What model was used for MathSciNet usage statistics?
A (sub)subsection or paragraph heading ends with punctuation other than a period. How do I get rid of the automatic period that LaTeX puts at the end?
When are MathSciNet usage statistics made available?
How is access to the MathSciNet usage statistics reports authenticated?
What is the definition of a session?
What is the definition of a query?
Why can't I see MathSciNet usage statistics for my site/consortium for periods before January 1, 2004?
Why can't I get a further breakdown of my site's MathSciNet usage statistics by either IP address or named sub domain of department/institution?
I'm the contact for a consortium and some of the participating sites seem to be missing from the MathSciNet reports. Why?
Why aren't full text downloads counted?
Why aren't turnaways reported?
Am I allowed to keep an item that is sent to me for review?
How long do I have to write a review?
What information should I include for references in my review?
Where do I send reviewer address and email changes?
Would it help you if I sent my review in more than one format, say by Web and then by FAX, to make sure that you get it?
Couldn't you ask me via email before sending me something to review
What are the guidelines for the content of a review? Can I be critical? Should I list typos?
What if I realize there is a problem with my review and I want to make a correction?
What do reviewers receive for their services?
Can I request a particular item to review?
I do not have access to MathSciNet at my institution. Having access would improve the quality of my reviews—what can I do?
How can I save a copy of the review that I submit?
I sent in a review a few months ago; when will it appear on MathSciNet?
Lowercase math letters in my chapter and section headings and running heads are coming out uppercase. How can I avoid this problem?
How do I start an AMS web account?
How do I update my address with the AMS?
Where will the sectional meetings be held?
When are the abstract deadlines for sectional meetings?
What is the difference between a contributed paper (CP) session and a Special Session (SS)?
How do I submit an abstract for a talk in AMS sessions?
When do I find out when my talk will be?
How do I present my talk?
How do I organize an AMS Special Session?
My question is not listed here. Where can I find the answer?
When will the information about the scientific program be available?
What are the registration fees and how do I register?
When will hotel information be published?
How can I give a suggestion for an Invited Address speaker at a sectional meeting?
How do I use the Bookstore Shopping Cart?
Is my online bookstore order secure?
Are there alternatives methods to order other than the Bookstore?
How will I know if a bookstore item is available or not?
How often are bookstore prices, publication dates and special offers updated?
Are AMS member prices and special offers available on the AMS Bookstore?
What is the Comments box for on the Order checkout screen?
What forms of payment do you accept on the AMS Bookstore?
If I pay by credit card, when will my card be charged?
Can I get a Pro Forma Invoice for a bookstore purchase?
What are the shipping options within the US, and how long will it take to get my order?
What are the shipping options outside of the US, and how long will it take to get my order?
What if my order includes multiple items, each with different availability?
Are special shipping options available?
Do I need to pay sales tax?
How are customs fees handled?
Are AMS and AMS-distributed book series available on Standing Order?
What is the AMS' return policy ?
How do I subscribe to an AMS or AMS-distributed journal?
Can I change my address via the AMS website?
How do I set up my AMS web account?
What is a "standing order"?
How can I find the price of a book that I would like to order?
If I was a registered participant at an AMS conference, am I entitled to purchase the conference proceedings volume(s) at a discounted price?
Does the AMS offer discounts?
What is returnable?
How do I make a return?
What is the AMS policy regarding the receipt of damaged via UPS
If I return items that AMS shipped to me in error, can I be reimbursed for the postage?
What are the shipping and handling charges?
What forms of payment are acceptable by the AMS?
What are AMS Points?
How are my AMS points associated with me?
What can I use my AMS Points for?
Can I send my AMS Points to other distributors of AMS products?
Am I entitled to pay member price for AMS products when using AMS Points?
How do I use my AMS points when ordering from the AMS?
How do I use my AMS points when ordering from the AMS Bookstore?
Where do I find my AMS Points ID Number or MR Reviewer Number?
