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International Workshop on Applied Topology

Month: August 2014

Date: August 7--10

Name: International Workshop on Applied Topology

Location: Chonbuk National University, Jeonju city, South Korea.


As we know, during August 13-21, 2014, the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) will be held in Seoul, Korea ( Before ICM 2014, International workshop on Applied Topology will be held at Chonbuk National University (for brevity, CBNU) with the following topics: Set theoretic topology; asymmetric topology; Scott toplogy (lattice based topology); Lawson topology; digital topology; locally finite topolgy; applied fuzzy set and fuzzy topology; applied algebraic topology; combinatorial geometry supports: The organizing committee will partially support the fee of accommodation (guest house of CBNU, three nights during the period) up to twenty contributed speakers from abroad with the policy FCFS, banquet ticket, lunch of all contributed speakers.

Deadline for abstracts

May 1, 2014. (Please send abstracts via