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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

Current as of Tuesday, April 12, 2005 15:09:41

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1997 Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting
Atlanta, GA, October 17-19, 1997
Meeting #926

Associate secretaries:
Robert J Daverman, AMS

Alikakos, Nick D   Program Listing  
Allaart, Pieter Cornelis   Program Listing  
Alspach, Dale E.   Program Listing  
Androulakis, George    Program Listing  
Arcones, Miguel A.   Program Listing  
Arias, Alvaro    Program Listing  
Banuelos, Rodrigo    Program Listing  
B\'ar\'any, Imre    Program Listing  
Barrionuevo, Jose A   Program Listing  
Bartoszy\'{n}ski, Tomek    Program Listing  
Basu, Saugata    Program Listing  
Bates, Peter W   Program Listing  
Bauldry, William C   Program Listing  
Beckner, William    Program Listing  
Bell, Murray G.   Program Listing  
Bennett, Andrew G.   Program Listing  
Bezdek, K\'aroly    Program Listing  
Bisztriczky, Tibor    Program Listing  
Blass, Andreas R.   Program Listing  
Block, William L.   Program Listing  
Boland, Jeffrey R   Program Listing  
B\"or\"oczky Jr., K\'aroly    Program Listing  
Boyland, Philip L.   Program Listing  
Bradley, Richard C   Program Listing  
Bruno, Oscar P.   Program Listing  
Bunimovich, Leonid A   Program Listing  
Burke, Maxim R   Program Listing  
Burns, Keith    Program Listing  
Buser, Peter    Program Listing  
Carlen, Eric    Program Listing  
Casazza, Peter G.   Program Listing  
Cazacu, Constantin D.   Program Listing  
Cherkaev, Andrej V   Program Listing  
Chicone, Carmen    Program Listing  
Choi, Man-Duen    Program Listing  
Ciesielski, Krzysztof    Program Listing  
Connelly, Robert    Program Listing  
Constable, Robert L.   Program Listing  
Danzer, Ludwig W   Program Listing  
Delzell, Charles N.   Program Listing  
Dembo, Amir    Program Listing  
Dow, Alan S   Program Listing  
Dowling, Patrick N   Program Listing  
Earle, Clifford J.   Program Listing  
Enflo, Per H   Program Listing  
Erdelyi, Tamas    Program Listing  
Etnyre, John B   Program Listing  
Farmer, William M.   Program Listing  
Fejes T\'oth, G\'abor    Program Listing  
Feng, Zhilan    Program Listing  
Ferguson, Samuel P   Program Listing  
Floyd, William J   Program Listing  
Fonseca, Irene    Program Listing  
Friedman, Mark J.   Program Listing  
F\"uredi, Zolt\'an    Program Listing  
Gangbo, Wilfrid D.   Program Listing  
Ghrist, Robert W.   Program Listing  
Gilbert, John E.   Program Listing  
Grabovsky, Yury    Program Listing  
Graczyk, Jacek    Program Listing  
Greim, Peter    Program Listing  
Gr\"unbaum, Branko    Program Listing  
Gutkin, Eugene    Program Listing  
Hales, Thomas C   Program Listing  
Harborth, Heiko    Program Listing  
Harris, William R   Program Listing  
Heinemann, Stefan M   Program Listing  
Henderson, Johnny    Program Listing  
Hereman, Willy A.M.   Program Listing  
Herod, Scott A   Program Listing  
Hetzer, Georg    Program Listing  
Hirsch, Michael D.   Program Listing  
Hitczenko, Pawel    Program Listing  
Howard, Timothy G   Program Listing  
Hu, Yaozhong    Program Listing  
Huang, Wenzhang    Program Listing  
Itenberg, Ilia    Program Listing  
Ivanov, Viktor V.   Program Listing  
Iwaniec, Tadeusz    Program Listing  
Jackson, Steve    Program Listing  
Jakubowski, Adam    Program Listing  
James, Richard D.   Program Listing  
Jasinski, Jakub    Program Listing  
Jech, Thomas    Program Listing  
Jerrard, Robert L   Program Listing  
Jiao, Hengli    Program Listing  
Joerg, Wills M.   Program Listing  
Johnson, W. B.   Program Listing  
Jones, Gareth A.   Program Listing  
Jonsson, Mattias    Program Listing  
Judd, Robert    Program Listing  
Just, Winfried    Program Listing  
Kalton, Nigel    Program Listing  
Kami\'nska, Anna    Program Listing  
Kaplan, Samuel R.   Program Listing  
Kechris, Alexander S   Program Listing  
Keen, Linda    Program Listing  
Keller, Karsten    Program Listing  
Kennedy,, Judy A.   Program Listing  
Kertz, Robert P   Program Listing  
Kinderlehrer, David    Program Listing  
Klassen, Eric P   Program Listing  
Kokubu, Hiroshi    Program Listing  
Koldobsky, Alexander    Program Listing  
Koldobsky, Alexander    Program Listing  
Kopeliovich, Yaacov    Program Listing  
Koss, Lorelei M   Program Listing  
Kra, Irwin    Program Listing  
Krzastek, Kathleen M   Program Listing  
Kunen, Kenneth    Program Listing  
Kuperberg, Krystyna    Program Listing  
Kutzarova, Denka N.   Program Listing  
Lacey, Michael T.   Program Listing  
Laflamme, Claude    Program Listing  
Lagarias, Jeffrey C   Program Listing  
Larsen, Christopher J.   Program Listing  
Lata{\l}a, Rafa{\l}    Program Listing  
