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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

Current as of Tuesday, April 12, 2005 15:09:12

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Southeastern 1994 Spring Sectional Meeting
Lexington, KY, March 18-19, 1994
Meeting #890

Associate secretaries:
Robert J Daverman, AMS

Alonso, Juan M.   Program Listing  
Ando, Matthew    Program Listing  
Arnon, Dan    Program Listing  
Aspinwall, Paul S.   Program Listing  
Bajer, Anetta    Program Listing  
Benguria, Rafael D.   Program Listing  
Berglund, Per    Program Listing  
Bershadsky, Michael    Program Listing  
Blanchard, Peter Floodstrand   Program Listing  
Bleicher, Michael    Program Listing  
Bonsangue, Martin Vern   Program Listing  
Borcea, Ciprian    Program Listing  
Bowers, Philip L.   Program Listing  
Brady, Thomas    Program Listing  
Bruner, Robert R.   Program Listing  
Cahlon, Baruch    Program Listing  
Carducci, Olivia M.   Program Listing  
Carlson, Donald E.   Program Listing  
Carlson, Robert    Program Listing  
Catto, Isabelle    Program Listing  
Chartrand, Gary    Program Listing  
Collins, Karen L.   Program Listing  
Cruz, Jaime    Program Listing  
Das, Lovejoy    Program Listing  
Daskalopoulos, Panagiota    Program Listing  
Davini, Cesare    Program Listing  
Davis, Burgess    Program Listing  
Dees, Roberta L.   Program Listing  
Distler, Jacques    Program Listing  
Dixon, Martyn R.   Program Listing  
Dobson, David C.   Program Listing  
Donagi, Ron    Program Listing  
Duclos, P.    Program Listing  
Elmendorf, A. D.   Program Listing  
Erd\"os, L\'aszl\'o    Program Listing  
Evans, Martin J.   Program Listing  
Faudree, Ralph    Program Listing  
Fine, Benjamin    Program Listing  
Foskey, Mark    Program Listing  
Fournelle, Thomas A.   Program Listing  
Franzblau, D. S.   Program Listing  
Fricke, Gerd H.   Program Listing  
Fromm, Stephen J.   Program Listing  
Fryant, Allan    Program Listing  
Garofalo, Nicola    Program Listing  
Georgakis, Peter U.   Program Listing  
Gilmore, Maurice    Program Listing  
Goddard, Wayne    Program Listing  
Gong, Donggeng    Program Listing  
Gould, R. J.   Program Listing  
Grassi, Antonella    Program Listing  
Gross, Mark W.   Program Listing  
Guilbault, C. R.   Program Listing  
Gupta, C. Kanta   Program Listing  
Gupta, Narain    Program Listing  
Hawkins, William A.   Program Listing  
Hayakawa, Yoshiko    Program Listing  
Hedetniemi, S. T.   Program Listing  
Hermiller, Susan M.   Program Listing  
Hill, Paul    Program Listing  
Hill, Robert Nyden   Program Listing  
Hoffmann-Ostenhof, M.    Program Listing  
Hoffmann-Ostenhof, T.    Program Listing  
Hofmann, Steve    Program Listing  
Hovey, Mark    Program Listing  
H\"ubsch, Tristan    Program Listing  
Hunter, Thomas    Program Listing  
Intermont, Michele    Program Listing  
Ivanov, Sergei    Program Listing  
Iwaniec, Tadeusz    Program Listing  
Jacobson, Michael S.   Program Listing  
Kappe, Luise-Charlotte    Program Listing  
Karpeshina, Yulia E.   Program Listing  
Katchalov, Alexander    Program Listing  
Katz, Sheldon    Program Listing  
Kenig, Carlos E.   Program Listing  
Kenyon, Richard W.   Program Listing  
K\'ezdy, Andr\'e E.   Program Listing  
Kline, Bradford J.   Program Listing  
Korotyaev, E.    Program Listing  
