Program Listing  
Anderson, Ian M.   Program Listing  
Arms, Judith M.   Program Listing  
Arveson, William    Program Listing  
Ascher, Uri M.   Program Listing  
Bachman, Gennady    Program Listing  
Baez, John C.   Program Listing  
Baez, John C.   Program Listing  
Baez, John C.   Program Listing  
Berndt, Bruce C.   Program Listing  
Bluman, George W   Program Listing  
Borwein, Jonathan M.   Program Listing  
Boykov, Yuri Y   Program Listing  
Bremner, Andrew    Program Listing  
Brillhart, John    Program Listing  
Bube, Kenneth P.   Program Listing  
Bukhge\u\i m, Aleksandr L$'$vovich   Program Listing  
Burke, John R.   Program Listing  
Caflisch, Russel E.   Program Listing  
Canas da Silva, Ana    Program Listing  
Carlip, Walter    Program Listing  
Chan, Claire C   Program Listing  
Chou, Wun-Seng    Program Listing  
Cull, Paul    Program Listing  
Dan{\v c}{\'\i}k, Vlado    Program Listing  
Deaconu, Valentin    Program Listing  
Dixon, Geoffrey    Program Listing  
Dray, Tevian    Program Listing  
Dunster, Mark    Program Listing  
Durran, Dale R   Program Listing  
Elias, Uri    Program Listing  
Embid, Pedro F   Program Listing  
Fang, Yue    Program Listing  
Farsi, Carla Emilia   Program Listing  
Fels, Mark E.   Program Listing  
Fischer, Arthur E.   Program Listing  
Fox, Jeffrey S   Program Listing  
Fromm, Stephen J.   Program Listing  
Ge, Liming    Program Listing  
Gingold, Harry    Program Listing  
Gingold, Harry    Program Listing  
Ginzburg, Viktor L.   Program Listing  
Ginzburg, Viktor L.   Program Listing  
Gockenbach, Mark S.   Program Listing  
Gotay, Mark J.   Program Listing  
Gunaydin, Murat    Program Listing  
Harabetian, Eduard    Program Listing  
Holm, Darryl D.   Program Listing  
Hsu, Lucas    Program Listing  
Hu, Yi    Program Listing  
Ingerman, David V   Program Listing  
Isenberg, James A.   Program Listing  
Jacobson, Eliot T   Program Listing  
Kalachev, Leonid V.   Program Listing  
Kamran, Niky    Program Listing  
Kevorkian, J.    Program Listing  
Khoshkam, Mahmood    Program Listing  
Khots, Boris S   Program Listing  
Knobel, Roger A.   Program Listing  
Komatsoulis, George A   Program Listing  
Kuchment, Peter    Program Listing  
Kuchment, Peter    Program Listing  
Lancaster, Kirk E.   Program Listing  
Lapidus, Michel L.   Program Listing  
Lawlor, Gary R   Program Listing  
Leahy, John V.   Program Listing  
Lerman, Eugene M   Program Listing  
Levermore, C. David   Program Listing  
Lewis, Debra K   Program Listing  
Lin, Ping    Program Listing  
Liu, Changmei    Program Listing  
Liu, Zhong-dong    Program Listing  
Loring, Terry A   Program Listing  
Lutz, D. A.   Program Listing  
Macdonald, Alan L   Program Listing  
MacGillivray, A. D.   Program Listing  
Manogue, Corinne A.   Program Listing  
Marsden, Jerrold E.   Program Listing  
Michaud, Frederic    Program Listing  
Miura, Robert M.   Program Listing  
Mollin, Richard A.   Program Listing  
Montgomery, Richard W.   Program Listing  
Morokoff, William J.   Program Listing  
Mulase, Motohico    Program Listing  
Okubo, Susumu    Program Listing  
Oliver, Marcel    Program Listing  
O'Malley, Robert E.   Program Listing  
Ortega, Juan-Pablo    Program Listing  
Parks, Harold R.   Program Listing  
Parry, Charles John   Program Listing  
Pedersen, Hal Warren   Program Listing  
Pernarowski, Mark    Program Listing  
Pevzner, Pavel A.   Program Listing  
Pezzaglia Jr., William M.   Program Listing  
Phillips, John    Program Listing  
Pohjanpelto, Juha    Program Listing  
van der Poorten, Alfred J.   Program Listing  
Preston, Serge    Program Listing  
Rabin, Jeff    Program Listing  
Ratiu, Tudor S   Program Listing  
Raymer, M. G.   Program Listing  
Reinert, Gesine D.   Program Listing  
Ritchey, Ann M.   Program Listing  
Robbins, Neville    Program Listing  
Rojas, J. Maurice   Program Listing  
Rundell, William    Program Listing  
Ryan, John    Program Listing  
Rychlik, Marek R   Program Listing  
Schweitzer, Larry B.   Program Listing  
Shapiro, Michael V.   Program Listing  
Shih, Shagi-Di    Program Listing  
Shiue, Peter J.S.   Program Listing  
Smith Jr., Frank D   Program Listing  
Somer, Lawrence E.   Program Listing  
Stefan, Marius B   Program Listing  
Stefanov, Plamen    Program Listing  
Stevenhagen, Peter    Program Listing  
Stuart, David M   Program Listing  
Sudbery, Anthony    Program Listing  
Tabara, Tatsuhiko J   Program Listing  
Takesaki, Masamichi    Program Listing  
Torre, Charles    Program Listing  
Tovbis, Alexander    Program Listing  
Traynor, Lisa M.   Program Listing  
Uhlmann, Gunther    Program Listing  
Vaintrob, Arkady    Program Listing  
Vallis Esq., Geoffrey K   Program Listing  
Vanhaecke, Pol    Program Listing  
Vasilevski, Nikolai    Program Listing  
Ventura, Belisario A.   Program Listing  
Walnut, David F   Program Listing  
Walters, Samuel G.   Program Listing  
Wang, Shixiao    Program Listing  
Ward, Michael J.   Program Listing  
Waterman, Michael S.   Program Listing  
Weaver, Nik    Program Listing  
Williams, Hugh C.   Program Listing  
Winter, Donald F   Program Listing  
Yu, Guoliang    Program Listing  
Zeppetella, Tony    Program Listing  
Zweck, John W   Program Listing  

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