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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

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1992 Fall Western Section Meeting
Los Angeles, CA, November 7-8, 1992
Meeting #877

Associate secretaries:
Lance W Small, AMS

Adams, Colin    Program Listing  
Akbulut, Selman    Program Listing  
Austin, David M.   Program Listing  
Basmajian, Ara    Program Listing  
Berg, Michael    Program Listing  
Birnir, Bj\"orn    Program Listing  
Birnir, Bj\"orn    Program Listing  
Boden, Hans U.   Program Listing  
Caflisch, Russel E.   Program Listing  
Canary, Richard D.   Program Listing  
Casson, A.    Program Listing  
Chang, Mei-Chu    Program Listing  
Chang, Shaoping    Program Listing  
Cohen, Ralph L.   Program Listing  
Cooper, Daryl    Program Listing  
Craig, Walter    Program Listing  
Culler, Marc    Program Listing  
Dai, Xianzhe    Program Listing  
D'hoker, Eric    Program Listing  
Dombroski, Michael    Program Listing  
Doyle, Peter    Program Listing  
Dunbar, William D.   Program Listing  
Ein, Lawrence    Program Listing  
Eloranta, Kari    Program Listing  
Ercolani, Nick    Program Listing  
Eskin, Gregory    Program Listing  
Feit, Walter    Program Listing  
Fillmore, Jay P.   Program Listing  
Ford, Benjamin J.   Program Listing  
Friedlander, L.    Program Listing  
Gillman, David S.   Program Listing  
Green, Larry    Program Listing  
Hass, J.    Program Listing  
Hayward, Geoff    Program Listing  
Ho, Lop-Hing    Program Listing  
Hodgson, Craig    Program Listing  
Holm, Darryl D.   Program Listing  
Hunter, John K.   Program Listing  
Jahangiri, M.    Program Listing  
Jantzen, Jens C.   Program Listing  
Kappeler, Thomas    Program Listing  
Keem, Changho    Program Listing  
Kenig, Carlos E.   Program Listing  
Kenyon, Richard    Program Listing  
Kerckhoff, Steve    Program Listing  
Kirk, Paul    Program Listing  
Klassen, Eric P.   Program Listing  
Krieger, Wolfgang    Program Listing  
Lalley, Steven P.   Program Listing  
Lawther, Ross    Program Listing  
Lazarsfeld, Robert K.   Program Listing  
Lazarsfeld, Robert    Program Listing  
Lee, Ronnie    Program Listing  
Levermore, C. David   Program Listing  
Li, Peter    Program Listing  
Li, Yingchen    Program Listing  
Libgober, A.    Program Listing  
Lindblad, Hans    Program Listing  
Llave, R. de la   Program Listing  
Long, D. D.   Program Listing  
Lundelius, Rolf    Program Listing  
Lyons, Richard    Program Listing  
Magaard, Kay    Program Listing  
Masur, Howard    Program Listing  
Mazzeo, Rafe    Program Listing  
Mess, G.    Program Listing  
Mihram, G. Arthur   Program Listing  
Minsky, Yair N.   Program Listing  
Moriwaki, Atsushi    Program Listing  
Mulase, Motohico    Program Listing  
Norton, Alec    Program Listing  
Ouyang, He    Program Listing  
Ouyang, Mingqing    Program Listing  
Paoletti, Roberto    Program Listing  
Park, Sehie    Program Listing  
Parker, Thomas H.   Program Listing  
Petersen, Peter    Program Listing  
Pilch, Krzysztof    Program Listing  
Ponce, Gustavo    Program Listing  
Quenell, Gregory    Program Listing  
Rabin, Jeff    Program Listing  
Rammaha, Mohammad A.   Program Listing  
Ran, Zlv    Program Listing  
Ratiu, Tudor    Program Listing  
Reid, Alan    Program Listing  
Reshetikhin, N.    Program Listing  
Rivin, Igor    Program Listing  
Robinson, Geoffrey    Program Listing  
Ruan, Yongbin    Program Listing  
Saleur, Hubert    Program Listing  
Schonbek, Maria E.   Program Listing  
Schultz, Reinhard    Program Listing  
Schwarz, Albert    Program Listing  
Schwarz, John H.   Program Listing  
Segev, Yoav    Program Listing  
Seitz, Gary M.   Program Listing  
Shahriari, Shahriar    Program Listing  
Sherman, William R.   Program Listing  
Sideris, Thomas C.   Program Listing  
Simon, Barry    Program Listing  
Sin, Peter    Program Listing  
Smereka, Peter    Program Listing  
Smith, Stephen D.   Program Listing  
Solomon, Ron    Program Listing  
Steinberg, Robert    Program Listing  
Stern, Ronald J.   Program Listing  
Tamari, Dov    Program Listing  
Temple, Blake    Program Listing  
Testerman, D.    Program Listing  
Thompson, John G.   Program Listing  
Titi, Edriss S.   Program Listing  
Urbanski, Mariusz    Program Listing  
Ve\"olklein, H.    Program Listing  
Walters, Peter    Program Listing  
Warner, Nick    Program Listing  
Weeks, Jeff    Program Listing  
Wojtkowski, Maciej P.   Program Listing  
Xia, Huashi    Program Listing  
Xu, Youyu    Program Listing  
Yang, Paul    Program Listing  
Young, L. S.   Program Listing  

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