How do I find out my AMS Points balance?
Can I use my AMS points as soon as they are awarded?
Do AMS Points expire?
Can I redeem my AMS Points for cash?
Can I transfer my AMS Points to my Institution?
I have not received the AMS Points that I believe I am entitled to. Who do I contact?
Are AMS points considered taxable income in the U.S?
Are journals available on an individual issue basis?
Where can I find back volume pricing of journals?
What are the delivery charges for AMS and AMS-distributed journals?
Can I cancel a subscription at any time during the subscription year?
How do I avoid incurring late charges?
How much time should I allow before placing a claim for missing issues of a journal?
How can I subscribe to Mathematical Reviews products if my affiliation does not have a license?
I am trying to access an electronic journal but it requires a user name and password. What can I do?
How do I become a member of the AMS?
How can I renew my membership in the AMS?
Does the AMS offer reciprocity membership?
What types of membership are offered by the AMS?
How can I sponsor a person for AMS membership?
I would like to reinstate my AMS membership. Do I complete another membership application?
Are my AMS dues tax deductible?
Can I order publications for my institution/company using my membership discounts?
I did not receive my complimentary copy of the Member Directory, can you send me one?
I am receiving offprints of a paper that will be included in an edited volume published by the AMS. Will I receive a complimentary copy of the book when published?
Can I check my AMS membership status online?
Where should I look for amsmath documentation?
How do I get rid of the weird error that seems to be related to a symbol in a section title or a figure caption?
Why can't I use an abbreviation for the "align" environment?
I might like to publish work related to my Ph.D. thesis with the AMS. Must I have an electronic copy of such work, or may I submit a handwritten copy?
How do I transfer files to AMS?
My book (article) is composed of a number of files. Do I have to submit each file individually?
How can I obtain and use the ZIP utility?
When I try to upload files to the AMS ftp site, I get a message "Permission denied on server." How do I transfer the files?
Why do I need to send you a "reference" copy of my paper? I'm already sending you the source files.
In my bibliography, how do I cite a paper that has been posted on line but is not yet in print?
My paper has been accepted for publication in a Contemporary Mathematics volume. It will also appear as part of my Ph.D. thesis. How do I credit the AMS as the original publisher?
My article has been accepted for publication in an AMS journal. Am I permitted to post it on the arXiv?
I've downloaded an author package, and I'm trying to TeX my file, but TeX tells me it can't find the new package. What can I do?
What is wrong with redefining short commands, like \L or \AA?
What commands shouldn't be redefined?
Should I add the hyperref package to my article (or book) before I submit it?
I'm getting reports of overfull boxes. How can I get rid of them?
How can I attach a footnote to a section heading?
My title (section title) is too long to fit in the page headers. How can I get a shorter version?
Question marks are appearing in my running heads where I expected a cross reference. How can I get the cross reference to appear?
I have a theorem with an optional name that is longer than a line and it won't break. What can I do?
In my book, each chapter title appears on a page by itself, and the text starts on a new page. How can I make the text start on the same page as the title?
In my AMS-LaTeX article (book), I had to use \pagebreak to avoid a bad break, but that left extra space at the bottom of the page. How can I fix it?
The spaces in my text are uneven. What might be the problem?
TeX occasionally inserts an upside-down question mark before a capital F. I think it's a transmission problem. Why does this happen, and how can I avoid it?
How can I get blackboard bold letters?
Refer to the AMS Author Handbook for guidance
I want to use some cyrillic letters for math variables, but there isn't any LaTeX support for cyrillic in the AMSfonts packages. How do I do it?
I'm using \mathfrak to indicate the Lie algebras (spin, so, etc.), but only the first letter comes out fraktur. What will make the whole term fraktur?
I know that to generate "sin" and "cos" in math mode one uses \sin and \cos. What is the command for generating "sgn" (the sign function)?
I'm using a black triangle to indicate a special kind of multiplication, but the spacing is wrong. How can I tell TeX to space this like a times sign?
