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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

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1993 Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting
Syracuse, NY, September 18-19, 1993
Meeting #884

Associate secretaries:
Lesley M Sibner, AMS

Adams, David R.   Program Listing  
Akman, Fusun    Program Listing  
Anantharam, Venkat    Program Listing  
Assem, Ibrahim    Program Listing  
Attie, Oliver M.   Program Listing  
Auslander, Maurice    Program Listing  
Averbukh, Eynshteyn    Program Listing  
Averbukh, Eynshteyn    Program Listing  
Aviles, Patricio U.   Program Listing  
Baernstein II, Albert    Program Listing  
Banuelos, Rodrigo    Program Listing  
Barvinok, A.    Program Listing  
Bayen, Dilip    Program Listing  
Berenstein, Carlos A.   Program Listing  
Bhattacharya, Tilak    Program Listing  
Bisson, Terrence P.   Program Listing  
Blair, David E.   Program Listing  
Bonk, Mario    Program Listing  
Botvinnik, Boris I.   Program Listing  
Bozeman, James R.   Program Listing  
Brodsky, Yuly    Program Listing  
Brown, Russell M.   Program Listing  
Buchweitz, Ragnar-Olaf    Program Listing  
Cao, Jianguo    Program Listing  
Cargo, G. T.   Program Listing  
Carlson, Jon F.   Program Listing  
Cecil, Thomas E.   Program Listing  
Chandler, Karen A.   Program Listing  
Chang, Der-Chen    Program Listing  
Chanillo, S.    Program Listing  
Charalambous, Hara    Program Listing  
Chen, Bang-Yen    Program Listing  
Chen, Wei    Program Listing  
Connolly, Frank    Program Listing  
Cornea, Octavian    Program Listing  
Cutkosky, S. Dale   Program Listing  
Dafni, Galia    Program Listing  
Davis, Edward D.   Program Listing  
Dean, Andrew P.   Program Listing  
DiBenedetto, Emanuele    Program Listing  
Ding, Jintai    Program Listing  
Dlab, V.    Program Listing  
Dong, Chongying    Program Listing  
Edidin, Dan    Program Listing  
Elmendorf, Anthony D.   Program Listing  
Evans Jr., E. Graham   Program Listing  
Feingold, Alex J.   Program Listing  
Ferry, Steven C.   Program Listing  
Frazier, Michael    Program Listing  
Freudenburg, Gene    Program Listing  
Fuller, K. R.   Program Listing  
Gage, Michael E.   Program Listing  
Gehring, F. W.   Program Listing  
Gentle, Ron    Program Listing  
Germann, Gabriele M.   Program Listing  
Goodman, Victor    Program Listing  
Grafakos, Loukas    Program Listing  
Green, Edward L.   Program Listing  
Grigoriev, D. Yu   Program Listing  
Guest, Martin A.   Program Listing  
Hambleton, I.    Program Listing  
Hamilton, David H.   Program Listing  
Harbourne, B.    Program Listing  
Heinonen, Juha    Program Listing  
Heinzer, William J.   Program Listing  
Herron, David A.   Program Listing  
Hinkkanen, A.    Program Listing  
Hitczenko, Pawe\'l    Program Listing  
Hovey, Mark A.   Program Listing  
Huang, Yi-Zhi    Program Listing  
Huber, Birkett    Program Listing  
Huisgen, Birge Zimmermann   Program Listing  
Huneke, Craig    Program Listing  
Iarrobino Jr., A.    Program Listing  
Ibbotson, Jeffrey J.   Program Listing  
Johnson, Jeremy    Program Listing  
Kaltofen, Erich    Program Listing  
Kirkman, Ellen    Program Listing  
Kon, Mark    Program Listing  
Kosecki, Roman    Program Listing  
Koskela, Pekka    Program Listing  
Kozen, Dexter    Program Listing  
Kriz, Igor    Program Listing  
Kuelbs, James    Program Listing  
