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1990 Fall Central Section Meeting
Denton, TX, November 2-3, 1990
Meeting #861

Associate secretaries:
Andy R Magid, AMS

Adolphson, Alan    Program Listing  
Agin, Marilyn A.   Program Listing  
Ahlbrandt, Calvin D.   Program Listing  
Ahmad, Shair    Program Listing  
Albert, John P.   Program Listing  
Alspach, Dale E.   Program Listing  
Aluffi, Paolo    Program Listing  
Anderson, D. D.   Program Listing  
Anderson, David F.   Program Listing  
Andrews, Kevin T.   Program Listing  
Ash, Avner D.   Program Listing  
Bakelman, Ilya J.   Program Listing  
Barchini, Leticia    Program Listing  
Barrett, David E.   Program Listing  
Basmajian, Ara    Program Listing  
Bator, Elizabeth M.   Program Listing  
Bauman, Patricia    Program Listing  
Beatrous, Frank    Program Listing  
Beem, John K.   Program Listing  
Bell, Steve    Program Listing  
Berge, John    Program Listing  
Binegar, B. T.   Program Listing  
Bleiler, Steven A.   Program Listing  
Boas, Harold P.   Program Listing  
Boe, Brian D.   Program Listing  
Borcea, Ciprian    Program Listing  
Boyer, Charles P.   Program Listing  
Brick, Stephen G.   Program Listing  
Brownstein, Alan B.   Program Listing  
Candia, Mario    Program Listing  
Cannon, John R.   Program Listing  
Carter, J. Scott   Program Listing  
Casian, Luis    Program Listing  
Chang, Jen-Tseh    Program Listing  
Chapman, Scott    Program Listing  
Chen, So-Chin    Program Listing  
Cheng, Xiaoxi    Program Listing  
Chiappari, Stephen A.   Program Listing  
Cochran, Tim D.   Program Listing  
Constantin, Peter S.   Program Listing  
Crauder, Bruce    Program Listing  
Currey, Bradley N.   Program Listing  
Cygan, Jacek M.   Program Listing  
D'Angelo, John P.   Program Listing  
Davidson, Mark G.   Program Listing  
Dekster, Boris V.   Program Listing  
Diaz, Ricardo L.   Program Listing  
Dilworth, S. J.   Program Listing  
DiPippo, Stephen A.   Program Listing  
Dobbs, David E.   Program Listing  
Douglas Jr., Jim    Program Listing  
Dowling, Patrick N.   Program Listing  
Ehrlich, P.    Program Listing  
Enright, Thomas    Program Listing  
Fix, G. J.   Program Listing  
Foias, Ciprian    Program Listing  
Fornaess, John Erik   Program Listing  
Franz, Reinhard O. W.   Program Listing  
Fu, James C.   Program Listing  
Fulling, S. A.   Program Listing  
Gage, Michael E.   Program Listing  
Gilbert, John E.   Program Listing  
Gilmer, Patrick M.   Program Listing  
Gladwell, I.    Program Listing  
Godbole, Anant P.   Program Listing  
Goldman, William M.   Program Listing  
Golomb, Solomon W.   Program Listing  
Goodey, Paul R.   Program Listing  
Gordon, B. Brent   Program Listing  
Gordon, B. Brent   Program Listing  
Gornowicz, Michelle C.   Program Listing  
Grassi, Antonella    Program Listing  
Greim, Peter    Program Listing  
Grenier, Douglas    Program Listing  
Griffith, William S.   Program Listing  
Grinberg, Eric L.   Program Listing  
Groemer, H.    Program Listing  
Gruenwald, Mark    Program Listing  
Grundman, H. G.   Program Listing  
Gurney, David    Program Listing  
Harbourne, B.    Program Listing  
Harris, Gary A.   Program Listing  
Hecht, Henryk    Program Listing  
Heinzer, William    Program Listing  
Hempel, John    Program Listing  
Hetzer, Georg    Program Listing  
Hoffman, Jerome William   Program Listing  
Hoste, Jim    Program Listing  
Houston, Evan G.   Program Listing  
Hoyt, W. L.   Program Listing  
Huang, Jing-Song    Program Listing  
Huckaba, J.    Program Listing  
Huckaba, Sam    Program Listing  
Huneke, Craig    Program Listing  
Iaia, Joseph    Program Listing  
Jones, Kerry    Program Listing  
Kalton, Nigel    Program Listing  
Kannan, R.    Program Listing  
Kaper, Hans G.   Program Listing  
Kasper, Brian    Program Listing  
Katz, Sheldon    Program Listing  
Kauffman, Robert M.   Program Listing  
Kawohl, Bernhard    Program Listing  
Kazez, Will    Program Listing  
Khunger, Sanjay    Program Listing  
Kunze, Ray A.   Program Listing  
Kuperberg, Wlodzimierz    Program Listing  
Kuwata, Masato    Program Listing  
Kwong, Man Kam   Program Listing  
Landes, Ruediger    Program Listing  