How can I define a symbol so that I can use it in either text or math?
How can I get a single symbol that's much larger than the usual size?
How can I get the mirror image of a symbol that isn't symmetrical?
How can I get boldface versions of scalable brackets and other delimiters?
How can I make an entire equation bold? (I'm using AMS-LaTeX.)
In the phrase "1-, 2-, or 3-dimensional" the line broke between a hyphen and a comma. How can I prevent that?
My paper contains an expression "M-N-cycle", which I have coded $M-N$-cycle. The first hyphen comes out as a minus sign. How can I fix it?
I want to have some particular arrows pointing down, but the only ones available point to the right. How can I turn them?
The binomial coefficients in my paper are very large and spacy, especially in text. How can I make them a more appropriate size?
How can I get diagonal dots, like \ddots, but rising instead of falling?
I'm looking for a symbol. I know what it looks like, but I don't know the TeX name for it. How can I find its name?
Where can I find examples showing how to use the amsmath multi-line display structures?
I tried to create shorthand commands \bequ ... \eequ for the equation environment, but it didn't work. Why not?
Is it a bug or a feature that equations with $$...$$ are not flushed left using the fleqn option to the article class?
When I align multiple formulas, the spacing after = signs at the beginning of the lines isn't always the same. How can I fix it?
Why is there too much vertical space around my displays?
I want to make a custom document class based on amsart but with some minor style changes. What is the best way to do it?
How can I get more vertical space between lines of a display?
Some of my displays are too wide. How can I make them fit?
Why isn't there an equation number on any of the equations in a multline environment?
The equation numbers (labels) are overlapping some of my display equations. How can this be avoided?
How can I get equation numbers on the right?
Why aren't the labels on equations shown by the showlabels package?
Why does \text{...} in displays become italic in theorem environments?
How can I get diagonal arrows in commutative diagrams? The amscd package doesn't provide them.
Why are my references to figures (tables) one less than the actual numbers on the figures (tables), or why do they refer to sections rather than to the figures (tables)?
In my book, \numberwithin{figure}{chapter} works for ordinary figures. But for subfigures, the chapter number is omitted, so subfigure "2.4(c)" is instead referred to as "4(c)". How to fix it?
Footnotes in my book start with number 1 in every chapter. I refer to footnotes in the text, and this is confusing. How can I remove the ambiguity?
I am using the xcb environment for exercises, and the numbers extend beyond the left margin. How do I move them to the right?
How can I "number" my theorems with letters, A, B, C, etc.?
I want my theorem numbers to start at 1 in each chapter, but I don't want theorem labels to include the chapter number, so \newtheorem{theorem}{Theorem}[chapter] won't work. How can I get the result I want?
Theorems numbered by section that appear in a new chapter before that chapter's first numbered section continue the numbering from the previous chapter, for example 4.0.26. How can I get the first theorem to be 4.0.1?
In my book, some chapters have sections, and some don't. I want theorems to be numbered within sections when appropriate, but in chapters without sections, I want theorems to have numbers like 4.1, not 4.0.1. How can this be done?
How can I override the automatic theorem counters for just a few theorems to use my own numbering?
Please explain the fine points of theorem and equation numbering.
When a theorem (proof) begins with a list, how do I keep the first item from running together with the theorem (proof) heading?
Some of my theorems (proofs) consist entirely of an enumerate or itemize environment. These all have too much space between the heading and the first item. Is there a fix for this?
I'm trying to cite a particular source in the optional theorem argument, but I get an obscure error about \@citex. How can I get the result I want?
I want the theorem note text (the optional argument) to show up as bold. I used \newtheoremstyle to set up a theorem style to make this happen, but the note text does not show up as bold. How can I do this?
How can I get the box that marks the end of a proof to be on the last line of the proof when it ends with a display or a list?
I have used \qedhere to move the QED symbol to the last line of a display, but it's centered vertically on the display. How can I move it to the last line?
