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Papers accepted for publication in Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society which have not yet been published

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Narjess Afzaly; Scott Morrison; David Penneys
The classification of subfactors with index at most $5\frac {1}{4}$

Jim Agler; Zinaida Lykova; Nicholas Young
Geodesics, retracts, and the norm-preserving extension property in the symmetrized bidisc

A. Agrachev; L. Rizzi; D. Barilari
Curvature: A variational approach

Oskari Heikki Ajanki; László Erdős; Torben Krüger
Quadratic vector equations on complex upper half-plane

Ethan Akin; Eli Glasner
WAP systems and labeled subshifts

Antonio Alarcón; Franc Forstnerič; Francisco J. López
New complex analytic methods in the study of non-orientable minimal surfaces in $\mathbb {R}^n$

T. Alazard; N. Burq; C. Zuily
Strichartz estimates and the Cauchy problem for the gravity water waves equations

Pierre Albin; Frédéric Rochon; David Sher
Resolvent, heat kernel, and torsion under degeneration to fibered cusps

Luigi Ambrosio; Andrea Mondino; Giuseppe Savare
Nonlinear diffusion equations and curvature conditions in metric measure spaces

Michael Aschbacher
On fusion systems of component type

Atanas Atanasov; Eric Larson; David Yang
Interpolation for normal bundles of general curves

Arthur Bartels; Christopher L. Douglas; André Henriques
Fusion of defects

Jacob Bedrossian; Pierre Germain; Nader Masmoudi
Dynamics near the subcritical transition of the 3D Couette flow: Below threshold case

Victor Beresnevich; Alan Haynes; Sanju Velani
Sums of reciprocals of fractional parts and multiplicative Diophantine approximation

Laurent Berger; Peter Schneider; Bingyong Xie
Rigid character groups, Lubin-Tate theory, and $(\varphi ,\Gamma )$-modules

Lisa Berger; Chris Hall; René Pannekoek; Jennifer Park; Rachel Pries; Shahed Sharif; Alice Silverberg; Douglas Ulmer
Explicit arithmetic of Jacobians of generalized Legendre curves over global function fields

Massimiliano Berti; Riccardo Montalto
Quasi-periodic standing wave solutions of gravity-capillary water waves

Pavel M. Bleher; Guilherme L. F. Silva
The mother body phase transition in the normal matrix model

Alexander Blokh; Lex Oversteegen; Ross Ptacek; Vladlen Timorin
Laminational models for some spaces of polynomials of any degree

Andrew J. Blumberg; Michael A. Mandell
Localization for $THH(ku)$ and the topological Hochschild and cyclic homology of Waldhausen categories

Sergey Bobkov; Michel Ledoux
One-dimensional empirical measures, order statistics, and Kantorovich transport distances

Lien Boelaert; Tom De Medts; A. Stavrova
Moufang sets and structurable division algebras

Joan Bosa; Nathanial P. Brown; Yasuhiko Sato; Aaron Tikuisis; Stuart White; Wilhelm Winter
Covering dimension of C*-algebras and 2-coloured classification

Nawaf Bou-Rabee; Eric Vanden-Eijnden
Continuous-time random walks for the numerical solution of stochastic diffirential equations

Abed Bounemoura Bounemoura; Jacques Féjoz
Hamiltonian perturbation theory for ultra-differentiable functions

Carles Broto; Jesper M. Møller; Robert Alan Oliver
Automorphisms of fusion systems of finite simple groups of Lie type/Tameness of fusion systems of sporadic simple groups

D. Bulacu; B. Torrecillas
Galois and cleft monoidal cowreaths. Applications

Ulrich Bunke; David Gepner
Differential function spectra, the differential Becker-Gottlieb transfer, and applications to differential algebraic $K$-theory

David M. J. Calderbank; Michael G. Eastwood; Vladimir S. Matveev; Katharina Neusser
C-projective geometry

David Joseph Carchedi
Higher orbifolds and Deligne-Mumford stacks as structured infinity-topoi

Ángel Castro; Diego Cordoba; Javier Gómez-Serrano
Global smooth solutions for the inviscid SQG equation

Jérémie Chalopin; Victor Chepoi; Hiroshi Hirai; Damian Osajda
Weakly modular graphs and nonpositive curvature

Chuanqiang Chen; Xi-Nan Ma; Paolo Salani
On space-time quasiconcave solutions of the heat equation

Vasilis Chousionis; Jeremy Tyson; Mariusz Urbanski
Conformal graph directed Markov systems on Carnot groups