Lantz, David    Program Listing  
Lapidus, Michel L.   Program Listing  
Lathrop, Daniel P.   Program Listing  
Lax, Robert F.   Program Listing  
Lee, Min Ho   Program Listing  
Lee, Ronnie    Program Listing  
Lempert, L\'aszl\'o    Program Listing  
Leung, Ming-Ying    Program Listing  
Liao, G.    Program Listing  
Lin, Bor-Luh    Program Listing  
Llave, R. de la   Program Listing  
Loe, Brian J.   Program Listing  
Lohrenz, Terry    Program Listing  
Loper, K. Alan   Program Listing  
Lopez, Angelo    Program Listing  
Luecke, John E.   Program Listing  
Lutwak, Erwin    Program Listing  
Mann, Benjamin M.   Program Listing  
Marley, Thomas    Program Listing  
Mauldin, R. Daniel   Program Listing  
McAdam, Stephen    Program Listing  
McCallum, William G.   Program Listing  
McCullough, Darryl    Program Listing  
McGovern, William    Program Listing  
McNeal, Jeffery    Program Listing  
McOwen, Robert C.   Program Listing  
Mili\v ci\'c, Dragan    Program Listing  
Miller, Andy    Program Listing  
Miyazaki, Katura    Program Listing  
Montgomery-Smith, Stephen J.   Program Listing  
Mott, Joe L.   Program Listing  
Narcowich, Francis J.   Program Listing  
Neumann, Walter D.   Program Listing  
Nisnevich, Yevsey    Program Listing  
Norton, Alec    Program Listing  
Odell, E.    Program Listing  
Otway, Thomas    Program Listing  
Palmer, Susan M.   Program Listing  
Papastavridis, S. G.   Program Listing  
Patterson, Paul    Program Listing  
Pfeffer, Carolyn B.   Program Listing  
Phelps, R. R.   Program Listing  
Polking, John C.   Program Listing  
Prado, Humberto E.   Program Listing  
Przebinda, Tomasz    Program Listing  
R\aa de, Johan    Program Listing  
Raghavan, K. N.   Program Listing  
Randolph, Timothy W.   Program Listing  
Rassias, John M.   Program Listing  
Reeder, Mark S.   Program Listing  
Reid, Alan W.   Program Listing  
Roitman, Moshe    Program Listing  
Rosenthal, Haskell    Program Listing  
Ross, Marty    Program Listing  
Rothman, Jay    Program Listing  
Rudolph, Lee    Program Listing  
Rundell, William    Program Listing  
Saab, Elias    Program Listing  
Saab, Paulette    Program Listing  
Sahi, Siddhartha    Program Listing  
Saito, Masahico    Program Listing  
Salamanca-Riba, Susana Alicia   Program Listing  
Schlumprecht, Thomas    Program Listing  
Schumacher, C. S.   Program Listing  
Schuster, Eugene F.   Program Listing  
Schwartz, Charles F.   Program Listing  
Shampine, L. F.   Program Listing  
Shivaji, Ratnasingham    Program Listing  
Showalter, R. E.   Program Listing  
Showalter, R. E.   Program Listing  
Silver, Daniel S.   Program Listing  
Slodkowski, Zbigniew    Program Listing  
Smith, Dale T.   Program Listing  
Spurr, Michael J.   Program Listing  
Stanke, Ronald J.   Program Listing  
Stefansson, Gunnar    Program Listing  
Stiller, Peter F.   Program Listing  
Sundheim, Paul    Program Listing  
Swanson, Irena    Program Listing  
Swearingen, Daniel B.   Program Listing  
Taliaferro, Steven D.   Program Listing  
Tang, Betty    Program Listing  
Tartakoff, David S.   Program Listing  
Terras, Audrey    Program Listing  
T\'oth, G\'abor Fejes   Program Listing  
Treibergs, Andrejs E.   Program Listing  
Tuckerman, Laurette S.   Program Listing  
Tzavaras, Athanassios E.   Program Listing  
Vitale, Richard A.   Program Listing  
Vogel, Thomas I.   Program Listing  
Wei, S. Walter   Program Listing  
Wei, S. Walter   Program Listing  
Weintraub, Steven H.   Program Listing  
Weiss, Randall H.   Program Listing  
Wente, Henry C.   Program Listing  
White, Luther    Program Listing  
Whitfield, J. H. M.   Program Listing  
Whitten, Wilbur    Program Listing  
Wiegand, Roger    Program Listing  
Wiegand, Sylvia    Program Listing  
Wilkerson Jr., Clarence W.   Program Listing  
Williams, Susan G.   Program Listing  
Winters, Bobby Neal   Program Listing  
Wright, David G.   Program Listing  
Ye, Yun-Gang    Program Listing  
Zafrullah, M.    Program Listing  
Zhang, Hao    Program Listing  
Zhang, Qi    Program Listing  
Zhou, Xiaodong    Program Listing  
Zou, Henghui    Program Listing  

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