How can I get the QED symbol in the right place when a proof ends with an equation that uses {multline*} ?
How can I get a QED box or other symbol at the end of a line outside of the proof environment?
How can I omit the QED symbol from the end of a proof?
I tried to put some figures side by side using minipage but they are positioned badly. How can I fix this?
Some tables (figures) are very wide, and need to be placed sideways on a page. How can I do this effectively?
I have some tables that are just a bit wider than the page, not wide enough to be set sideways. How can I make then narrower?
I'm using the LaTeX longtable package, and I've been asked to change the style of the caption to match the AMS caption style. Also, The caption is too small. How can I fix it?
I have a table that's both too long and too wide, so it needs to be broken automatically as well as set sideways. What should I do?
What kinds of (electronic) graphics files can AMS accept?
I've been told to convert my graphics files (.pdf, .bmp, .png, .tiff, .jpeg, etc.) to .eps. How can I do that?
AMS requires fonts to be embedded in .eps files. How can I accomplish this with Mathematica?
How can I insert figures (graphics) into an AMS-LaTeX document?
I'm using Scientific Workplace. I received a message saying that my graphics calls include a specific path, and the dvi file cannot be processed. How can I fix this?
How can I include graphics in a plain TeX or an AMS-TeX document?
I want to use a graphic as a display, with a centered equation number, but the number is placed at the bottom left. How can it be centered?
I have a figure insertion in the middle of a paragraph, following a display. The next line begins with a small space. How can I get rid of the space?
I have a color figure that is to be tipped in. I've been told to prepare this without page numbers. How can I do this?
Using xy, how can I thicken the lines in some diagrams? (I was told they were too thin.)
How do I construct a book title page?
I need a ~ (tilde) in my URL, but it disappears when I use \URLaddr. How can I get it to print?
The subject classification is printing out as "1991 Mathematics Subject Classification", but I've been asked to change it to 2010. How do I do that?
Why can't 2010 be made the default version of the Subject Classification?
How do I specify copyright information?
I am an employee of the U.S. Government, so my article should not carry a copyright notice. How can I suppress it?
Why was there no copyright line on the first page of my proceedings paper?
My article title is too long to fit in the page headers. How can I get a shorter version?
I've been asked to omit the page numbers from the contents list at the top of my proceedings paper. How can I do that?
How can I omit or change a heading in the table of contents?
How do I prepare a dedication?
How do I input the Acknowledgments, Preface, etc.?
Blank pages at the ends of chapters have running heads. How can I get rid of them?
My book contains photographs on left-hand pages facing the beginning pages of some chapters. Unfortunately, the running head from the previous chapter appears above each photograph. How can I remove this unwanted running head?
Some chapters in my monograph have individual authors. Their names should appear below the chapter title and also in the table of contents. How can I do this?
How can paragraphs be indented after section headings?
How can a document be double spaced?
Some other questions that are relevant to this topic:
I would like dotted lines (leaders) in my table of contents. How can I get them with amsbook (amsart)?
My book (article) has only one appendix. How can I get it to be called just "Appendix", not "Appendix A"? And how do I get sections, equations, etc., to be numbered A.1, etc.?
The single appendix in my book is being labeled "Appendix A". How can I change this to just "Appendix"? This appendix has a title, so the answer to the preceding question doesn't apply.
The bibliography and index of my book are headed "Appendix" in the table of contents. How do I get rid of it?
In my bibliography, MR numbers begin with "MRMR". How can I get rid of the second "MR"?
I want to use the author-year style of citations. Neither the amsplain nor the amsalpha bibliography style supports this. How can I do it?
I have two bibliographies in my book (article); the second one has the title "Additional reading". How do I change this title?
How can I add some explanatory text between entries in my bibliography?
How can I create multiple indexes for my (AMS-LaTeX) book?
How can I put some text below the title "Index" and above the index?
Some page numbers in my index point to blank pages. Why is this happening, and how can I fix it?