Charles Collot; Pierre Raphaël; Jeremie Szeftel
On the stability of type I blow up for the energy super critical heat equation

Christophe Cornut
Filtrations and buildings

Jean-Francois Coulombel; Mark Williams
Geometric optics for surface waves in nonlinear elasticity

Sean N. Curry; A. Rod Gover
CR embedded submanifolds of CR manifolds

Raul E. Curto; In Sung Hwang; Woo Young Lee
Matrix functions of bounded type: An interplay between function theorem and operator theory

Patrick Delorme; Pascale Harinck; Yiannis Sakellaridis
Paley-Wiener theorems for a $p$-adic spherical variety

Christopher L. Douglas; Robert Lipshitz; Ciprian Manolescu
Cornered Heegaard Floer homology

Christopher L. Douglas; Christopher Schommer-Pries; Noah Snyder
Dualizable tensor categories

Rod Downey; Keng Meng Ng; Reed Solomon
Minimal weak truth table degrees and computably enumerable Turing degrees

Maurice Duits; Kurt Johansson
On mesoscopic equilibrium for linear statistics in Dyson’s Brownian motion

Zhaobing Fan; Chun-Ju Lai; Yiqiang Li; Li Luo; Weiqiang Wang
Affine flag varieties and quantum symmetric pairs

Ilijas Farah; Bradd Hart; Martino Lupini; L. Robert; Aaron Tikuisis; Alessandro Vignati; Wilhelm Winter
Model theory of $C^*$-algebras

Paul M. N. Feehan; Thomas G. Leness
An SO(3)-monopole cobordism formula relating Donaldson and Seiberg-Witten invariants

Paul M. N. Feehan; Manousos Maridakis
Łojasiewicz-Simon gradient inequalities for coupled Yang-Mills energy functionals

Felix Finster; Niky Kamran
Spinors on singular spaces and the topology of causal fermion systems

Matthias Fischmann; Andreas Juhl; Petr Somberg
Conformal symmetry breaking differential operators on differential forms

Gonzalo Fiz Pontiveros; Simon Griffiths; Robert Morris
The triangle-free process and the Ramsey number $R(3,k)$

Sergey Fomin; Dylan P Thurston
Cluster algebras and triangulated surfaces. Part II: Lambda lengths

Sy David Friedman; David Schrittesser
Projective measure without projective Baire

Olivier Frécon
Algebraic $\overline {\mathbb {Q}}$-groups as abstract groups

Kenji Fukaya; Yong-Guen Oh; Hiroshi Ohta; Kaoru Ono
Spectral invariants with bulk, quasimorphisms and Lagrangian Floer theory

Jeffrey Galkowski
Distribution of resonances in scattering by thin barriers

Jonathan Gantner
Operator theory on one-sided quaternionic linear spaces: Intrinsic $S$-functional calculus and spectral operators

Cristian Gavrus; Sung-Jin Oh
Global well-posedness of high dimensional Maxwell-Dirac for small critical data

Paul Godin
The 2D compressible Euler equations in bounded impermeable domains with corners

William Goldman; Greg Mcshane; George Stantchev; Ser Poew Tan
Automorphisms of two-generator free groups and spaces of isometric actions on the hyperbolic plane

S. Grivaux; É. Matheron; Q. Menet
Linear dynamical systems on Hilbert spaces: Typical properties and explicit examples

Christian Haase; Andreas Paffenholz; Lindsey C. Piechnik; Francisco Santos
Existence of unimodular triangulations–Positive results

J. I. Hall
Moufang loops and groups with triality are essentially the same thing

Michael Handel; Lee Mosher
Subgroup decomposition on $\textrm {Out}(F_n)$

Kazuyuki Hatada
Hecke operators and systems of eigenvalues on Siegel cusp forms

Th. Heidersdorf; R Weissauer
Cohomological tensor functors on representations of the general linear supergroup

J. William Helton; Igor Klep; Scott McCullough; Markus Schweighofer
Dilations, linear matrix inequalities, the matrix cube problem and beta distributions

Viktoria Heu; Frank Loray
Flat rank 2 vector bundles on genus two curves

Mike Hochman
On self-similar sets with overlaps and inverse theorems for entropy in $\mathbb {R}^d$

Werner Hoffmann; Satoshi Wakatsuki
On the geometric side of the Arthur trace formula for the symplectic group of rank 2

Alexandru D. Ionescu; Fabio Pusateri
Global regularity for 2D water waves with surface tension

