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Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
ISSN 1088-6850(online) ISSN 0002-9947(print)


Papers accepted for publication in Transactions of the American Mathematical Society which have not yet been published

Papers are displayed alphabetically by first author listed.

Abdellaoui, Boumediene; Peral, Ireneo; Walias, Magdalena
Some existence and regularity results for porous media and fast diffusion equations with a gradient term

Abrams, Lowell; Slilaty, Daniel
Cellular automorphisms and self duality

Achter, Jeffrey
Arithmetic Torelli maps for cubic surfaces and threefolds

Acosta, M.; Kamińska, A.; Mastyło, M.
The Daugavet property in rearrangement invariant spaces

Acquistapace, Francesca; Broglia, Fabrizio; Fernando, José
On the Nullstellensätze for Stein spaces and real $C$-analytic sets

Adamaszek, Michał; Hladký, Jan
Dense flag triangulations of $3$-manifolds via extremal graph theory

Aizicovici, Sergiu; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos; Staicu, Vasile
Nodal solutions for $(p,2)$-equations

Akian, Marianne; Gaubert, Stéphane; Nussbaum, Roger
Uniqueness of the fixed point of nonexpansive semidifferentiable maps

Alarcón, Antonio; López, Francisco
Properness of associated minimal surfaces

Aljadeff, Eli; David, Ofir
On regular $G$-gradings

Allday, Christopher; Franz, Matthias; Puppe, Volker
Equivariant cohomology, syzygies and orbit structure

Ambrosio, Luigi; Gigli, Nicola; Mondino, Andrea; Rajala, Tapio
Riemannian Ricci curvature lower bounds in metric measure spaces with $\sigma $-finite measure

Andreianov, Boris; Sbihi, Karima
Well-posedness of general boundary-value problems for scalar conservation laws

Angel, Omer; Friedman, Joel; Hoory, Shlomo
The non-backtracking spectrum of the universal cover of a graph

Anquela, José; Cortés, Teresa; Petersson, Holger
Commuting $U$-operators in Jordan algebras

Aragona, J.; Juriaans, S.; Colombeau, J.
Locally convex topological algebras of generalized functions: Compactness and nuclearity in a nonlinear context

Araújo, João; Cameron, Peter
Two generalizations of homogeneity in groups with applications to regular semigroups

Ardila, Federico; Postnikov, Alexander
Correction to “Combinatorics and geometry of power ideals

Ardila, Federico; Rincón, Felipe; Williams, Lauren
Positroids and non-crossing partitions

Ariki, Susumu; Park, Euiyong
Representation type of finite quiver Hecke algebras of type $D^{(2)_\ell +1}$

Arklint, Sara; Ruiz, Efren
Corners of Cuntz-Krieger algebras

Aron, Richard; Carando, Daniel; Lassalle, Silvia; Maestre, Manuel
Cluster values of holomorphic functions of bounded type

Artebani, Michela; Garbagnati, Alice; Laface, Antonio
Cox rings of extremal rational elliptic surfaces

Asperó, David; Mota, Miguel Angel
Forcing consequences of PFA together with the continuum large

Auroux, Denis; Grigsby, J.; Wehrli, Stephan
Sutured Khovanov homology, Hochschild homology, and the Ozsváth-Szabó spectral sequence

Avilés, A.; Plebanek, G.; Rodríguez, J.
A weak$^*$ separable $C(K)^*$ space whose unit ball is not weak$^*$ separable

Aytaç, Hale; Freitas, Jorge; Vaienti, Sandro
Laws of rare events for deterministic and random dynamical systems

Azaiez, Asma
Blow-up profile for the complex-valued semilinear wave equation

Azzam, Jonas; Bedrossian, Jacob
Bounded mean oscillation and the uniqueness of active scalar equations

Babichenko, Yakov; Peres, Yuval; Peretz, Ron; Sousi, Perla; Winkler, Peter
Hunter, Cauchy rabbit, and optimal Kakeya sets

Baeumer, Boris; Kovács, Mihály; Meerschaert, Mark; Schilling, René; Straka, Peter
Reflected spectrally negative stable processes and their governing equations

Baeumer, Boris; Kovács, Mihály; Sankaranarayanan, Harish
Higher order Grünwald approximations of fractional derivatives and fractional powers of operators

Baez, John; Huerta, John
$G_2$ and the rolling ball

Baker, Kenneth; Gordon, Cameron; Luecke, John
Bridge number, Heegaard genus and non-integral Dehn surgery

Bandyopadhyay, Saugata; Dacorogna, Bernard; Kneuss, Olivier
Some new results on differential inclusions for differential forms

Banks, William; Finch, Carrie; Luca, Florian; Pomerance, Carl; Stănică, Pantelimon
Sierpiński and Carmichael numbers

Bao, Jiguang; Li, Haigang; Li, Yanyan
On the exterior Dirichlet problem for Hessian equations

Barot, Michael; Marsh, Robert
Reflection group presentations arising from cluster algebras

Barrett, David
Holomorphic projection and duality for domains in complex projective space

Baskin, Dean; Sá Barreto, Antônio
Radiation fields for semilinear wave equations

Bauer, Kristine; Johnson, Brenda; McCarthy, Randy; Eldred, Rosona
Cross effects and calculus in an unbased setting

Bazzoni, Giovanni; Fernández, Marisa; Muñoz, Vicente
Non-formal co-symplectic manifolds

Bačák, Miroslav
Convergence of nonlinear semigroups under nonpositive curvature

Beltrán, Antonio; Felipe, María; Malle, Gunter; Moretó, Alexander; Navarro, Gabriel; Sanus, Lucia; Solomon, Ronald; Tiep, Pham
Nilpotent and abelian Hall subgroups in finite groups

Benkart, Georgia; Lopes, Samuel; Ondrus, Matthew
A parametric family of subalgebras of the Weyl algebra I. Structure and automorphisms

Bergelson, Vitaly; Hindman, Neil; Williams, Kendall
Polynomial extensions of the Milliken-Taylor theorem

