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1992 Spring Southeastern Section Meeting
Tuscaloosa, AL, March 13-14, 1992
Meeting #872

Associate secretaries:
Joseph A Cima, AMS

Alvarez, Josefina    Program Listing  
Anastassiou, George    Program Listing  
Azoff, Edward A.   Program Listing  
Baernstein II, Albert    Program Listing  
Baker, Richard L.   Program Listing  
Beidleman, James C.   Program Listing  
Blecher, David    Program Listing  
Blyth, Russell D.   Program Listing  
Botelho, F.    Program Listing  
Brown, B. M.   Program Listing  
Canfield, E. Rodney   Program Listing  
Carter, J. Scott   Program Listing  
Chao, J.-A.    Program Listing  
Chen, Lung-Kee    Program Listing  
Coleman, Donald B.   Program Listing  
Dajani, Karma    Program Listing  
Daverman, Robert J.   Program Listing  
Daw, Edward Warwick   Program Listing  
De Souza, Geraldo    Program Listing  
Diamond, Beverly    Program Listing  
Duvall, P. F.   Program Listing  
Dydak, Jerzy    Program Listing  
Edmunds, David    Program Listing  
Effros, Edward G.   Program Listing  
Elshamy, Maged    Program Listing  
Evans, W. D.   Program Listing  
Fan, Dashan    Program Listing  
Fang, X.    Program Listing  
Fine, Benjamin    Program Listing  
Fisher, David C.   Program Listing  
Fisher, Stephen D.   Program Listing  
Fleckinger, Jacqueline    Program Listing  
Fournelle, Thomas A.   Program Listing  
Gaglione, Anthony M.   Program Listing  
Galecki, Marek A.   Program Listing  
Geoghegan, Ross    Program Listing  
Gilmer, Patrick M.   Program Listing  
Gootman, Elliot C.   Program Listing  
Green, William L.   Program Listing  
Guilbault, Craig R.   Program Listing  
Gupta, C. Kanta   Program Listing  
Gupta, Narain    Program Listing  
Haddad, Kamel N.   Program Listing  
Harrell II, Evans M.   Program Listing  
Hawkins, Jane M.   Program Listing  
Heinig, Hans    Program Listing  
Hempel, Rainer    Program Listing  
Hill, Paul    Program Listing  
Hinton, Don    Program Listing  
Hinz, Andreas M.   Program Listing  
Hiremath, G. R.   Program Listing  
Hudson, Timothy D.   Program Listing  
Hughes, Bruce    Program Listing  
Hurlbert, Glenn H.   Program Listing  
Husch, L. S.   Program Listing  
Ismail, M. E. H.   Program Listing  
Jacobs, David P.   Program Listing  
Jamison, Robert E.   Program Listing  
Kaper, Hans G.   Program Listing  
Katsoulis, Elias G.   Program Listing  
Kelly, Michael    Program Listing  
Kilgore, Theodore    Program Listing  
Kim, Jeong Han   Program Listing  
King, Jonathan    Program Listing  
Klingler, Lee    Program Listing  
Krall, Allan M.   Program Listing  
Kwong, Man Kam   Program Listing  
Lange, Bernd    Program Listing  
Larson, David R.   Program Listing  
Laskar, Renu    Program Listing  
Lawson, Terry    Program Listing  
Levine, Jerome    Program Listing  
Mastrangelo, Laura    Program Listing  
McCarthy, John E.   Program Listing  
McClanahan, Kevin    Program Listing  
McColm, Gregory    Program Listing  
Megibben, Charles    Program Listing  
Meier, John    Program Listing  
Mercer, Richard    Program Listing  
Mohapatra, Ram N.   Program Listing  
Nashed, M. Zuhair   Program Listing  
Neumann, Michael M.   Program Listing  
Olson, Timothy Edward   Program Listing  
Orr, John L.   Program Listing  
Ostaszewski, Krzysztof    Program Listing  
Paterson, Alan    Program Listing  
Pedersen, John    Program Listing  
Perez, Carlos    Program Listing  
Peters, Justin R.   Program Listing  
Pettet, Martin R.   Program Listing  
Phillips, Richard E.   Program Listing  
Pitts, David R.   Program Listing  
Prassidis, Stratos    Program Listing  
Przytycki, J\"ozef H.   Program Listing  
Ramachandran, K. M.   Program Listing  
Reinhold-Larsson, Karin    Program Listing  
Rhemtulla, Akbar    Program Listing  
Robinson, David    Program Listing  
Robinson, Derek J. S.   Program Listing  
Rochberg, Richard    Program Listing  
Rothschild, Bruce L.   Program Listing  
Ruan, Zhong-Jin    Program Listing  
Rubin, Leonard R.   Program Listing  
Rudolph, Daniel    Program Listing  
Ruskey, Frank    Program Listing  
Sampson, Gary    Program Listing  
Savage, Carla D.   Program Listing  
Shen, Z.    Program Listing  
Shivaji, Ratnasingham    Program Listing  
Silva, C. E.   Program Listing  
Silver, Daniel S.   Program Listing  
Smith, Roger    Program Listing  
Stolz, G\"unter    Program Listing  
Sweezy, Caroline    Program Listing  
Talenti, Giorgio    Program Listing  
Thomas, Simon    Program Listing  
Tolosa, Juan    Program Listing  
Trotter, William T.   Program Listing  
Turbiner, A.    Program Listing  
Ubhaya, Vasant A.   Program Listing  
Ullery, William    Program Listing  
Uvah, Josaphat A.   Program Listing  
Venema, Gerard A.   Program Listing  
Wachs, Michelle L.   Program Listing  
West, James E.   Program Listing  
Wierdl, Mate    Program Listing  
Wilczynski, Dariusz M.   Program Listing  
Williams, Susan    Program Listing  
Wilson, J. Michael   Program Listing  
Winkler, Peter M.   Program Listing  
Wogen, Warren R.   Program Listing  
Xia, Daoxing    Program Listing  
Xu, Yuesheng    Program Listing  
Zalik, R. A.   Program Listing  
Zhang, Shuang    Program Listing  
Zimmerman, Jay    Program Listing  
Zwick, D.    Program Listing  

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