Kriz, I.    Program Listing  
Kubicki, Grzegorz    Program Listing  
Kuhn, Nicholas J.   Program Listing  
Kurylev, Yaroslav    Program Listing  
Kwong, Y. H. Harris   Program Listing  
\L aba, Izabella    Program Listing  
Langsetmo, Lisa    Program Listing  
Lapidus, Michel L.   Program Listing  
Lesh, Kathryn    Program Listing  
Li, Tianjun    Program Listing  
Lieberman, Gary M.   Program Listing  
Lim, Nancy    Program Listing  
Lindenstrauss, Ayelet    Program Listing  
Liu, Kefeng    Program Listing  
Lowe, Bruce    Program Listing  
Lu, Guozhen    Program Listing  
Mahowald, Mark    Program Listing  
Main, Carl    Program Listing  
Man, Chi-Sing    Program Listing  
Manfredi, Juan J.   Program Listing  
Martino, John R.   Program Listing  
May, J. P.   Program Listing  
McCreary, Paul R.   Program Listing  
McKee, Terry    Program Listing  
McKeon, Kathleen A.   Program Listing  
McLaughlin, Joyce R.   Program Listing  
McMorris, F. R.   Program Listing  
Meier, John    Program Listing  
Mihalik, Mike    Program Listing  
Mislin, Guido    Program Listing  
Mitrea, Marius    Program Listing  
Morrison, David R.   Program Listing  
Moser, David    Program Listing  
Ogle, Crichton    Program Listing  
de la Ossa, Xenia C.   Program Listing  
Palmieri, John H.   Program Listing  
Papanicolaou, Vassilis G.   Program Listing  
Pappas, Peter C.   Program Listing  
Passman, Donald S.   Program Listing  
Paul, Thierry    Program Listing  
Phillips, Richard E.   Program Listing  
Pippert, Raymond E.   Program Listing  
Plaut, Conrad    Program Listing  
Plesser, M. Ronen   Program Listing  
Ramachandran, Kandethody    Program Listing  
Rao, N. V.   Program Listing  
Rieffel, Eleanor G.   Program Listing  
Robinson, Derek J. S.   Program Listing  
Rosenberger, Gerhard    Program Listing  
Ruan, Yongbin    Program Listing  
Ruane, Kim    Program Listing  
Rundell, William    Program Listing  
Ruskai, Mary Beth   Program Listing  
Sadofsky, Hal    Program Listing  
Sandling, Robert    Program Listing  
Schwenk, Allen J.   Program Listing  
Scott, Chad    Program Listing  
Seco, Luis A.   Program Listing  
Sehgal, S. K.   Program Listing  
Shiflett, Ray    Program Listing  
Shubin, C. A.   Program Listing  
Silliman, Sherwood    Program Listing  
Smith, Howard    Program Listing  
Smith, Suzanne Weaver   Program Listing  
Sontz, Stephen B.   Program Listing  
Stolz, Stephan    Program Listing  
Strickland, Neil    Program Listing  
Sun, Ziqi    Program Listing  
Sweezy, Caroline    Program Listing  
Swenson, Eric Lewis   Program Listing  
Thomas, Simon    Program Listing  
Thompson, Gary    Program Listing  
Thompson, Robert D.   Program Listing  
Thurston, Paul    Program Listing  
Torres, Rodolfo H.   Program Listing  
Treisman, Uri    Program Listing  
Truszczynski, Miroslaw    Program Listing  
Turner, James M.   Program Listing  
Uhlmann, Gunther    Program Listing  
Verchota, Gregory    Program Listing  
Vugal'ter, Simeon    Program Listing  
Walter, Vonn    Program Listing  
Wang, Chi    Program Listing  
Wang, Wensheng    Program Listing  
Weder, Ricardo    Program Listing  
Wolbert, Jerome J.   Program Listing  
Zhislin, Gregorij    Program Listing  
Zhong, Jiaping    Program Listing  
Zhou, Huishan    Program Listing  

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