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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

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1993 Western Section Meeting
Claremont, CA, November 6-7, 1993
Meeting #887

Associate secretaries:
Lance W Small, AMS

Alexander, Kenneth S.   Program Listing  
Ballew, David W.   Program Listing  
Bates, Sean M.   Program Listing  
Baxendale, Peter H.   Program Listing  
Bellenot, Steven F.   Program Listing  
Brauer, Fred    Program Listing  
Buhler, J. P.   Program Listing  
Burdzy, Krzysztof    Program Listing  
Cantor, David G.   Program Listing  
Casazza, Peter    Program Listing  
Castillo-Chavez, Carlos    Program Listing  
Chari, Vyjayanthi    Program Listing  
Cooke, K. L.   Program Listing  
Cooke, K. L.   Program Listing  
Crowe, Alisa    Program Listing  
Cumberbatch, Ellis    Program Listing  
DeMarrais, Jonathan    Program Listing  
Elderkin, Richard H.   Program Listing  
Feldman, Raisa E.   Program Listing  
Finkelstein, Mark    Program Listing  
Fischman, Davida    Program Listing  
Fisher, David C.   Program Listing  
Georg, K.    Program Listing  
Ghandehari, M. A.   Program Listing  
Ghoussoub, Nassif    Program Listing  
Godefroy, Gilles    Program Listing  
Gonzales, Darren M.   Program Listing  
Gordon, Daniel M.   Program Listing  
Hirsch, Morris W.   Program Listing  
Huang, Ming-Deh    Program Listing  
Huang, Wenzhang    Program Listing  
Hunt, Fern    Program Listing  
Ierardi, Douglas J.   Program Listing  
Ivanov, Anatoli F.   Program Listing  
Jahangiri, M.    Program Listing  
James, Robert C.   Program Listing  
Johnson, W. B.   Program Listing  
Kalton, Nigel    Program Listing  
Kirschner, Denise E.   Program Listing  
Li, Jia    Program Listing  
Lin, Pei-Kee    Program Listing  
Louden, Steven P.   Program Listing  
Lubkin, Sharon    Program Listing  
Malmuth, N. D.   Program Listing  
Montgomery, Peter L.   Program Listing  
Odell, E.    Program Listing  
van der Poorten, Alf    Program Listing  
Rath, Nandita    Program Listing  
Redheffer, Ray    Program Listing  
Reich, Simeon    Program Listing  
Robson, Robert O.   Program Listing  
Saab, Elias    Program Listing  
Sattenspiel, Lisa    Program Listing  
Schmitt, Klaus    Program Listing  
Schmitz, Shu-Fang Hsu   Program Listing  
Simonett, Gieri    Program Listing  
Smith, H. L.   Program Listing  
Spanier, Jerome    Program Listing  
Stanley, E. Ann   Program Listing  
Swindle, G.    Program Listing  
Tang, Betty    Program Listing  
Tavare, S.    Program Listing  
Thieme, Horst R.   Program Listing  
Thieme, Horst R.   Program Listing  
Tomczak-Jaegermann, Nicole    Program Listing  
Van Den Driessche, P.    Program Listing  
Van Den Driessche, Pauline    Program Listing  
Varadarajan, V. S.   Program Listing  
Velasco-Hernandez, Jorge X.   Program Listing  
Verma, Kaninka    Program Listing  
Verma, Krishnanand    Program Listing  
Verona, Maria Elena   Program Listing  
Wiggins, Stephen    Program Listing  
Williams, Ruth J.   Program Listing  

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