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International Workshop on Neurodynamics (NDy14)

Month: July 2014

Date: July 14--17

Name: International Workshop on Neurodynamics (NDy14)

Location: CIEM, Castro-Urdiales, Spain.


Neuroscience is nowadays one of the most collaborative and active scientific research fields as it has been increasingly involving the participation of experts from other disciplines. The aim of this Workshop on Neurodynamics (NDy'14) is to present an overview of successful achievements in this rapidly developing collaborative field by putting together different types of applications of nonlinear dynamics (geometrical tools, numerical methods, computational schemes,...) to problems in neuroscience (mononeuronal dynamics, network activity, cognitive problems,...). Emphasis will be put on experimental findings seeking for theoretical explanations, and so this meeting is focused on using mathematics as the primary tool for elucidating the fundamental mechanisms responsible for experimentally observed behavior in the applied neurosciences. The final goal is spreading together mathematical methodology and neuroscience, being Mathematical Neuroscience the generic topic for NDy'14.