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1996 Fall Western Sectional Meeting
Pasadena, CA, November 16-17, 1996
Meeting #917

Associate secretaries:
William A Harris, Jr, AMS

Abeles, Francine F.   Program Listing  
Aldous, David J.   Program Listing  
Alexander, Kenneth S.   Program Listing  
Ambasht, Jamuna P.   Program Listing  
Anastassiou, George A.   Program Listing  
Andersen, John D.   Program Listing  
Anglin, William Sherron   Program Listing  
Aschbacher, Michael    Program Listing  
Baxendale, Peter H   Program Listing  
Beattie, Margaret    Program Listing  
Bergen, Jeffrey    Program Listing  
Bergman, George M.   Program Listing  
Birnir, Bjorn    Program Listing  
Burton, Robert M.   Program Listing  
Candel, Alberto    Program Listing  
Chin, William    Program Listing  
Cochell, Gary G.   Program Listing  
Conway, John Horton   Program Listing  
Dai, Xianzhe    Program Listing  
Delahan, Franz A.   Program Listing  
Doeff, Erik    Program Listing  
Eskin, Gregory    Program Listing  
Farnsteiner, Rolf    Program Listing  
Feferman, Anita Burdman   Program Listing  
Feferman, Solomon    Program Listing  
Gelaki, Shlomo    Program Listing  
Ghrist, Robert W.   Program Listing  
Goetz, Arek J.   Program Listing  
Goodearl, Kenneth R   Program Listing  
Goodstein, Judith    Program Listing  
Gravner, Janko    Program Listing  
Green, Edward L.   Program Listing  
Gutkin, Eugene    Program Listing  
Haefner, Jeremy    Program Listing  
Haydn, Nicolai    Program Listing  
Hu, Yi    Program Listing  
Hughes, Barnabas B.   Program Listing  
Khots, Boris S.   Program Listing  
Knill, Oliver R.   Program Listing  
Kutler, Samuel S.   Program Listing  
Lanski, Charles P.   Program Listing  
Larson, Richard G.   Program Listing  
Laubenbacher, Reinhard C   Program Listing  
Lee, John M.   Program Listing  
Letzter, Edward S.   Program Listing  
Lorenz, Martin W.   Program Listing  
Lorenz, Martin W.   Program Listing  
Lott, John W.   Program Listing  
Marcolli, Matilde    Program Listing  
Marsden, Jerrold E.   Program Listing  
Masuoka, Akira    Program Listing  
Mazzeo, Rafe    Program Listing  
McMurran, Shawnee L.   Program Listing  
Menini, Claudia    Program Listing  
Metlitzky, Lilian    Program Listing  
Montgomery, Richard W.   Program Listing  
Mooers, Edith A .   Program Listing  
Musson, Ian M   Program Listing  
Ng, Siu-Hung    Program Listing  
Nicolaescu, Liviu I.   Program Listing  
Norton, Alec    Program Listing  
Pappacena, Christopher J.   Program Listing  
Pehlivanian, C. Ara    Program Listing  
Perez-Marco, Ricardo    Program Listing  
Pollack, Daniel    Program Listing  
Pop, Horia C.   Program Listing  
Radford, David E.   Program Listing  
Reichstein, Zinovy    Program Listing  
Rudnev, Michael    Program Listing  
Rumynin, Dmitriy    Program Listing  
Rychlik, Marek R.   Program Listing  
Sandifer, C. Edward   Program Listing  
Schauenburg, Peter C.   Program Listing  
Schneider, Hans-J\"urgen    Program Listing  
Schonmann, Roberto Henrique   Program Listing  
Shapiro, Victor L.   Program Listing  
Stacey, Alan M   Program Listing  
Stanley, Richard P.   Program Listing  
Stephenson, Darin R.   Program Listing  
Taft, Earl J.   Program Listing  
Takeuchi, Mitsuhiro    Program Listing  
Tattersall, James J.   Program Listing  
Teplyaev, Alexander    Program Listing  
Todd, John    Program Listing  
Underwood, Robert G.   Program Listing  
Vancliff, Michaela    Program Listing  
Van Oystaeyen, Fred    Program Listing  
Vonessen, Nikolaus    Program Listing  
Wang, Qiudong    Program Listing  
Wang, Wensheng    Program Listing  
Westreich, Sara    Program Listing  
Wiggins, Stephen    Program Listing  
Wilson, Mark C.   Program Listing  
Witherspoon, Sarah J.   Program Listing  
Wojtkowski, Maciej P.   Program Listing  
Yang, Paul C.   Program Listing  
Young, Lai-Sang    Program Listing  
Zhang, James J.   Program Listing  
Zhang, Yinhuo    Program Listing  
Zhou, Jian    Program Listing  

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