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Mathematics of Computation
Mathematics of Computation
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Papers accepted for publication in Mathematics of Computation which have not yet been published

Papers are displayed alphabetically by first author listed.

Articles for which AMS Early View is available:

Assyr Abdulle and Patrick Henning
Localized orthogonal decomposition method for the wave equation with a continuum of scales
(Primary MSC 35L05, 65M60, 65N30, 74Q10, 74Q15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Nina Aguillon, Frédéric Lagoutière and Nicolas Seguin
Convergence of finite volumes schemes for the coupling between the inviscid Burgers equation and a particle
(Primary MSC 35R37, 65M12, 35L65)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Vladica Andrejić and Milos Tatarevic
Searching for a counterexample of Kurepa’s conjecture
(Primary MSC 11B83)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jennifer S. Balakrishnan, Amnon Besser and Jan Steffen Müller
Computing integral points on hyperelliptic curves using quadratic Chabauty
(Primary MSC 11G30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Razvan Barbulescu and Armand Lachand
Some mathematical remarks on the polynomial selection in NFS
(Primary MSC 11E76, 11N25, 11N36)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Caroline Bauzet, Julia Charrier and Thierry Gallouët
Convergence of flux-splitting finite volume schemes for hyperbolic scalar conservation laws with a multiplicative stochastic perturbation
(Primary MSC 65F15, 65F50, 15A18, 15A22)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Benjamin Berkels, Alexander Effland and Martin Rumpf
A posteriori error control for the binary Mumford-Shah model
(Primary MSC 49M25, 53C22, 65D18, 65L20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Christopher Bresten, Sigal Gottlieb, Zachary James Grant, Daniel Higgs, David I Ketcheson and Adrian Nemeth
Explicit strong stability preserving multistep Runge-Kutta methods
(Primary MSC 65M20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Erik Burman
A stabilized nonconforming finite element method for the elliptic Cauchy problem
(Primary MSC 65N12, 65N15, 65N20, 65N21, 65N30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jessika Camaño, Ricardo Oyarzúa and Giordano Tierra
Analysis of an augmented mixed-FEM for the Navier-Stokes problem
(Primary MSC 65N15, 65N30, 76D05, 76M10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Martin Campos Pinto and Eric Sonnendrücker
Gauss-compatible Galerkin schemes for time-dependent Maxwell equations
(Primary MSC 65M60, 35Q61, 65M12)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Philippe Chartier, Florian Méhats, Mechthild Thalhammer and Yong Zhang
Improved error estimates for splitting methods applied to highly-oscillatory nonlinear Schrödinger equations
(Primary MSC 34K33, 37L05, 35Q55)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Long Chen, Ricardo H. Nochetto, Enrique Otŕola and Abner J. Salgado
Multilevel methods for nonuniformly elliptic operators
(Primary MSC 65N55, 65F10, 65N22, 35S15, 65N12, 65N30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Yanlai Chen, Julio Bernardo Cockburn and Bo Dong
Superconvergent HDG methods for linear, stationary, third-order equations in one-space dimension
(Primary MSC 65M60, 65N30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Zhiming Chen, Xueshuang Xiang and Xiaohui Zhang
Convergence of the PML method for elastic wave scattering problems
(Primary MSC 65N30, 65N50)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Yao Cheng, Xiong Meng and Qiang Zhang
Application of generalized Gauss-Radau projections for the local discontinuous Galerkin method for linear convection-diffusion equations
(Primary MSC 65M12, 65M15, 65M60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Yingda Cheng, Ching-Shan Chou, Fengyan Li and Yulong Xing
$L^{2}$ stable discontinuous Galerkin methods for one-dimensional two-way wave equations
(Primary MSC 35L05, 35L45, 65M12, 65M60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Sudipto Chowdhury, Thirupathi Gudi and A. K. Nandakumaran
Error bounds for a Dirichlet boundary control problem based on energy spaces
(Primary MSC 65N30, 65N15, 65N12, 65K10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Julio Bernardo Cockburn and Alan Demlow
Hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin and mixed finite element methods for elliptic problems on surfaces
(Primary MSC 58J32, 65N15, 65N30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

