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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

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1990 Spring Eastern Section Meeting
University Park, PA, April 7-8, 1990
Meeting #857

Associate secretaries:
W Wistar Comfort, AMS

Adams, Colin    Program Listing  
Adem, Alejandro    Program Listing  
Adem, Alejandro    Program Listing  
Anderson, Douglas R.   Program Listing  
Armentrout, Steve    Program Listing  
Baginski, Frank E.   Program Listing  
Baum, Paul    Program Listing  
Bendersky, Martin    Program Listing  
Bisson, Terrence P.   Program Listing  
Brylinski, Jean-Luc    Program Listing  
Burghelea, Dan    Program Listing  
Cao, Jianguo    Program Listing  
Chow, B.    Program Listing  
Connolly, Frank    Program Listing  
Croke, C.    Program Listing  
Davis, Michael    Program Listing  
Dipper, Richard    Program Listing  
Dula, Giora    Program Listing  
Eberlein, Patrick    Program Listing  
Evens, Sam    Program Listing  
Ferry, Steven C.   Program Listing  
Geoghegan, Ross    Program Listing  
Gerardin, Paul    Program Listing  
Gerstenhaber, Murray    Program Listing  
Glassey, Robert T.   Program Listing  
G\'omez Martinez, Guillermo Leon   Program Listing  
Grove, Karsten    Program Listing  
Gustafson, Richard F.   Program Listing  
Head, Tom    Program Listing  
Hinson, Edward K.   Program Listing  
Hodges, T. J.   Program Listing  
Horwitz, Alan    Program Listing  
Hovey, Mark    Program Listing  
Jing, Naihuan    Program Listing  
Jones, Lowell Edwin   Program Listing  
Kac, V. G.   Program Listing  
Ko\'zniewski, Tadeusz    Program Listing  
Kusner, Rob    Program Listing  
LeBrun, Claude    Program Listing  
Mathieu, Olivier    Program Listing  
Mirkovic, Ivan    Program Listing  
Monks, Kenneth    Program Listing  
Moriyoshi, Hitoshi    Program Listing  
Nadel, Alan M.   Program Listing  
Necochea, Alejandro    Program Listing  
Ogle, Crichton    Program Listing  
Pang, Peter Y.   Program Listing  
Parshall, Brian    Program Listing  
Puttaswamy, T. K.   Program Listing  
Randall, Duane    Program Listing  
Reshetikhin, Nikolai    Program Listing  
Rocha, Alvany    Program Listing  
Roitberg, Joseph    Program Listing  
Scott, Leonard    Program Listing  
Selvaraj, C. R.   Program Listing  
Shick, Paul    Program Listing  
Shimamoto, Don H.   Program Listing  
Smith, S. Paul   Program Listing  
Stark, Christopher W.   Program Listing  
Sundaram, Sheila    Program Listing  
Szczarba, Robert H.   Program Listing  
Taft, Earl J.   Program Listing  
Taylor, Monty B.   Program Listing  
Tian, Gang    Program Listing  
Todorov, Andrey N.   Program Listing  
Towber, Jacob    Program Listing  
Treger, Robert    Program Listing  
Tsygan, Boris    Program Listing  
Umble, Ronald N.   Program Listing  
Wood, Jay A.   Program Listing  
Xu, Xingwang    Program Listing  
Ziller, Wolfgang    Program Listing  

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