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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

Current as of Tuesday, April 12, 2005 15:09:30

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1996 Spring Southeastern Sectional Meeting
Baton Rouge, LA, April 19-21, 1996
Meeting #911

Associate secretaries:
Robert J Daverman, AMS

Acquistapace, F.    Program Listing  
Ahlbrandt, Calvin D.   Program Listing  
Albert, John P.   Program Listing  
Allen, Edward J.   Program Listing  
Alling, Norman L.   Program Listing  
Alperin, Roger C.   Program Listing  
Asadian, Fariborz    Program Listing  
Ashford, Stella Roberson   Program Listing  
Assem, Ibrahim    Program Listing  
Baldwin, Stewart    Program Listing  
Bardzell, Michael J.   Program Listing  
Basu, Saugata    Program Listing  
Beaulieu, Patricia Wright   Program Listing  
Bell, Denis R.   Program Listing  
Benningfield, Kirk B.   Program Listing  
Betounes, David E.   Program Listing  
Bhattacharya, Tilak    Program Listing  
Bichteler, Klaus R.   Program Listing  
Birkenmeier, Gary F.   Program Listing  
Bizaca, Zarko    Program Listing  
Bogley, William Aubrey   Program Listing  
Bohner, Martin J.   Program Listing  
Bona, Jerry L.   Program Listing  
Brady, Noel Patrick   Program Listing  
Brasselet, Jean-Paul    Program Listing  
Bridgeman, Martin J.   Program Listing  
Brown, Paul R.   Program Listing  
Brown, Robert F.   Program Listing  
Burgess, Walter D.   Program Listing  
Burillo, Jose    Program Listing  
Camouzis, Elias    Program Listing  
Carpenter, Jenna Price   Program Listing  
Cavagnaro, Catherine E.   Program Listing  
Chan, Chiu Yeung   Program Listing  
Chan, Wai Kiu    Program Listing  
Charney, Ruth M.   Program Listing  
Chastkofsky, Leonard    Program Listing  
Chevallier, Benoit    Program Listing  
Chow, Shui-Nee    Program Listing  
Cioranescu, Ioana    Program Listing  
Clifford, Andrew P.   Program Listing  
Cline, Edward T.   Program Listing  
Cochran, Tim D.   Program Listing  
Cochran, W. George   Program Listing  
Coste, Michel    Program Listing  
Coykendall IV, James Barker   Program Listing  
Craggs, Robert F.   Program Listing  
Cushing, Jim M.   Program Listing  
Dean, Andrew P.   Program Listing  
Dickmann, M. A.   Program Listing  
Ding, Zhonghai    Program Listing  
Dinwoodie, Ian H.   Program Listing  
Dix, Daniel B.   Program Listing  
Dlab, Vlastimil    Program Listing  
Doty, Stephen R.   Program Listing  
Dyer, Matthew J.   Program Listing  
Elaydi, Saber N.   Program Listing  
Ellers, Harald E.   Program Listing  
Epkenhans, Martin    Program Listing  
Eschenazi, Elia V.   Program Listing  
Estes, Dennis R.   Program Listing  
Fabel, Paul A.   Program Listing  
Fainsilber, Laura    Program Listing  
Farnsteiner, Rolf    Program Listing  
Fazely, Ali R.   Program Listing  
Feldvoss, Jorg    Program Listing  
Finashin, Sergey Mikhailovich   Program Listing  
Fintushel, Ronald A.   Program Listing  
Flath, Dan    Program Listing  
Franke, John E.   Program Listing  
Fuller, Kent R.   Program Listing  
Gabrielov, Andrei    Program Listing  
Gasparim, Elizabeth Terezinha   Program Listing  
Gawarecki, Leszek    Program Listing  
Geller, William    Program Listing  
Geoghegan, Ross    Program Listing  
Geoghegan, Ross    Program Listing  
Geronimo, Jeffrey S.   Program Listing  
Gesztesy, Fritz    Program Listing  
Gluschankof, Daniel    Program Listing  
Goetz, Arek Jozef   Program Listing  
