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Make Link Help

While using MathSciNet there are two mechanisms provided to copy permanent MathSciNet links. Both are easily accessible to users via Make Link. When Make Link appears it may be copied into any web-aware location to provide direct links into MathSciNet. These links are permanent, in so far as the World Wide Web is permanent. These links are preferable to links used in searching and looking at MathSciNet contents as those links have changed slightly before and might change in the future.

Publication links The first of these provide links to reviews of a particular MathSciNet record. It is available on the page showing that review. This link is based on Getitem which can be used for a variety of formats such as HTML, the default, as well as PDF and other MathSciNet download formats. See the GetItem help page for futher instructions.

Author Links The second type of link provides a mechanism to link to an author's work. It is a permanent link to the up-to-date list of an individual's publications. It is based on an author identification number; the results are independent of the various forms of the name used in the publications. Make Link for authors is available when you use Authors search to find the author and then in the results hover over the author name to display the available options

Copying links may vary among browsers but often it is done by right-clicking on the link and then using "Copy Link Location" or "Copy Shortcut". The links may be added to any web-aware document, e.g. web pages or email.

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