John B. Cosgrave and Karl Dilcher
A role for generalized Fermat numbers
(Primary MSC 11A07)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Yuhong Dai, Deren Han, Xiaoming Yuan and Wenxing Zhang
A sequential updating scheme of Lagrange multiplier for separable convex programming
(Primary MSC 90C25, 65K10, 94A08, 68W10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Artūras Dubickas, Kevin G. Hare and Jonas Jankauskas
No two non-real conjugates of a Pisot number have the same imaginary part
(Primary MSC 11R06, 11R09)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Nira Dyn and Nir Sharon
A global approach to the refinement of manifold data
(Primary MSC 65D99, 40A99, 58E10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Julio Fernández and Josep González
Functions and differentials on the non-split Cartan modular curve of level 11
(Primary MSC 11F46, 14G35, 14Q05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Martin J. Gander and Yingxiang Xu
Optimized Schwarz methods with nonoverlapping circular domain decomposition
(Primary MSC 65N55)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Carlo Garoni, Carla Manni, Stefano Serra-Capizzano, Debora Sesana and Hendrik Speleers
Spectral analysis and spectral symbol of matrices in isogeometric Galerkin methods
(Primary MSC 15A18, 15B05, 41A15, 15A69, 65N30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Helmut Harbrecht, Michael Peters and Markus Siebenmorgen
On the quasi-Monte Carlo method with Halton points for elliptic PDEs with log-normal diffusion
(Primary MSC 65C05, 65C30, 60H25, 65N30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Ronald D. Haynes and Felix Kwok
Discrete analysis of domain decomposition approaches for mesh generation via the equidistribution principle
(Primary MSC 65M55, 65N22, 65Y05, 65M50, 65N50)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Bogdan Ichim, Lukas Katthän and Julio José Moyano-Fernández
How to compute the Stanley depth of a module
(Primary MSC 05A18, 05E40)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Kanya Ishizaka
A solution to energy minimization problem constrained by density function
(Primary MSC 46N10, 26D15, 26A51)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jonathan Jaquette and Miroslav Kramar
On $𝜖$ approximations of persistence diagrams
(Primary MSC 55-04, 55N99)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Ali Kamalinejad and Mehrdad Shahshahani
On computations with dessins d’enfants
(Primary MSC 11G32, 14H30, 14H52, 14H57, 14Q05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Dohyeong Kim
A modular approach to cubic Thue-Mahler equations
(Primary MSC 11D59, 11F11, 11Y50)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Christian Klingenberg, Gero Schnücke and Yinhua Xia
Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian discontinuous Galerkin method for conservation laws: Analysis and application in one dimension
(Primary MSC 65M12, 65M15, 65M60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Joachim König
Computation of Hurwitz spaces and new explicit polynomials for almost simple Galois groups
(Primary MSC 11R32, 12Y05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Buyang Li and Weiwei Sun
Maximal $L^{p}$ analysis of finite element solutions for parabolic equations with nonsmooth coefficients in convex polyhedra
(Primary MSC 35K20, 65M12, 65M30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Hengguang Li
The $W^{1}_{p}$ stability of the Ritz projection on graded meshes
(Primary MSC 65N30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jian-Guo Liu and Rong Yang
A random particle blob method for the Keller-Segel equation and convergence analysis
(Primary MSC 60H10, 65M75, 35Q92, 35K55)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Francis J. Narcowich, Stephen T. Rowe and Joseph D. Ward
A novel Galerkin method for solving PDEs on the sphere using highly localized bases
(Primary MSC 65M60, 65M12, 41A30, 41A55)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

S. Nicaise and I. Merabet
A mixed discontinuous finite element method for folded Naghdi’s shell in Cartesian coordinates
(Primary MSC 65N12, 65N15, 65N30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Cormac O’Sullivan
Zeros of the dilogarithm
(Primary MSC 33B30, 30C15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Diego Paredes, Frédéric Valentin and Henrique M. Versieux
On the robustness of multiscale hybrid-mixed methods
(Primary MSC 35J15, 65N15, 65N30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Vladimir Yu. Protasov
The Euler binary partition function and subdivision schemes
(Primary MSC 05A17, 39A99, 11P99, 65D17, 15A60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