Bernhardt, Chris; Staecker, P.
Generalizing the rotation interval to vertex maps on graphs

Bernicot, Frédéric; Martell, José-María
Self-improving properties for abstract Poincaré type inequalities

Bevan, David
Growth rates of permutation grid classes, tours on graphs, and the spectral radius

Bezugli, Sergey; Handelman, David
Measures on Cantor sets: The good, the ugly, the bad

Bichon, Julien; Riche, Simon
Hopf algebras having a dense big cell

Biermé, Hermine; Durieu, Olivier
Invariance principles for self-similar set-indexed random fields

Billig, Yuly; Futorny, Vyacheslav
Representations of Lie algebra of vector fields on a torus and chiral de Rham complex

Blaszczok, Anna; Kuhlmann, Franz-Viktor
Corrections and notes to “Value groups, residue fields and bad places of rational function fields”

Bleher, Frauke
Brauer’s generalized decomposition numbers and universal deformation rings

Blomgren, M.; Chachólski, W.
On the classification of fibrations

Bocklandt, Raf; Abouzaid, Mohammed
Noncommutative mirror symmetry for punctured surfaces

Bodirsky, Manuel; Pinsker, Michael
Topological Birkhoff

Boelaert, Lien; De Medts, Tom
A new construction of Moufang quadrangles of type $E_6, E_7$ and $E_8$

Bogdan, Krzysztof; Kumagai, Takashi; Kwaśnicki, Mateusz
Boundary Harnack inequality for Markov processes with jumps

Boggi, Marco
On the procongruence completion of the Teichmüller modular group

Bolsinov, Alexey; Matveev, Vladimir
Local normal forms for geodesically equivalent pseudo-Riemannian metrics

Bonatti, C.; Crovisier, S.; Gourmelon, N.; Potrie, R.
Tame dynamics and robust transitivity chain-recurrence classes versus homoclinic classes

Borodin, Alexei; Corwin, Ivan; Gorin, Vadim; Shakirov, Shamil
Observables of Macdonald processes

Bowman, C.; De Visscher, M.; Orellana, R.
The partition algebra and the Kronecker coefficients

Bownik, Marcin; Jasper, John
The Schur-Horn theorem for operators with finite spectrum

Brambilla, Maria Chiara; Dumitrescu, Olivia; Postinghel, Elisa
On a notion of speciality of linear systems in $\mathbb {P}^n$

Braverman, Maxim
Background cohomology of a non-compact Kähler $G$-manifold

Bringmann, Kathrin; Dousse, Jehanne
On Dyson’s crank conjecture and the uniform asymptotic behavior of certain inverse theta functions

Bringmann, Kathrin; Raum, Martin; Richter, Olav
Harmonic Maass-Jacobi forms with singularities and a theta-like decomposition

Brooks, Christopher; Martín del Campo, Abraham; Sottile, Frank
Galois groups of Schubert problems of lines are at least alternating

Brussel, Eric; Tengan, Eduardo
Formal constructions in the Brauer group of the function field of a $p$-adic curve

Bryan, James; Steinberg, David
Curve counting invariants for crepant resolutions

Brändén, Petter; Moci, Luca
The multivariate arithmetic Tutte polynomial

Buchmann, Boris; Maller, Ross; Mason, David
Laws of the iterated logarithm for self-normalized Lévy processes at zero

Bucur, Alina; David, Chantal; Feigon, Brooke; Lalín, Matilde
Statistics for ordinary Artin-Schreier covers and other $p$-rank strata

Bulut, Aynur
The defocusing energy-supercritical cubic nonlinear wave equation in dimension five

Burke, Jesse; Walker, Mark
Matrix factorizations in higher codimension

Burness, Timothy; Seress, Ákos
On Pyber’s base size conjecture

Burstein, Richard
Group-type subfactors and Hadamard matrices

Buss, Alcides; Echterhoff, Siegfried
Weakly proper group actions, Mansfield’s imprimitivity and twisted Landstad duality

Buss, Samuel; Kołodziejczyk, Leszek; Zdanowski, Konrad
Collapsing modular counting in bounded arithmetic and constant depth propositional proofs

Böcherer, Siegfried; Das, Soumya
Linear independence of Poincaré series of exponential type via non-analytic methods

Böhm, Gabriella; Gómez-Torrecillas, José; López-Centella, Esperanza
Weak multiplier bialgebras

Cabot, A.; Thibault, L.
Sequential formulae for the normal cone to sublevel sets

Cabré, Xavier; Sire, Yannick
Nonlinear equations for fractional Laplacians II: Existence, uniqueness, and qualitative properties of solutions

Cagliero, Leandro; Tirao, Paulo
Total cohomology of solvable Lie algebras and linear deformations

Calka, Pierre; Demichel, Yann
Fractal random series generated by Poisson-Voronoi tessellations

Camillo, Victor; Nielsen, Pace
Half-orthogonal sets of idempotents

Campbell, James; McCutcheon, Randall
Recurrence and primitivity for IP systems with polynomial wildcards

Carlson, Jon; Iyengar, Srikanth
Thick subcategories of the bounded derived category of a finite group

Carmona, Jacques; Delorme, Patrick
Constant term of Eisenstein integrals on a reductive $p$-adic symmetric space

Carroll, Andrew; Chindris, Calin
On the invariant theory for acyclic gentle algebras

Casarino, Valentina; Peloso, Marco
Strichartz estimates for the Schrödinger equation for the sublaplacian on complex spheres

Caspers, Martijn; de la Salle, Mikael
Schur and Fourier multipliers of an amenable group acting on non-commutative $L^p$-spaces

Cassano, B.; Fanelli, L.
Sharp Hardy uncertainty principle and Gaussian profiles of covariant Schrödinger evolutions

Castellana, Natàlia; Flores, Ramón
Homotopy idempotent functors on classifying spaces

