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International Conference in Geometric Analysis

Month: July 2014

Date: July 7--11

Name: International Conference in Geometric Analysis

Location: Lisbon, Portugal.


Geometric Analysis is a very active field of research, with several well known open problems being solved at a very fast pace. We aim to present some of these developments.

Confirmed speakers

B. Andrews, J. Cheeger, F. Coda Marques, T. Colding, T. Ilmanen, N. Hitchin, B. Kleiner, C. LeBrun, B. Minicozzi, A. Naber, A. Nabutovsky, N. Nadirashvili, T. Riviere, A. Ros, M. Rupflin, R. Schoen, G. Tian, B. White, N. Wickramasekera, B. Wilking and X. Zhou.