Gondard-Cozette, Danielle J.   Program Listing  
Gonzalez-Vega, Laureano    Program Listing  
Graef, John R.   Program Listing  
Grasse, Kevin A.   Program Listing  
Green, Edward L.   Program Listing  
Grove, Edward A.   Program Listing  
Gustafson, William H.   Program Listing  
Haefner, Jeremy A.   Program Listing  
Hager, William W.   Program Listing  
Hahn, Alexander J.   Program Listing  
Haight II, Will    Program Listing  
Hajto, Zbigniew    Program Listing  
Hart, Evelyn L.   Program Listing  
Heath, Philip R.   Program Listing  
Heatherly, Henry E.   Program Listing  
Helmes, Kurt    Program Listing  
Helminck, Aloysius G.   Program Listing  
Hempel, John P.   Program Listing  
Henderson, Johnny L.   Program Listing  
Henriksen, Melvin    Program Listing  
Henson, Shandelle M.   Program Listing  
Hermiller, Susan M.   Program Listing  
Hickling, Fred    Program Listing  
Hoffman, Jerome William   Program Listing  
Hsia, J. S.   Program Listing  
Huck, Guenther P.   Program Listing  
Huisman, Johannes    Program Listing  
Humphreys, James E.   Program Listing  
Ichihara, Kanji    Program Listing  
Itenberg, I. V.   Program Listing  
James, Donald G.   Program Listing  
Jaworski, Piotr    Program Listing  
Jing, Naihuan    Program Listing  
Johnsgard, Karin Luisa   Program Listing  
Jordan, Richard    Program Listing  
Jung, Michael    Program Listing  
Kannan, Dhandapani    Program Listing  
Karandikar, Rajeeva    Program Listing  
Kauffman, Robert M.   Program Listing  
Keppelmann, Edward C.   Program Listing  
Kerner, Otto    Program Listing  
Kersten, Ina    Program Listing  
Keyfitz, Barbara L.   Program Listing  
Klassen, Eric P.   Program Listing  
Knebusch, Manfred    Program Listing  
Kocic, Vlajko Lj   Program Listing  
Kohatsu-Higa, Arturo    Program Listing  
Korchagin, Anatoly    Program Listing  
Krause, Henning    Program Listing  
Krop, Leonid    Program Listing  
Kruskemper, Martin    Program Listing  
Kryliouk, Iaroslav S.   Program Listing  
Kuhlmann, Franz Viktor   Program Listing  
Kuhlmann, Salma    Program Listing  
Kunstmann, Peer C.   Program Listing  
Kuzmanovich, James J.   Program Listing  
Kwasik, Slawomir    Program Listing  
Ladas, Gerasimos    Program Listing  
Ladde, Gangaram S.   Program Listing  
Latiolais, M. Paul   Program Listing  
Latushkin, Yuri D.   Program Listing  
Lawrence, Donald D.   Program Listing  
Ledyaev, Yuri    Program Listing  
Lee, Jung-Soon Kim   Program Listing  
Lee, Kyung Bai   Program Listing  
Lee, Ronnie    Program Listing  
Lewis, David W.   Program Listing  
Li, Aihua    Program Listing  
Li, Jia    Program Listing  
Li, Weiping    Program Listing  
Lin, Zongzhu    Program Listing  
Liu, Hon-Hung T.   Program Listing  
Liu, Shiping    Program Listing  
Logan, Roger W.   Program Listing  
Luecke, John Edwin   Program Listing  
Mahe, Louis    Program Listing  
Martinez Villa, Roberto    Program Listing  
Massey, William A.   Program Listing  
Matic, Gordana    Program Listing  
McGovern, William M.   Program Listing  
Medina, R.    Program Listing  
Meier, John E.   Program Listing  
Melville, Duncan J.   Program Listing  
Michaelis, Walter J.   Program Listing  
Mickens, Ronald E.   Program Listing  
Mihalik, Michael L.   Program Listing  
Miller, Andy    Program Listing  
Miller, Chris    Program Listing  
Misiurewicz, Michal    Program Listing  
Monnier, Jean-Philippe    Program Listing  
Nabutovsky, Alexander    Program Listing  