Castro-Jiménez, Francisco; Fernández-Fernández, María-Cruz; Koike, Tatsuya; Takayama, Nobuki
Irregular modified $A$-hypergeometric systems

Catuogno, Pedro; Ledesma, Diego; Ruffino, Paulo
Foliated stochastic calculus: Harmonic measures

Ceballos, Cesar; Pilaud, Vincent
Denominator vectors and compatibility degrees in cluster algebras of finite type

Cerreia-Vioglio, Simone; Maccheroni, Fabio; Marinacci, Massimo; Montrucchio, Luigi
Choquet integration on Riesz spaces and dual comonotonicity

Chalendar, Isabelle; Garcia, Stephan; Ross, William; Timotin, Dan
An extremal problem for characteristic functions

Chang, Shu-Cheng; Chen, Jui-Tang; Wei, Shihshu
Liouville properties for $p$-harmonic maps with finite $q$-energy

Chaumont, Loïc; Liu, Rongli
Coding multitype forests: Application to the law of the total population of branching forests

Chebolu, S.; Mináč, J.; Quadrelli, C.
Detecting fast solvability of equations via small powerful Galois groups

Cheng, Qing-Ming; Wei, Guoxin
A gap theorem of self-shrinkers

Cheng, Xu; Mejia, Tito; Zhou, Detang
Stability and compactness for complete $f$-minimal surfaces

Chen, Jingyi; Fraser, Ailana; Pang, Chao
Minimal immersions of compact bordered Riemann surfaces with free boundary

Chen, Qingtao; Han, Fei
Mod 3 congruence and twisted signature of 24 dimensional string manifolds

Chen, Xianghong
Sets of Salem type and sharpness of the $L^2$-Fourier restriction theorem

Chen, Xuehua
An improvement on eigenfunction restriction estimates for compact boundaryless Riemannian manifolds with nonpositive sectional curvature

Chen, Yanping; Ding, Yong
$ L^p $ bounds for the commutators of singular integrals and maximal singular integrals with rough kernels

Chen, Zhen-Qing; Fukushima, Masatoshi; Rohde, Steffen
Chordal Komatu-Loewner equation and Brownian motion with darning in multiply connected domains

Chen, Zhen-Qing; Kim, Panki; Song, Renming
Stability of Dirichlet heat kernel estimates for non-local operators under Feynman-Kac perturbation

Chen, Zhijie; Zou, Wenming
Existence and symmetry of positive ground states for a doubly critical Schrödinger system

Chepoi, Victor; Osajda, Damian
Dismantlability of weakly systolic complexes and applications

Chernikov, Artem; Simon, Pierre
Externally definable sets and dependent pairs II

Choi, Dohoon; Lim, Subong
Structures for pairs of mock modular forms with the Zagier duality

Chumley, Timothy; Feres, Renato; Zhang, Hong-Kun
Diffusivity in multiple scattering systems

Chung, Nhan-Phu; Thom, Andreas
Some remarks on the entropy for algebraic actions of amenable groups

Cipriani, Fabio; Sauvageot, Jean-Luc
Variations in noncommutative potential theory: Finite energy states, potentials and multipliers

Cirici, Joana
Cofibrant models of diagrams: Mixed Hodge structures in rational homotopy

Clerc, Jean-Louis
Intertwining operators for the generalized principal series on a symmetric $R$-space

Colzani, Leonardo; Gigante, Giacomo; Vargas, Ana
Localization for Riesz means of Fourier expansions

Conley, Charles; Larsen, Jeannette
Equivalence classes of subquotients of pseudodifferential operator modules

Conlon, Joseph; Fahim, Arash
Strong convergence to the homogenized limit of parabolic equations with random coefficients

Cordero, Elena; Nicola, Fabio; Rodino, Luigi
Gabor representations of evolution operators

Costin, O.; Huang, M.
Decay estimates for one-dimensional wave equations with inverse power potentials

Crann, Jason; Neufang, Matthias
Amenability and covariant injectivity of locally compact quantum groups

Creutzig, Thomas; Linshaw, Andrew
The super $\mathcal {W}_{1+\infty }$ algebra with integral central charge

Cruz-Uribe SFO, David; Rios, Cristian
The Kato problem for operators with weighted ellipticity

Cuadra, Juan; Meir, Ehud
On the existence of orders in semisimple Hopf algebras

Cyr, Van; Kra, Bryna
Nonexpansive $\mathbb {Z}^2$ subdynamics and Nivat’s conjecture

Dall’Aglio, Andrea; Porretta, Alessio
Local and global regularity of weak solutions of elliptic equations with superquadratic Hamiltonian

Dani, Pallavi; Thomas, Anne
Divergence in right-angled Coxeter groups

Dave, Shantanu; Kunzinger, Michael
Singularity structures for noncommutative spaces

Davidson, Kenneth; Ramsey, Christopher; Shalit, Orr
Operator algebras for analytic varieties

de Lima, Levi; Girão, Frederico
The ADM mass of asymptotically flat hypersurfaces

De Philippis, Guido; Figalli, Alessio
Optimal regularity of the convex envelope

de Souza, Manassés; do Ó, João Marcos
A sharp Trudinger-Moser type inequality in $\mathbb {R}^2$

Dekimpe, Karel; Petrosyan, Nansen
Crystallographic actions on contractible algebraic manifolds

Deng, Fusheng; Guan, Qi’an; Zhang, Liyou
Properties of squeezing functions and global transformations of bounded domains

Denzler, Jochen
Existence and regularity for a curvature dependent variational problem

Deprez, Steven
Explicit examples of equivalence relations and $II_1$ factors with prescribed fundamental group and outer automorphism group

Dettweiler, Michael; Reiter, Stefan
The classification of orthogonally rigid $G_2$-local systems and related differential operators

Develin, Mike; Macauley, Matthew; Reiner, Victor
Toric partial orders

Diamondstone, David; Greenberg, Noam; Turetsky, Daniel
Inherent enumerability of strong jump-traceability

