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MBI Emphasis Year on Cancer and its Environment 2014-2015

Month: August 2014

Date: August 25, 2014--April 27, 2015

Name: MBI Emphasis Year on Cancer and its Environment 2014-2015

Location: Mathematical Biosciences Institute, The Ohio State University, Jennings Hall 3rd Floor, 1735 Neil Ave., Columbus, Ohio.


Cancer is one of the world's biggest killers - an evolutionary disease, where rounds of mutation and selection drive the emergence of a tumor. The complex interactions at the molecular, cellular and tissue levels emphasize the need and opportunity for mathematical models that synthesize a framework for understanding the existing phenomena and that make testable predictions as to how interventions will influence the outcome. This yearlong program will encompass many processes involved in cancer initiation and progression. Each workshop will concentrate on aspects of the disease, and there will be strong connections among the workshops.