How can I use the AMS extra symbol fonts with standard LaTeX?
I want to use the features of amsmath, but I don't want to use an AMS document class.
I prepared my article for an AMS journal [or proceedings volume] using the LaTeX "article" [or "proc"] document class, and have been asked to convert it to AMS-LaTeX. How can I do that?
Why aren't there any author packages based on the ordinary LaTeX document classes (article et al.) as opposed to AMS-LaTeX?
My title (author list, section title) is too long to fit in the running heads. How can I get a shorter version?
I want to magnify the output for proofreading, but it runs off the bottom of the paper. How can I fix it?
I've prepared my book with AMS-TeX, and the Acquisitions Editor has requested that it be set in 11pt type. How can I do this?
Can I apply the AMS points to an order that I previously sent to the AMS?
Why does \text{...} in displays become italic in theorems?
Footnotes are now numbered consecutively throughout my book. How can I reset the footnote counter to "1" at the beginning of every chapter?
AMS-TeX doesn't have any automatic numbering facilities. What can I do to get them?
How can I get a chapter heading with "Appendix A" instead of "Chapter..."?
How can I find out the current status of my journal article?
How can I create an index for a book prepared with AMS-TeX?
I'm using Illustrator CS2 under Windows to create my graphics. EPS files contain binary characters at the beginning, and MikTeX won't recognize them. How do I get EPS files that MikTeX will recognize?
I'm using Freehand to prepare graphics. When I run dvips to print out these pages, the labels on the graphics disappear. What can I do to keep this from happening?
I'm using TeXShop, which normally produces PDF files. How can I create a dvi file?
How can I see a list of the items I subscribe to?
I'm trying to process an idx file into an index, using TeXShop. But when I select MakeIndex as the mode of operation and click Typeset, I get a message that the idx file isn't found. How can I make this work?
I'm using Textures. How do I include graphics?
Where should I look for documentation about AMS document classes?
Some other questions that relate to numbering:
I want to make a custom document class based on amsart but with some minor style changes. What is the best way to do it?
All the indents and left margins for numbered lists and other lists are suddenly different in my document that uses document class amsart (amsbook, amsproc). What happened?
My document had numbers of the form "1." "2." etc. for first-level enumerated lists, but after a recent upgrade I am getting "(1)" "(2)" etc. How do I get the old style back?
The corners of the QED symbol look bad on screen. What can I do to get a better-looking version?
When I use the amsthm package with the slides document class, the space above and below theorems is too small.
Why do I get the following error message that I wasn't getting before?
When I use a Latin-1 character in an article title the uppercasing for the running heads does not work correctly. How can I fix this?
I want to add MR numbers to my bibliography. How can I do this?
My title page (using amsbook) doesn't look anything like the published title pages in AMS books. Why not?
How can I put some text between the heading "Index" and the index data in my book (using amsbook)?
Why can't I use \begin{align} ... \end{align} in the definition of another environment?
Why did \matrix, \pmatrix, and \cases stop working when I added the amsmath package?
Why do \over, \atop, ..., \overwithdelims give warnings when I add the amsmath package?
How do I get my equations and my theorems to share the same numbering sequence?
How do I put a box around an entire equation, including the equation number?
Why do I see no effect when I change \mathindent?
Why doesn't \raisetag have any visible effect when there is plenty of room for the equation number on the last line of a multi-line equation?
Why are equation numbers sometimes misplaced or shifted to a separate line when there seems to be enough room to keep them on the same line?
How can I get something like the "cases" environment that permits a separate equation number for each line?
How can I get better vertical placement of symbols attached to a base symbol with \underset and/or \overset? The default placement is not good enough.
With \sideset the subscript is overlapping with neighboring material. How can this be fixed?
Lower limits on \iint\nolimits are positioned too far away from the integral symbol. How can this be fixed?
\ldots spacing differs from normal LaTeX values when I add the amsmath package. How can the original spacing be restored?