Ding, Qi; Xin, Y.L.
The rigidity theorems of self-shrinkers

Dirksen, Sjoerd
Noncommutative Boyd interpolation theorems

Dobbins, Michael; Holmsen, Andreas; Hubard, Alfredo
Regular systems of paths and families of convex sets in convex position

Dobrinen, Natasha; Todorcevic, Stevo
A new class of Ramsey-classification theorems and their applications in the Tukey theory of ultrafilters, Part 2

Dodson, Benjamin; Smith, Paul
A controlling norm for energy-critical Schrödinger maps

Dokchitser, Tim; Dokchitser, Vladimir
Local invariants of isogenous elliptic curves

Dolbeault, Jean; Mouhot, Clément; Schmeiser, Christian
Hypocoercivity for linear kinetic equations conserving mass

Domínguez-Vázquez, Miguel
Isoparametric foliations on complex projective spaces

Donald, Andrew
Embedding Seifert manifolds in $S^4$

Douglass, J.; Pfeiffer, Götz; Röhrle, Gerhard
Cohomology of Coxeter arrangements and Solomon’s descent algebra

Drugan, Gregory
An immersed $S^2$ self-shrinker

Drusvyatskiy, D.; Larsson, M.
Approximating functions on stratifiable sets

Dykema, Kenneth; Köstler, Claus; Williams, John
Quantum symmetric states on free product C*-algebras

Döring, Leif
A jump-type SDE approach to real-valued self-similar Markov processes

East, J.; Mitchell, J.; Peŕesse, Y.
Maximal subsemigroups of the semigroup of all mappings on an infinite set

Ebenfelt, Peter; Minor, André
On CR embeddings of strictly pseudoconvex hypersurfaces into spheres in low dimensions

Eilers, Søren; Katsura, Takeshi; Tomforde, Mark; West, James
The ranges of $K$-theoretic invariants for nonsimple graph algebras

Eisermann, Michael
Yang-Baxter deformations and rack cohomology

Ekström, Erik; Janson, Svante; Tysk, Johan
Feynman-Kac theorems for generalized diffusion

Elsenhans, Andreas-Stephan; Jahnel, Jörg
Moduli spaces and the inverse Galois problem for cubic surfaces

Elsholtz, Christian; Harper, Adam
Additive decompositions of sets with restricted prime factors

Emmanouil, Ioannis; Talelli, Olympia
Finiteness criteria in Gorenstein homological algebra

Escher, Joachim; Laurençot, Philippe; Walker, Christoph
Dynamics of a free boundary problem with curvature modeling electrostatic MEMS

Ettinger, Boris
Well-posedness of the equation for the three-form field in the eleven dimensional supergravity

Evans, Lawrence; Kneuss, Olivier; Tran, Hung
Partial regularity for minimizers of singular energy functionals, with application to liquid crystal models

Evseev, Anton
Generalised Cartan invariants of symmetric groups

Fan, Ai-Hua; Jordan, Thomas; Liao, Lingmin; Rams, Michał
Multifractal analysis for expanding interval maps with infinitely many branches

Fan, Zhaobing; Li, Yiqiang
A geometric setting for quantum $\mathfrak {osp}(1|2)$

Fasel, J.
Mennicke symbols, $K$-cohomology and a Bass-Kubota theorem

Feehan, Paul; Pop, Camelia
On the martingale problem for degenerate-parabolic partial differential operators with unbounded coefficients and a mimicking theorem for Itô processes

Feehan, Paul; Pop, Camelia
Stochastic representation of solutions to degenerate elliptic and parabolic boundary value and obstacle problems with Dirichlet boundary conditions

Fernández, Luis
The space of almost complex 2-spheres in the 6-sphere

Ferreira, Mauricio; Wadsworth, Adrian
Value functions and Dubrovin valuation rings on simple algebras

Fialkow, Lawrence
Limits of positive flat bivariate moment matrices

Filali, M.; Neufang, M.; Sangani Monfared, M.
Representations of Banach algebras subordinate to topologically introverted spaces

Finashin, Sergey; Kharlamov, Viatcheslav
Apparent contours of nonsingular real cubic surfaces

Flood, Stephen
A packed Ramsey’s theorem and computability theory

Forti, Marco; Morana Roccasalvo, Giuseppe
Natural numerosities of sets of tuples

Franco, Tertuliano; Gonçalves, Patrícia; Neumann, Adriana
Phase transition of a heat equation with Robin’s boundary conditions and exclusion process

Frantzikinakis, Nikos
A multidimensional Szemerédi theorem for Hardy sequences of different growth

Fraser, Jonathan
Assouad type dimensions and homogeneity of fractals

Freyn, Walter
Orthogonal symmetric affine Kac-Moody algebras

Friz, Peter; Gassiat, Paul; Lyons, Terry
Physical Brownian motion in magnetic field as rough path

Fujiwara, Koji
Subgroups generated by two pseudo-Anosov elements in a mapping class group. II. Uniform bound on exponents

Fuller, Adam; Yang, Dilian
Nonself-adjoint $2$-graph algebras

Futer, David; Kalfagianni, Efstratia; Purcell, Jessica
Quasifuchsian state surfaces

Führ, Hartmut
Coorbit spaces and wavelet coefficient decay over general dilation groups

Galatos, N.; Raftery, J.
Idempotent residuated structures: Some category equivalences and their applications

Ganchev, Hristo; Soskova, Mariya
Definability via Kalimullin pairs in the structure of the enumeration degrees

Gao, Fan
The residual spectrum of $Mp_4(A_k)$

Gaster, Jonah
A family of non-injective skinning maps with critical points

Geraschenko, Anton; Satriano, Matthew
Toric stacks I: The theory of stacky fans

Geraschenko, Anton; Satriano, Matthew
Toric stacks II: Intrinsic characterization of toric stacks

Ghiloni, Riccardo; Recupero, Vincenzo
Semigroups over real alternative *-algebras: Generation theorems and spherical sectorial operators

