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Workshop on "Exceptional Orthogonal Polynomials and Exact Solutions in Mathematical Physics"

Month: September 2014

Date: September 7--12

Name: Workshop on "Exceptional Orthogonal Polynomials and Exact Solutions in Mathematical Physics"

Location: Segovia, Spain.


Exceptional orthogonal polynomials are dense families of Sturm-Liouville orthogonal polynomials with gaps in their degree sequence. They appear as eigenfunctions of rational extensions of exactly solvable potentials in quantum mechanics, and they are related to Darboux transformations and bispectrality in the theory of integrable systems. The past five years have seen a considerable activity in this field and we feel the time is ripe for bringing together many of the scientists who have contributed to this development, and others who might be interested in them.

Invited speakers

$*$ to be confirmed: Alexander P. Veselov (Loughborough University, UK), Robert Milson (Dalhousie University, Canada), Antonio Durán (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain), Alexei Zhedanov$*$ (Donetsk Institute for Physics and Technology, Ukraine), Ryu Sasaki (Kyoto University, Japan), Luc Vinet (Centre de Recherches Mathématiques, Canada), Peter Clarkson (University of Kent, UK), Manuel Mañas (Universidad Complutense, Spain), Boris Shapiro$*$ (Stockholm University, Sweden), Lance Littlejohn (Baylor University, United States).


There will be a limited number of grants for younger participants. Details on how to apply will be given in the website.


Check the website below for detailed information on the scientific program, venue, sponsors, organizing committees, invited speakers, key dates and deadlines for abstract submissions is available, and will be updated in real time.