M. Pruitt and D. Leykekhman
On the positivity of discrete harmonic functions and the discrete Harnack inequality for piecewise linear finite elements
(Primary MSC 65N30, 65N15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Michaël Rao and Matthieu Rosenfeld
Avoidability of long $k$-abelian repetitions
(Primary MSC 68R15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Holger Rauhut and Christoph Schwab
Compressive sensing Petrov-Galerkin approximation of high-dimensional parametric operator equations
(Primary MSC 35B30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Javier Segura
The Schwarzian-Newton method for solving nonlinear equations, with applications
(Primary MSC 65H05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Daniel B. Szyld and Fei Xue
Preconditioned eigensolvers for large-scale nonlinear Hermitian eigenproblems with variational characterizations. I. Extreme eigenvalues
(Primary MSC 65F15, 65F50, 15A18, 15A22)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Tongke Wang, Zhifang Liu and Zhiyue Zhang
The modified composite Gauss type rules for singular integrals possessing with Puiseux expansions
(Primary MSC 65D30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Articles accepted prior to AMS Early View implementation:

Araya, Makoto; Harada, Masaaki; Suda, Sho
Quasi-unbiased Hadamard matrices and weakly unbiased Hadamard matrices: A coding-theoretic approach

Audusse, Emmanuel; Bouchut, Fran\c cois; Bristeau, Marie-Odile; Sainte-Marie, Jacques
Kinetic entropy inequality and hydrostatic reconstruction scheme for the Saint-Venant system

Bachmayr, Markus; Cohen, Albert
Kolmogorov widths and low-rank approximations of parametric elliptic PDEs

Bebendorf, M.; Bollh\"ofer, M.; Bratsch, M.
On the spectral equivalence of hierarchical matrix preconditioners for elliptic problems

Benamou, Jean-David; Collino, Francis; Mirebeau, Jean-Marie
Monotone and consistent discretization of the Monge-Amp\`ere operator

Bennett, Michael; Billerey, Nicolas
Sums of two $S$-units via Frey-Hellegouarch curves

Benoit, Alexandre; Joldes, Mioara; Mezzarobba, Marc
Rigorous uniform approximation of D-finite functions using Chebyshev expansions

Brenner, Susanne

Buet, Christophe; Despr\' es, Bruno; Franck, Emmanuel; Leroy, Thomas
Proof of uniform convergence for a cell-centered AP discretization of the hyperbolic heat equation on general meshes

Cockburn, Julio Bernardo; Fu, Guosheng; Sayas, Francisco
Superconvergence by $M$-decompositions. Part I: General theory for HDG methods for diffusion

Fisher, Benji; Hayes, David
``The 2-divisibility of $h_p^+$''

Franke, Jens; Kleinjung, Thorsten; B\"uthe, Jan; Jost, Alexander
A practical analytic method for calculating $\pi(x)$

Gallet, Matteo; Koutschan, Christoph; Li, Zijia; Regensburger, Georg; Schicho, Josef; Villamizar, Nelly
Planar linkages following a prescribed motion

Gould, N.; Ortner, C.; Packwood, D.
A Dimer-type saddle search algorithm with preconditioning and linesearch

Hutzenthaler, Martin; Jentzen, Arnulf; Wang, Xiaojie
Exponential integrability properties of numerical approximation processes for nonlinear stochastic differential equations

Jeannerod, Claude-Pierre; Kornerup, Peter; Louvet, Nicolas; Muller, Jean-Michel
Error bounds on complex floating-point multiplication with an FMA

Kuo, Frances; Sloan, Ian; Wo\'zniakowski, Henryk
Multivariate integration for analytic functions with Gaussian kernels

Marin, Ivan; Pfeiffer, Goetz
The BMR freeness conjecture for the 2-reflection groups

Niemim\"aki, Ossi; Kurz, Stefan; Kettunen, Lauri
Structure-preserving mesh coupling based on the Buffa-Christiansen complex

Nugent, Steve; Voight, John
On the arithmetic dimension of triangle groups

Sneed, Jason
Lead changes in the prime number race

Sorenson, Jonathan; Webster, Jonathan
Strong pseudoprimes to twelve prime bases

Tao, Min; Yuan, Xiaoming
Accelerated Uzawa methods for convex optimization

Yang, Danping
Non-iterative parallel Schwarz algorithms based on overlapping domain decomposition for parabolic partial differential equations

Zieve, Michael
A remark on the paper ``$N$-tuples of positive integers with the same sum and the same product'' by Zhang and Cai

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