Giannopoulos, Apostolos; Stavrakakis, Pantelis; Tsolomitis, Antonis; Vritsiou, Beatrice-Helen
Geometry of the $L_q$-centroid bodies of an isotropic log-concave measure

Giga, Yoshikazu; Hamamuki, Nao; Nakayasu, Atsushi
Eikonal equations in metric spaces

Gill, Nick
Transitive projective planes and insoluble groups

Gitik, Moti; Golshani, Mohammad
Adding a lot of Cohen reals by adding a few I

Giudici, Michael; Liebeck, Martin; Praeger, Cheryl; Saxl, Jan; Tiep, Pham
Arithmetic results on orbits of linear groups

Goldys, Ben; Peszat, Szymon; Zabczyk, Jerzy
Gauss-Markov processes on Hilbert spaces

Gordienko, A.
Amitsur’s conjecture for polynomial $H$-identities of $H$-module Lie algebras

Graham, William; Kreiman, Victor
Excited Young diagrams, equivariant $K$-theory, and Schubert varieties

Grant, Joseph
Lifts of longest elements to braid groups acting on derived categories

Grigor’yan, Alexander; Hu, Jiaxin; Lau, Ka-Sing
Estimates of heat kernels for non-local regular Dirichlet forms

Grossman, Pinhas; Snyder, Noah
The Brauer-Picard group of the Asaeda-Haagerup fusion categories

Gruber, Dominik
Groups with graphical $C(6)$ and $C(7)$ small cancellation presentations

Guest, Simon; Morris, Joy; Praeger, Cheryl; Spiga, Pablo
On the maximum orders of elements of finite almost simple groups and primitive permutation groups

Guillot, Dominique; Rajaratnam, Bala
Functions preserving positive definiteness for sparse matrices

Guo, Kunyu; Ji, Youqing; Zhu, Sen
A $C*$-algebra approach to complex symmetric operators

Gutiérrez, Cristian; Nguyen, Truyen
Interior second derivative estimates for solutions to the linearized Monge-Ampère equation

Gérard, Patrick; Grellier, Sandrine
An explicit formula for the cubic Szegő equation

Haagerup, Uffe; de Laat, Tim
Simple Lie groups without the approximation property II

Habsieger, Laurent
On finite additive 2-bases

Hagelstein, Paul; Luque, Teresa; Parissis, Ioannis
Tauberian conditions, Muckenhoupt weights, and differentiation properties of weighted bases

Harris, Kenneth; Montalbán, Antonio
Boolean algebra approximations

Harrop-Griffiths, Benjamin
Large data local well-posedness for a class of KdV-type equations

Hartmann, Annabelle
On rational points of varieties over local fields having a model with tame quotient singularities

Hartshorne, Robin; Polini, Claudia
Divisor class groups of singular surfaces

Hausen, Jürgen; Laface, Antonio; Tironi, Andrea; Ugaglia, Luca
On cubic elliptic varieties

Hayashi, Shuhei
A $C^2$ generic trichotomy for diffeomorphisms: Hyperbolicity or zero Lyapunov exponents or the $C^1$ creation of homoclinic bifurcations

Heckenberger, I.; Lochmann, A.; Vendramin, L.
Nichols algebras with many cubic relations

Heiderich, Florian
Galois theory of Artinian simple module algebras

Hill, David; Wang, Weiqiang
Categorification of quantum Kac-Moody superalgebras

Hinz, Michael; Teplyaev, Alexander
Local Dirichlet forms, Hodge theory, and the Navier-Stokes equations on topologically one-dimensional fractals

Hirschfeldt, Denis; Kramer, Ken; Miller, Russell; Shlapentokh, Alexandra
Categoricity properties for computable algebraic fields

Hladký, Jan; Máthé, András; Patel, Viresh; Pikhurko, Oleg
Poset limits can be totally ordered

Hoffman, A.; Hupkes, H.; Van Vleck, E.
Multi-dimensional stability of waves travelling through rectangular lattices in rational directions

Holmer, Justin; Perelman, Galina; Roudenko, Svetlana
A solution to the focusing 3d NLS that blows up on a contracting sphere

Hopkins, Nora
Quadratic differential equations in the complex domain I

Hopkins, Sam; Perkinson, David
Bigraphical arrangements

Horita, Vanderlei; Muniz, Nivaldo; Sabini, Paulo
Non-periodic bifurcations for surface diffeomorphisms

Huang, Lan-Hsuan; Wu, Damin
The equality case of the Penrose inequality for asymptotically flat graphs

Huang, Xiaojun; Liu, Jinsong
Quasihyperbolic metric and quasisymmetric mappings in metric spaces

Huang, Zheng; Wang, Biao
Counting minimal surfaces in quasi-Fuchsian three-manifolds

Hua, Bobo; Jost, Jürgen
Geometric analysis aspects of infinite semiplanar graphs with nonnegative curvature II

Humphries, Stephen; Manning, Anthony
Curves of period two points for trace maps

Hussein, Amru; Krejčiřïk, David; Siegl, Petr
Non-self-adjoint graphs

Ibrahim, Slim; Masmoudi, Nader; Nakanihsi, Kenji
Threshold solutions in the case of mass-shift for the critical Klein-Gordon equation

Inahama, Yuzuru
Large deviation principle of Freidlin-Wentzell type for pinned diffusion processes

Ionescu, Marius; Williams, Dana
Irreducible induced representations of Fell bundle $C*$-algebras

Irelli, Giovanni; Labardini-Fragoso, Daniel; Schröer, Jan
Caldero-Chapoton algebras

Ismail, Mourad
Analytic properties of complex Hermite polynomials

Isono, Yusuke
Examples of factors which have no Cartan subalgebras

Ivaki, Mohammad
Centro-affine curvature flows on centrally symmetric convex curves

Iwabuchi, Tsukasa; Ogawa, Takayoshi
Ill-posedness for nonlinear Schrödinger equation with quadratic non-linearity in low dimensions

Iyer, Uma; Kassel, Christian
Generic base algebras and universal comodule algebras for some finite-dimensional Hopf algebras

