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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

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1996 Spring Eastern Sectional Meeting
New York, NY, April 13-14, 1996
Meeting #910

Associate secretaries:
Lesley M Sibner, AMS

Abi-Khuzam, Faruk F.   Program Listing  
Adolphson, Alan C.   Program Listing  
Alvarez Paiva, Juan Carlos   Program Listing  
Anastassiou, George A.   Program Listing  
Arkin, Joseph    Program Listing  
Avellaneda, Marco M.   Program Listing  
Back, Kerry    Program Listing  
Baishanski, Bogdan    Program Listing  
Basmajian, Ara S.   Program Listing  
Beck, Jozsef    Program Listing  
Belegradek, Igor    Program Listing  
Bonet, Jose    Program Listing  
Boyer, Charles P.   Program Listing  
Brock, Jeffrey F.   Program Listing  
Bronsard, Lia    Program Listing  
Buium, Alexandru    Program Listing  
Caffarelli, Luis A.   Program Listing  
Canary, Richard D.   Program Listing  
Cao, Chun    Program Listing  
Cao, Jianguo    Program Listing  
Carr, Peter P.   Program Listing  
Cassidy, Phyllis J.   Program Listing  
Chae, Dongho    Program Listing  
Chanillo, Sagun    Program Listing  
Cheeger, Jeff    Program Listing  
Cohn, Richard M.   Program Listing  
Comfort, W. Wistar   Program Listing  
Conrey, Brian    Program Listing  
Dodziuk, J.    Program Listing  
Dougherty, Michael M.   Program Listing  
Dow, Alan    Program Listing  
Drumm, Todd A.   Program Listing  
Dunne, Gerald    Program Listing  
Durenard, Eugene A.   Program Listing  
El Karoui, Nicole    Program Listing  
Ericksen, Larry    Program Listing  
Escobar, Jose F.   Program Listing  
Feehan, Paul M.N   Program Listing  
Feldman, Mikhail    Program Listing  
Fonseca, Irene    Program Listing  
Foreman, Brendan J.   Program Listing  
Fryant, Allan    Program Listing  
Galicki, Krzysztof    Program Listing  
Gamba, Irene Martinez   Program Listing  
Geman, Helyette E.   Program Listing  
Goldfeld, Dorian    Program Listing  
Goldman, William Mark   Program Listing  
Groisser, David    Program Listing  
Gromoll, Detlef    Program Listing  
Grossman, Robert    Program Listing  
Grundy, Bruce    Program Listing  
Hamilton, Emily    Program Listing  
Heath, David C.   Program Listing  
Henriksen, Melvin    Program Listing  
Herald, Christopher M.   Program Listing  
Hernandez, Salvador    Program Listing  
Hernandez-Lerma, Onesimo    Program Listing  
Hessinger, Sabrina A.   Program Listing  
Hoffstein, Jeffrey    Program Listing  
Hoobler, Raymond T.   Program Listing  
Huang, Shuechin    Program Listing  
Hwang, Andrew D.   Program Listing  
Iwaniec, Henryk    Program Listing  
Jackiw, Roman    Program Listing  
Kamberov, Georgi I.   Program Listing  
Kapouleas, Nicolaos    Program Listing  
Keen, Linda    Program Listing  
Keigher, William F.   Program Listing  
Kheyfits, Alexander I.   Program Listing  
Kinderlehrer, David    Program Listing  
Kohn, Robert V.   Program Listing  
Koo, Hyeng Keun   Program Listing  
Kopperman, Ralph D.   Program Listing  
Kra, Irwin    Program Listing  
Lagarias, Jeffrey C.   Program Listing  
Lakic, Nikola B.   Program Listing  
Lakner, Peter    Program Listing  
LeBrun, Claude R.   Program Listing  
Li, Yi    Program Listing  
Liu, Zhong-dong    Program Listing  
Luo, Feng    Program Listing  
Luo, Wenzhi    Program Listing  
Magid, Andy R.   Program Listing  
Maruyama, Toru    Program Listing  
Maskit, Bernard    Program Listing  
Mazaheri, Mohsen    Program Listing  
Meyerhoff, Robert    Program Listing  
Miller, Stephen David   Program Listing  
Minicozzi II, William P.   Program Listing  
Minsky, Yair N.   Program Listing  
Morgan, Frank    Program Listing  
Morrison, Sally D.   Program Listing  
Murty, K.    Program Listing  
Nabutovsky, Alexander    Program Listing  
Nagurney, Anna B.   Program Listing  
Nirenberg, Louis    Program Listing  
Odlyzko, Andrew M.   Program Listing  
Oh, Hee    Program Listing  
Ono, Ken    Program Listing  
Otway, Thomas H.   Program Listing  
Pillay, Anand    Program Listing  
Pollack, Daniel    Program Listing  
Poon, Yat Sun   Program Listing  
Previato, Emma    Program Listing  
Qing, Jie    Program Listing  
Reid, Alan W.   Program Listing  
Reinhart, Georg Martin   Program Listing  
Riley, Robert F.   Program Listing  
Rong, Xiaochun    Program Listing  
Ruberman, Daniel    Program Listing  
Rudnick, Ze\'ev    Program Listing  
Schachermayer, W.    Program Listing  
Scheinkman, Jose    Program Listing  
Schmets, J.    Program Listing  
Shi, Yixun    Program Listing  
Sibner, Lesley M.   Program Listing  
Singer, Michael F.   Program Listing  
Sit, William Y.   Program Listing  
Smoller, Joel A.   Program Listing  
Soner, H. Mete   Program Listing  
Soner, H. Mete   Program Listing  
Spruck, Joel    Program Listing  
Stolz, Stephan A.   Program Listing  
Stopple, Jeffrey    Program Listing  
Stratigos, Peter D.   Program Listing  
Swiech, Andrzej Janusz   Program Listing  
Tarantello, Gabriella    Program Listing  
Tchrakian, D. H.   Program Listing  
Tian, Youliang    Program Listing  
Toth, Arpad    Program Listing  
Tourin, Agnes    Program Listing  
Trager, Barry    Program Listing  
Turbek, Peter    Program Listing  
Villegas, Fernando Rodriguez   Program Listing  
Vlad, Carmen Doina   Program Listing  
Waterman, Peter L.   Program Listing  
Weinstein, Eric    Program Listing  
Wilhelm Jr., Frederick H.   Program Listing  
Willinger, Walter    Program Listing  
Wood, Carol S.   Program Listing  
Wu, Siye    Program Listing  
Yang, Chung-Chun    Program Listing  
Yang, Yisong    Program Listing  
Ziller, Wolfgang    Program Listing  

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