Kuzmanovich, James    Program Listing  
Lakshman, Y. N.   Program Listing  
Lawler, Gregory F.   Program Listing  
Leclair, Andre    Program Listing  
Lee, Ronnie    Program Listing  
Lesh, Kathryn    Program Listing  
Lewis, John    Program Listing  
Lewis Jr., L. Gaunce   Program Listing  
Li, Hongnian    Program Listing  
Li, Jiangfan    Program Listing  
Lian, Bong H.   Program Listing  
Malikov, Feodor    Program Listing  
Mann, Philip J.   Program Listing  
Mao, Binhua    Program Listing  
May, Mike    Program Listing  
McGibbon, Charles A.   Program Listing  
Metzger, Thomas A.   Program Listing  
Migliore, Juan C.   Program Listing  
Miller, Matthew    Program Listing  
Minda, C. David   Program Listing  
Mio, Washington    Program Listing  
Mizner, Robert I.   Program Listing  
Mohapeloa, Khomo T. S.   Program Listing  
Nabutovsky, Alexander    Program Listing  
Nolder, Craig A.   Program Listing  
Northshield, Sam    Program Listing  
Okoh, Frank    Program Listing  
Ontaneda, Pedro A.   Program Listing  
Oprea, John    Program Listing  
Osgood, Brad    Program Listing  
Ouzomgi, S.    Program Listing  
Pan, Victor Y.   Program Listing  
Pan, Yibiao    Program Listing  
Pedersen, Erik Kjaer   Program Listing  
Pedersen, Paul    Program Listing  
Pitt, Loren D.   Program Listing  
Prassidis, Stratos    Program Listing  
Randall, Duane    Program Listing  
Reiten, Idun    Program Listing  
Renegar, James    Program Listing  
Roberts, Leslie G.   Program Listing  
Robinson, Geoffrey R.   Program Listing  
Rocha, Alvany    Program Listing  
Rosenberg, Steven    Program Listing  
Rosinski, Jan    Program Listing  
Russell, Peter    Program Listing  
Sadosky, Cora S.   Program Listing  
Sakkalis, Takis    Program Listing  
Schechtman, V.    Program Listing  
Schinazi, Rinaldo    Program Listing  
Scott, Chad    Program Listing  
Shick, Paul    Program Listing  
Silberbush, Paul    Program Listing  
Silverman, Judith    Program Listing  
Slutskin, Lev    Program Listing  
Spencer, Domina Eberle   Program Listing  
Spivakovsky, Mark    Program Listing  
Staples, Susan    Program Listing  
Stark, C. W.   Program Listing  
Stasheff, Jim    Program Listing  
Stephenson, Kenneth    Program Listing  
Stillman, Mike    Program Listing  
Strickland, Neil    Program Listing  
Sturmfels, Bernd    Program Listing  
Sullivan, Dennis    Program Listing  
Sullivan, Michael C.   Program Listing  
\v Sver\'ak, Vladim\u\i r    Program Listing  
Sweedler, Moss    Program Listing  
Taylor, Laurence R.   Program Listing  
Turner, James M.   Program Listing  
Underwood, Robert G.   Program Listing  
Vajiac, Bogdan    Program Listing  
Verchota, Gregory    Program Listing  
Villamor, Enrique    Program Listing  
Von Zur Gathen, Joachim    Program Listing  
Vorobjov, Nicolai    Program Listing  
Wang, Gang    Program Listing  
Wasserman, Arthur G.   Program Listing  
Webb, Peter J.   Program Listing  
Weiner, Daniel C.   Program Listing  
Wheeden, Richard    Program Listing  
Williams, Bruce    Program Listing  
Wolff, Tom    Program Listing  
Worku, Tefera    Program Listing  
Wu, Jang-Mei    Program Listing  
Yang, Shanshuang    Program Listing  
Zelevinsky, A.    Program Listing  
Zhou, Gengqiang    Program Listing  
Zhou, Jiazu    Program Listing  
Zhu, Yongchang    Program Listing  
Zippel, Richard    Program Listing  

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