Izzo, Alexander
Uniform algebras invariant under every homeomorphism

Jaerisch, Johannes
Fractal models for normal subgroups of Schottky groups

Jiang, Zhi; Sun, Hao
Cohomological support loci of varieties of Albanese fiber dimension one

Jin, Tianling; Xiong, Jingang
A sharp Sobolev trace inequality involving the mean curvature on Riemannian manifolds

Johnson, Mathew; Noble, Pascal; Rodrigues, L.; Zumbrun, Kevin
Spectral stability of periodic wave trains of the Korteweg-de Vries/Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation in the Korteweg-de Vries limit

Johnson, Paul
Double Hurwitz numbers via the infinite wedge

Jones, Rafe
Fixed-point-free elements of iterated monodromy groups

Jorgensen, Palle; Pedersen, Steen; Tian, Feng
Spectral theory of multiple intervals

Kamensky, Moshe
Model theory and the Tannakian formalism

Kamgarpour, Masoud
Compatibility of the Feigin-Frenkel isomorphism and the Harish-Chandra isomorphism for jet algebras

Kanel-Belov, Alexei; Rowen, Louis; Vishne, Uzi
Specht’s problem for associative affine algebras over commutative Noetherian rings

Kane, Daniel
Small designs for path connected spaces and path connected homogeneous spaces

Karakhanyan, A.; Shahgholian, H.
Analysis of a free boundary at contact points with Lipschitz data

Karakurt, Cagri; Lidman, Tye
Rank inequalities for the Heegaard Floer homology of Seifert homology spheres

Karam, Steve
Growth of balls in the universal cover of surfaces and graphs

Katz, Mikhail; Sabourau, Stéphane
Dyck’s surfaces, systoles, and capacities

Kenig, Carlos; Pilod, Didier
Well-posedness for the fifth-order KdV equation in the energy space

Kennedy, Matthew
Essential normality and the decomposability of homogeneous submodules

Kerkyacharian, Gerard; Petrushev, Pencho
Heat kernel based decomposition of spaces of distributions in the framework of Dirichlet spaces

Kim, Henry; Lee, Kyu-Hwan; Zhang, Yichao
Weakly holomorphic modular forms and rank two hyperbolic Kac-Moody algebras

Kim, Inwon; Mellet, Antoine
Liquid drops sliding down an inclined plane

Kim, Kang-Tae; Thu, Ninh
On the tangential holomorphic vector fields vanishing at an infinite type point

Kindler, Lars
Regular singular stratified bundles and tame ramification

Knudby, Søren
The weak Haagerup property

Koda, Yuya; Ozawa, Makoto; Gordon, Cameron
Essential surfaces of non-negative Euler characteristic in genus two handlebody exteriors

Kolasiński, Sławomir
Geometric Sobolev-like embedding using high-dimensional Menger-like curvature

Korman, Jonathan; McCann, Robert
Optimal transportation with capacity constraints

Kosakowska, Justyna; Schmidmeier, Markus
Operations on arc diagrams and degenerations for invariant subspaces of linear operators

Kottke, Chris; Melrose, Richard
Generalized blow-up of corners and fiber products

Kra, Bryna; Quas, Anthony; Sah\. in, Ay\c se \c
Rudolph’s two step coding theorem and Alpern’s lemma for $\mathbb {R}^d$ actions

Kropholler, Peter; Lorensen, Karl
The cohomology of virtually torsion-free solvable groups of finite rank

Krötz, Bernhard; Schlichtkrull, Henrik
Multiplicity bounds and the subrepresentation theorem for real spherical spaces

Kubo, Toshihisa
Special values for conformally invariant systems associated to maximal parabolics of quasi-Heisenberg type

Kulczycki, Tadeusz; Ryznar, Michał
Gradient estimates of harmonic functions and transition densities for Lévy processes

Kumjian, Alexander; Pask, David; Sims, Aidan
On twisted higher-rank graph $C^*$-algebras

Kyed, David; Petersen, Henrik; Vaes, Stefaan
$L^2$-Betti numbers of locally compact groups and their cross section equivalence relations

Károlyi, Gyula; Lascoux, Alain; Warnaar, S.
Constant term identities and Poincaré polynomials

Lackenby, Marc
Core curves of triangulated solid tori

Lanini, Martina
On the stable moment graph of an affine Kac-Moody algebra

Larsen, Michael; Shalev, Aner
On the distribution of values of certain word maps

Latrémoliére, Frédéric
The quantum Gromov-Hausdorff propinquity

Launois, S.; Lecoutre, C.
A quadratic Poisson Gel’fand-Kirillov problem in prime characteristic

Laurent-Thiébaut, Christine
Stability of the embeddability under perturbations of the CR structure for compact CR manifolds

Lau, Anthony; Zhang, Yong
Finite dimensional invariant subspace property and amenability for a class of Banach algebras

Lee, Kyu-Hwan; Zhang, Yichao
Weyl group multiple Dirichlet series for symmetrizable Kac-Moody root systems

Lee, Yng-Ing; Lue, Yang-Kai
The stability of self-shrinkers of mean curvature flow in higher codimension

Lei, Zhen; Sideris, Thomas; Zhou, Yi
Almost global existence for 2-D incompressible isotropic elastodynamics

Lewis, John
$p$ harmonic measure in simply connected domains revisted

Liang, Yiyu; Yang, Dachun
Intrinsic square function characterizations of Musielak-Orlicz Hardy spaces

Linares, Felipe; Rosier, Lionel
Control and stabilization of the Benjamin-Ono equation on a periodic domain

Lin, Chin-Cheng
Boundedness of Monge-Ampère singular integral operators acting on Hardy spaces and their duals

Lira, J.; Wanderley, G.
Mean curvature flow of killing graphs

Liu, Bo; Yu, Jianqing
Rigidity and vanishing theorems on $mathbb{Z}/k$ Spin$^c$ manifolds

