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Perspectives of Modern Complex Analysis

Month: July 2014

Date: July 21--25

Name: Perspectives of Modern Complex Analysis

Location: Banach Conference Center, Bedlewo, Poland.


The goal of the conference is to bring together researchers working in complex analysis and its most important applications, with emphasis on informal interactions/contacts. The main topics reflect the influence of A. Eremenko (Purdue University) on modern complex analysis. The principal themes include: Classical complex analysis and its associated potential theory, iteration of real, rational and entire mappings, real algebraic geometry, spectral theory and mathematical physics, diverse subjects centered on analysis.

Invited plenary speakers

At present include: C. Bender (St. Louis), W. Bergweiler (Kiel), M. Bonk (UCLA), M. Lyubich (SUNYSB). M. Sodin (Tel Aviv), F. Sottile (Texas A&M), A. Volberg (MSU), K. Yamanoi (Tokyo Tech), A. Zdunik (Warsaw).


Application for NSF support for US participants is pending. The organizers strongly encourage participation from members of underrepresented groups, young, and active mathematicians.