In "xalignat", how can I get rid of the error "Extra & on this line"?
Empty first cell in the "aligned" environment leads to a TeX error. How can this be avoided?
"align*" within "gather" is shifted to the right (for example in testmath.tex, p. 37).
With fleqn + leqno options, the "align" environment nevertheless puts the numbers on the right. How can I force them to the left?
\numberwithin{equation}{chapter} with the "report" or "book" documentclass adds too many levels to the equation numbers: (1.1.x) instead of (1.x).
\accentedsymbol produces the error message "Missing number, treated as zero."
Why do I get a puzzling error message about "Incomplete \ifmmode" when I use \ensuremath inside an alignment environment (aligned, array, etc)?
How can I show an example of a few lines to be typed into a computer, centered with an equation number? amsmath doesn't allow \verb in the equation environment.
In amsmath.sty, the @! and @, from amstex.sty disappeared. How do I get the same effect using amsmath?
Use the AMS packages for authors and editors
How to use AMS-LaTeX with the author packages
For journal articles, use only publicly available standard packages
Name your files clearly
Return forms promptly
Include at least one primary mathematics subject classification for your article or book
Format pages correctly
Supply a shortened version of the title for the running heads (this is necessary only if the title does not fit on one line)
Available documentation for AMS-LaTeX
Available documentation for AMS-TeX
Available documentation for AMSFonts
What is my Billing Zip Code or Postal Code?
What is a CVV and where on my credit card can I find it?
I tried to use my Editor Credits but could not. Why?
How can I communicate an address change?
I've found an error on one of the AMS web pages. Whom should I tell?
I lost my member ID. How do I find that information?
I lost my paper/article ID. How do I find that information?
I have a question about the Joint Mathematics Meetings. Where do I find the answer?
How can I get an unnumbered footnote in my book to acknowledge material that was published elsewhere?
How can I format a book for AMS using plain TeX?
How can I insert a page break in the TOC?
I'm using Firefox, how can I get PDF documents on the AMS website to display properly?
How can I request permission to include material from another publication in my book or journal article?
I'm using Scientific Workplace. Are there any special requirements when I submit a manuscript to AMS?
I want to use the endnotes package for my book, but I get a "capacity exceeded" error. What can I do?
I prefer the notation "Im" and "Re" to the fraktur letters 𝕴 and 𝕽. How can I change them?
When will I receive my royalty payment and/or statement?
I received a royalty statement but the payment is being held. How do I receive the royalty payment now?
How do I communicate an address change that will affect my royalty payment?
What forms of royalty payment are available?
What taxpayer certification is required to receive my royalty payment?
Am I required to claim income from a royalty payment on my Federal income tax return?
My question regarding a royalty payment is not listed here. Where may I find the answer?
Why should I apply for an IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)?
How do I assign my royalty payments to a different party?
test invalid chareacters -- for information only
All my bibliographic items are in my .bib file, but the bibliography doesn't appear in my paper (book), and all citations are shown as "??". What is wrong?
My book is about a computer language whose syntax requires "straight quotes". How can I enter them so that examples can be cut-and-pasted from a PDF view?
I want figures and tables to be numbered consecutively through my entire book, and not numbered by chapter. How can that be fixed?
My attempts to submit files via the web server fail. How can I download my files using FTP?
Are all AMS journals in the Early View system?
My article was accepted; why isn't it in Early View?
Are Early View articles considered published?
Is the Early View article considered the official version of record?
What is considered the official date of publication?
Can Early View articles be cited?
How should an Early View article be cited?
Why is the Early View version in a different style and format from the published version of record?
Who has access to Early View articles?
Can an Early View version of an article be altered after it has been posted to the Early View website?
How long will an article remain in Early View?
Do authors need to sign a Consent to Publish form?
I need a second abstract (in a second language) for my paper. How can I accomplish that with amsart?
The first line of a gathered (aligned) expression is disappearing. How can I get it back?