Latushkin, Yuri    Program Listing  
Laureano, Gonzalez-Vega    Program Listing  
Lawrence, L. Brian   Program Listing  
Leep, David B   Program Listing  
Lennard, Chris    Program Listing  
Li, Michael Y   Program Listing  
Lin, FangHua    Program Listing  
Lin, Pei-Kee    Program Listing  
Lin, Xiao-Biao    Program Listing  
Liu, Chun    Program Listing  
Liu, Weishi    Program Listing  
Lomeli, Hector E   Program Listing  
Lopez, Robert J   Program Listing  
Lutzer, David J.   Program Listing  
Madden, James J   Program Listing  
Magnan, Jerry F.   Program Listing  
Mallet-Paret, John    Program Listing  
Manfredi, Juan J   Program Listing  
Marden, Albert    Program Listing  
Mascioni, Vania D   Program Listing  
Masur, Howard    Program Listing  
Mauldin, R. Daniel   Program Listing  
McAllester, David A.   Program Listing  
McCune, William    Program Listing  
Meade, Douglas B.   Program Listing  
Mickens, Ronald E   Program Listing  
Minsky, Yair N   Program Listing  
Montgomery-Smith, Stephen J   Program Listing  
Morales, Carlos A   Program Listing  
Morley, T. D.   Program Listing  
Mosher, Lee D.   Program Listing  
Mossinghoff, Michael J.   Program Listing  
Nag, Subhashis    Program Listing  
Nahmod, Andrea    Program Listing  
Natkaniec, Tomasz    Program Listing  
Nkashama, M. N.   Program Listing  
Nucci, Maria Clara    Program Listing  
Nyikos, Peter    Program Listing  
Odell, Edward    Program Listing  
Oleszkiewicz, Krzysztof    Program Listing  
de la Pena, Victor H   Program Listing  
Penrose, Christopher Shaun   Program Listing  
Pereyra, Mar\'{\i}a C.   Program Listing  
Pinelis, Iosif    Program Listing  
Piotrowski, Zbigniew    Program Listing  
Plaisted, David A   Program Listing  
Powers, Victoria    Program Listing  
Pérez-Abreu, Victor    Program Listing  
Quine, J. R.   Program Listing  
Radin, Charles    Program Listing  
Recio, Tomas J   Program Listing  
Reznick, Bruce    Program Listing  
Richards, Donald St.P.   Program Listing  
Roberts, James W   Program Listing  
Roitman, Judith    Program Listing  
Rojas, J. Maurice   Program Listing  
Rosenthal, Haskell    Program Listing  
Rosinski, Jan    Program Listing  
Roslanowski, Andrzej    Program Listing  
Ruan *, Shigui    Program Listing  
Rudnicki, Piotr    Program Listing  
Rychlik, Marek R.   Program Listing  
Saab, Paulette    Program Listing  
Saccone, Scott F   Program Listing  
Sadun, Lorenzo A   Program Listing  
Saito, Masahico    Program Listing  
Sampson, Gary    Program Listing  
Sander, Evelyn    Program Listing  
Sbordone, Carlo    Program Listing  
Schecter, Stephen    Program Listing  
Scheepers, Marion    Program Listing  
Schep, Anton R.   Program Listing  
Schlumprecht, Thomas B   Program Listing  
Schmidt, Paul G   Program Listing  
Schulte, Egon    Program Listing  
Schutt, Carsten H   Program Listing  
Sepp\"al\"a, Mika    Program Listing  
Shaked, Moshe    Program Listing  
Shields, Sandra L   Program Listing  
Shivaji, Ratnasingham    Program Listing  
Shults, Benjamin Price   Program Listing  
Singer, Michael F   Program Listing  
Sloane, Neil J. A.   Program Listing  
Smirnov, Eugeny I   Program Listing  
Smith, Hal    Program Listing  
Smith, Mark A   Program Listing  
Smolander, Pekka    Program Listing  
Solecki, Slawomir    Program Listing  
Sommer, Richard D.   Program Listing  
Sottile, Frank J   Program Listing  
Speegle, Darrin    Program Listing  
Stepr\={a}ns, Juris    Program Listing  
Strack, Paul F   Program Listing  
Sudderth, William D   Program Listing  
Sullivan, Michael C   Program Listing  
Swiatek, Gregory    Program Listing  
Szeptycki, Paul J.   Program Listing  
Szulga, Jerzy    Program Listing  
Talata, Istvan    Program Listing  
Tall, Franklin D   Program Listing  
Thieme, Horst R   Program Listing  
Tomczak-Jaegermann, Nicole    Program Listing  
Tong, Yung L   Program Listing  
Tovbis, Alexander    Program Listing  
Tresser,, Charles P.   Program Listing  
Vaughan, Jerry E   Program Listing  
Veroff, Robert L   Program Listing  
Vitale, Richard A.   Program Listing  
Waltman, P.    Program Listing  
Wang, Xuefeng    Program Listing  
Wanner, Thomas    Program Listing  
Ward jr., James R.   Program Listing  
Watson, Stephen    Program Listing  
Werner, Elisabeth M   Program Listing  
Wilkinson, Amie    Program Listing  
Williams Jr, George B   Program Listing  
Williams, Robert F.   Program Listing  
Winternitz, Pavel    Program Listing  
Wu, Jianhong    Program Listing  
Yan, Zhongde    Program Listing  
Yorke, James A.   Program Listing  
Zalik, Richard A.   Program Listing  
Zamfirescu, Tudor    Program Listing  
Zinn, Joel    Program Listing  
Zinner, Bertram    Program Listing  
Zoltan, Balogh T   Program Listing  

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