Nakano, Daniel Ken   Program Listing  
Neuberger, J. W.   Program Listing  
Ng, Chi Wah   Program Listing  
Nolan, Jeanine Kay   Program Listing  
Norton, Alec    Program Listing  
Obata, Nobuaki    Program Listing  
Odenthal, Charles J.   Program Listing  
Palfrey, Thomas    Program Listing  
Paris, Steve    Program Listing  
Park, Mi Ai   Program Listing  
Peterson, Allan C.   Program Listing  
Pillay, Anand    Program Listing  
Pinto, Manuel    Program Listing  
Polotovskii, G. M.   Program Listing  
Powers, Victoria Ann   Program Listing  
Prado, Humberto E.   Program Listing  
Priess-Crampe, Sybilla    Program Listing  
Pruss, Jan    Program Listing  
Przytycki, Jozef H.   Program Listing  
Puente, Maria Jesus de la   Program Listing  
Qian, Chuanxi    Program Listing  
Quarez, Ronan    Program Listing  
Queguiner, A.    Program Listing  
Raffoul, Youssef N.   Program Listing  
Randolph, Timothy W.   Program Listing  
Recio, Tomas    Program Listing  
Rehmann, Ulf    Program Listing  
Reyes, Edgar N.   Program Listing  
Reznick, Bruce A.   Program Listing  
Riehm, Carl R.   Program Listing  
Roach, Gary Francis   Program Listing  
Rogers Jr., James T.   Program Listing  
Rosenberger, Gerhard    Program Listing  
Roy, Marie-Francoise    Program Listing  
Roy, Rahul    Program Listing  
Ruane, Kim E.   Program Listing  
Rumynin, Dmitriy    Program Listing  
Saito, Kimiaki    Program Listing  
Scheiderer, Claus    Program Listing  
Schueller, Laura Mann   Program Listing  
Schwartz, Niels C.   Program Listing  
Scott Jr., Leonard L.   Program Listing  
Scott, Peter    Program Listing  
Semenov, Yuliy A.   Program Listing  
Shapiro, Daniel B.   Program Listing  
Shapiro, Jay A.   Program Listing  
Shick, Jonathan    Program Listing  
Shivaji, Ratnasingham    Program Listing  
Silver, Daniel S.   Program Listing  
Simonett, Gieri    Program Listing  
Sin, Peter    Program Listing  
Slaminka, Edward E.   Program Listing  
Smalo, Sverre O.   Program Listing  
Speissegger, Patrick U.   Program Listing  
Stallings, John R.   Program Listing  
Starchenko, Sergei    Program Listing  
Stengle, Gilbert A.   Program Listing  
Stern, Ronald J.   Program Listing  
Stevens, Wayne H.   Program Listing  
Straub, Bernd    Program Listing  
Stuart, Donna J.   Program Listing  
Suciu, Alexandru I.   Program Listing  
Sumners, De Witt L   Program Listing  
Sundar, P.    Program Listing  
Sussmann, Hector J.   Program Listing  
Tangedal, Brett A.   Program Listing  
Thang, Nguyen Quoc   Program Listing  
Thickstun, Thomas L.   Program Listing  
Thistlethwaite, Morwen B.   Program Listing  
Tomsky, Jack    Program Listing  
Trace, Bruce S.   Program Listing  
Trapp, Rolland J.   Program Listing  
Trotman, David J.A.   Program Listing  
Tzanetopoulos, George K.   Program Listing  
Underwood, Robert G.   Program Listing  
Unnithan, Sindhu S.   Program Listing  
Vatsala, A. S.   Program Listing  
Velez, M. Pilar   Program Listing  
Vogtmann, Karen    Program Listing  
Vu, Quoc-Phong    Program Listing  
Walter, Leslie J.   Program Listing  
Whitten, Wilbur    Program Listing  
Wise, Daniel    Program Listing  
Wong, Peter N.   Program Listing  
Woo, Moo Ha   Program Listing  
Woodward, Scott    Program Listing  
Xiong, Jie    Program Listing  
Yeh, Chien-ning    Program Listing  
Zhang, James Jian   Program Listing  
Zhou, Borong    Program Listing  
Zvonilov, Victor Ivanovich   Program Listing  

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