Liu, Dongwen
Eisenstein series on loop groups

Liu, Jiayi
Cone avoiding closed sets

Liu, Liguang; Luque, Teresa
A $B_p$ condition for the strong maximal function

Liu, Shitao; Oksanen, Lauri
A Lipschitz stable reconstruction formula for the inverse problem for the wave equation

Liu, Wenfei; Rollenske, Sönke
Geography of Gorenstein stable log surfaces

Li, Deli; Qi, Yongcheng; Rosalsky, Andrew
A characterization of a new type of strong law of large numbers

Li, Jin; Yuan, Shufeng; Leng, Gangsong
$L_p$-Blaschke valuations

Li, Liping
Representations of modular skew group algebras

Li, Simin; Shen, Wenxiao
The topological complexity of Cantor attractors for unimodal interval maps

Li, Xiaoli; Wang, Dehua
Global strong solution to the density-dependent incompressible flow of liquid crystals

Li, Xueping
Nonnegatively curved Alexandrov spaces with souls of codimension two

Li, Zhiyuan
Sections of Calabi-Yau threefolds with K3 fibration

Losev, Ivan
Highest weight $\mathfrak {sl}_2$-categorifications II: Structure theory

Lotay, Jason
Desingularization of coassociative 4-folds with conical singularities: Obstructions and applications

Lukic, Milivoje; Ong, Darren
Wigner-von Neumann type perturbations of periodic Schrödinger operators

Lévy, Cyril; Neira Jiménez, Carolina; Paycha, Sylvie
The canonical trace and the noncommutative residue on the noncommutative torus

López, Francisco
Uniform approximation by complete minimal surfaces of finite total curvature in $\mathbb {R}^3$

Malliaris, M.; Shelah, S.
Constructing regular ultrafilters from a model-theoretic point of view

Manjunath, Madhusudan; Schreyer, Frank-Olaf; Wilmes, John
Minimal free resolutions of the $G$-parking function ideal and the toppling ideal

Marché, Julien; Paul, Thierry
Toeplitz operators in TQFT via skein theory

Martin, Gaven
Harmonic degree 1 maps are diffeomorphisms: Lewy’s theorem for curved metrics

Martin, Paul
The decomposition matrices of the Brauer algebra over the complex field

Martínez, Consuelo; Zelmanov, Efim
Irreducible representations of the exceptional Cheng-Kac superalgebra

Matzri, Eliyahu
Symbol length in the Brauer group of a field

Mazet, Laurent
Cylindrically bounded constant mean curvature surfaces in $\mathbb {H}^2\times \mathbb {R}$

Mazur, Barry; Rubin, Karl
Selmer companion curves

Ma, Shouhei; Ohashi, Hisanori; Taki, Shingo
Rationality of the moduli spaces of Eisenstein $K3$ surfaces

Merle, Frank; Zaag, Hatem
Dynamics near explicit stationary solutions in similarity variables for solutions of a semilinear wave equation in higher dimensions

Miller, Alexander
Eigenspace arrangements of reflection groups

Miller, Jeremy
Nonabelian Poincaré duality after stabilizing

Miller, Russell; Shlapentokh, Alexandra
Computable categoricity for algebraic fields with splitting algorithms

Mitsuishi, Ayato; Yamaguchi, Takao
Collapsing three-dimensional closed Alexandrov spaces with a lower curvature bound

Miyachi, Hideki
Extremal length boundary of Teichmüller space contains non-Busemann points

Moroz, Vitaly; Van Schaftingen, Jean
Existence of groundstates for a class of nonlinear Choquard equations

Morrison, Scott; Penneys, David
Constructing spoke subfactors using the jellyfish algorithm

Mortini, Raymond; Rupp, Rudolf
The Bass and topological stable ranks for algebras of almost periodic functions on the real line

Moser, Roger
An $L^p$ regularity theory for harmonic maps

Mughetti, Marco
On the spectrum of an anharmonic oscillator

Mukhin, E.; Young, C.
Affinization of category $\mathcal {O}$ for quantum groups

Nakamura, Kei
Fox reimbedding and Bing submanifolds

Nguyen, Hoai-Minh
Asymptotic behavior of solutions to the Helmholtz equations with sign changing coefficients

Nguyen, Huy
Convexity and cylindrical estimates for mean curvature flow in the sphere

Noma, Atsushi
Generic inner projections of projective varieties and an application to the positivity of double point divisors

O’Brien, E.; Voll, C.
Enumerating classes and characters of $p$-groups

Osin, D.
Acylindrically hyperbolic groups

Ou, Yumeng
A $T(b)$ theorem on product spaces

Paniagua-Taboada, Octavio; Ramacher, Pablo
Equivariant heat asymptotics on spaces of automorphic forms

Pasnicu, Cornel; Phillips, N.
Permanence properties for crossed products and fixed point algebras of finite groups

Patakfalvi, Zsolt
Fibered stable varieties

Pavlov, Ronnie; Schraudner, Michael
Classification of sofic projective subdynamics of multidimensional shifts of finite type

Pelaez, Pablo
The unstable slice filtration

Penazzi, Davide
One-basedness and reductions of elliptic curves over real closed fields

Peng, Wenjuan; Tan, Lei
Quasi-conformal rigidity of multicritical maps

Perrin, Nicolas
Split subvarieties of group embeddings

Phillips, N.
Finite cyclic group actions with the tracial Rokhlin property

Pitman, Jim; Rizzolo, Douglas
Schröder’s problems and scaling limits of random trees

Rajan, Conjeeveram
On the irreducibility of irreducible characters of simple Lie algebras

Reading, Nathan
Universal geometric cluster algebras from surfaces

Reimann, Jan; Slaman, Theodore
Measures and their random reals

Ren, Xiumin; Ye, Yangbo
Resonance of automorphic forms for $GL(3)$

Rink, Bob; Sanders, Jan
Coupled cell networks: Semigroups, Lie algebras and normal forms

Ripoll, Jaime; Telichevesky, Miriam
Regularity at infinity of Hadamard manifolds with respect to some elliptic operators and applications to asymptotic Dirichlet problems

