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Constructing links to MathSciNet

The American Mathematical Society believes that using MathSciNet for linking to original papers fosters linking of the electronic literature, now and in the future. Authors or publishers can add a permanent link to the MathSciNet entry for each reference in a published paper using a standard format and tools provided free of charge by the Society. The Society in return will add links from MathSciNet to original papers whenever possible and keep those links up to date in the future. Readers are therefore able to navigate from any reference in two clicks, first to the MathSciNet entry and then to the original paper (when it is available). Soon, even users without a subscription to MathSciNet will be able to access original articles in this way.

There are a number of advantages to this linking scheme:

The American Mathematical Society provides several tools for constructing these links.

We hope that the community will make a commitment to add these links to all new papers, and will encourage publishers to include links in all electronic literature.

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