Rippon, P.; Stallard, G.
Annular itineraries for entire functions

Ritoré, Manuel; Vernadakis, Efstratios
Isoperimetric inequalities in Euclidean convex bodies

Rodríguez-López, Salvador; Rule, David; Staubach, Wolfgang
On the boundedness of certain bilinear oscillatory integral operators

Rostami, Sean
Conjugacy classes of non-translations in affine Weyl groups and applications to Hecke algebras

Rowlett, Julie; Suárez-Serrato, Pablo; Tapie, Samuel
Dynamics and zeta functions on conformally compact manifolds

Runde, Volker
Erratum to “A Connes-amenable, dual Banach algebra need not have a normal, virtual diagonal”

Rupel, Dylan
Quantum cluster characters for valued quivers

Sadiq, Kamran; Tamasan, Alexandru
On the range of the attenuated Radon transform in strictly convex sets

Sagaki, Daisuke; Shimakura, Hiroki
Application of a $\mathbb {Z}_3$-orbifold construction to the lattice vertex operator algebras associated to Niemeier lattices

Sakata, Shigehiro
Movement of centers with respect to various potentials

Sam, Steven; Snowden, Andrew
GL-equivariant modules over polynomial rings in infinitely many variables

Sandrić, Nikola
Long-time behavior for a class of Feller processes

Sartori, Antonio
A diagram algebra from Soergel modules corresponding to smooth Schubert varieties

Savage, Carla; Visontai, Mirkó
The $s$-Eulerian polynomials have only real roots

Sendov, Blagovest; Sendov, Hristo
Loci of complex polynomials, part I

Servadei, Raffaella; Valdinoci, Enrico
The Brezis-Nirenberg result for the fractional Laplacian

Severitt, Markus
The Grothendieck ring of the structure group of the geometric Frobenius morphism

Shafikov, Rasul; Sukhov, Alexandre
Polynomially convex hulls of singular real manifolds

Shayya, Bassam
Variants of the Mattila integral, measures with nonnegative Fourier transforms, and the distance set problem

Shekhar, Sudhanshu; Sujatha, R.
Congruence formula for certain dihedral twists

Sheng, Mao; Zuo, Kang
Deuring’s mass formula of a Mumford family

Shepler, A.; Witherspoon, S.
A Poincaré-Birkhoff-Witt theorem for quadratic algebras with group actions

Shiraishi, Daisuke
Random walk on non-intersecting two-sided random walk trace is subdiffusive in low dimensions

Shlyakhtenko, Dimitri; Skoufranis, Paul
Freely independent random variables with non-atomic distributions

Slutsky, Konstantin
Graev metrics on free products and HNN extensions

Spielberg, Jack
Groupoids and $C*$-algebras for categories of paths

Stan, Florin; Zaharescu, Alexandru
Weil numbers in finite extensions of $\mathbb {Q}^{ab}$: The Loxton-Kedlaya phenomenon

Stapleton, Nathaniel
Subgroups of $p$-divisible groups and centralizers in symmetric groups

Starkston, Laura
Symplectic fillings of Seifert fibered spaces

Stasinski, Alexander
Similarity and commutators of matrices over principal ideal rings

Steiner, Wolfgang; Thuswaldner, Jörg
Rational self-affine tiles

Szabłowski, Paweł
On Markov processes with polynomial conditional moments

Sánchez, Omar
Relative $D$-groups and differential Galois theory in several derivations

Takeda, Masayoshi
Criticality for Schrödinger operators based on recurrent symmetric stable processes

Tanigawa, Shin-ichi
Matroids of gain graphs in applied discrete geometry

Tempesta, Piergiulio
The Lazard formal group, universal congruences and special values of zeta functions

Terán, Pedro
Laws of large numbers without additivity

Tiep, Pham
Real ordinary characters and real Brauer characters

Todorova, Grozdena; Yordanov, Borislav
On the regularizing effect of nonlinear damping in hyperbolic equations

Truong, Tuyen
Some dynamical properties of pseudo-automorphisms in dimension 3

Uchiyama, Kôhei
Asymptotics of the densities of the first passage time distributions for Bessel diffusions

van Geemen, Bert
Some equations for the universal Kummer variety

Wagemann, Friedrich; Wockel, Christoph
A cocycle model for topological and Lie group cohomology

Wang, Chengbo
The Glassey conjecture on asymptotically flat manifolds

Wang, D.-G.; Zhang, J.; Zhuang, G.
Connected Hopf algebras of Gelfand-Kirillov dimension four

Wang, Jian
A generalization of the line translation theorem

Wan, Jinkui; Wang, Weiqiang
Frobenius map for the centers of Hecke algebras

Webb, Richard
Combinatorics of tight geodesics and stable lengths

Wei, Juncheng; Yang, Jun
Traveling vortex helices for Schrödinger map equations

Wen, Xiao; Wen, Lan
Codimension one structurally stable chain classes

Willson, Benjamin
Configurations and invariant nets for amenable hypergroups and related algebras

Wilson, Bobby
On almost everywhere convergence of strong arithmetic means of Fourier series

Wilson, Michael
Invariance and stability of almost-orthogonal systems

Wise, Daniel
Cubular tubular groups

Wu, Tianqi; Gu, Xianfeng; Sun, Jian
Rigidity of infinite hexagonal triangulation of the plane

Xue, Jiangwei; Yu, Chia-Fu
Endomorphism algebras of factors of certain hypergeometric Jacobians

Zakeri, Saeed
Conformal fitness and uniformization of holomorphically moving disks

Zhang, Xiang
Liouvillian integrability of polynomial differential systems

Zhou, Yuan
Fractional Sobolev extension and imbedding

Zibrowius, Marcus
KO-rings of full flag varieties

Zimmermann, Alexander
The ring of polynomial functors of prime degree

Šarić, Dragomir
Complex Fenchel-Nielsen coordinates with small imaginary parts