Bogdan Ion; Siddhartha Sahi
Double affine Hecke algebras and congruence groups

Hiroshi Iritani; Todor Milanov; Yongbin Ruan; Yefeng Shen
Gromov-Witten theory of quotient of Fermat Calabi-Yau varieties

Daniel C. Isaksen
Stable stems

Paata Ivanisvili; Dmitriy M. Stolyarov; Vasily I. Vasyunin; Pavel B. Zatitskiy
Bellman function for extremal problems in BMO II: Evolution

S. V. Ivanov
The bounded and precise word problems for presentations of groups

Benjamin Jaye; Fedor Nazarov; Maria Carmen Reguera; Xavier Tolsa
The Riesz transform of codimension smaller than one and the Wolff energy

Dominic Joyce
Algebraic geometry over $C^\infty $-rings

Yulia Karpeshina; Roman Shterenberg
Extended states for the Schrödinger operator with quasi-periodic potential in dimension two

Ines Kath; Martin Olbrich
Compact quotients of Cahen-Wallach spaces

Elias G. Katsoulis; Christopher Ramsey
Crossed products of operator algebras

Shu Kawaguchi; Kazuhiko Yamaki
Effective faithful tropicalizations associated to linear systems on curves

Jun Kigami
Time changes of the Brownian motioin: Poincaré inequality, heat kernel estimate and protodistance

Yurii Kolomoitsev; Sergey Tikhonov
Hardy-Littlewood and Ulyanov inequalities with variable parameters

Lyudmila Korobenko; Cristian Rios; Eric Sawyer; Ruipeng Shen
Local boundedness, maximum principles, and continuity of solutions to infinitely degenerate elliptic equations with rough coefficients

Joachim Krieger
On stability of type II blow up for the critical nonlinear wave equation on $\mathbb {R}^{3+1}$

Laurent Lazzarini; Jean-Pierre Marco; David Sauzin
Measure and capacity of wandering domains in Gevrey near-integrable exact symplectic systems

Francesco Lin
A Morse-Bott approach to monopole Floer homology and the triangulation conjecture

Henri Lombardi; Daniel Perrucci; Marie-Françoise Roy
An elementary recursive bound for effective Positivstellensatz and Hilbert 17-th problem

Oliver Lorscheid; Thorsten Weist
Quiver Grassmanninas of type $\widetilde {D}_n$, part 1: Schubert systems and decompositions into affine spaces

Camille Male
Traffic distributions and independence: Permutation invariant random matrices and the three notions independence

Elizabeth Milićević; Petra Schwer; Anne Thomas
Dimensions of affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties: A new approach via labeled folded alcove walks and root operators

Mircea Mustaţă; Mihnea Popa
Hodge ideals

Alexander Joseph Nagel; Fulvio Ricci; Elias M. Stein; Stephen Wainger
Algebras of singular integral operators with kernels controlled by multiple norms

Jaroslav Nešetřil; Patrice Ossona de Mendez
A unified approach to structural limits and limits of graphs with bounded tree-depth

Paul-Emile Paradan; Michele Vergne
Witten non abelian localization for equivariant $K$-theory, and the $[Q,R]=0$ theorem

Stefan Patrikis
Variations on a theorem of Tate

Gabriella Pinzari
Perihelia reduction and global Kolmogorov tori in the planetary problem

Peter Poláčik
Propagating terraces and the dynamics of front-like solutions of reaction-diffusion equations on $\mathbb {R}$

Feliks Przytycki; Juan Rivera-Letelier
Geometric pressure for multimodal maps of the interval

Zhi Qi
Theory of fundamental Bessel functions of high rank

Eric M. Rains; S. Ole Warnaar
Bounded Littlewood identities

Harold Rosenberg; Graham Smith
Degree theory of immersed hypersurfaces

Andreas Seeger; Charles K. Smart; Brian Street
Multilinear singular integral forms of Christ-Journé type

Yorck Sommerhauser; Yongchang Zhu
Corrigenda to “Hopf algebras and congruence subgroups”

Tvrtko Tadić
Time-like graphical models

Adam R. Thomas
The irreducible subgroups of exceptional algebraic groups

Chao Wang; Zhifei Zhang; Weiren Zhao; Yunrui Zheng
Local well-posedness and break-down criterion of the incompressible Euler equations with free boundary

Chen Wan
A local relative trace formula for the Ginzburg-Rallis model: The geometric side

Yuesheng Xu; Qi Ye
Generalized Mercer kernels and reproducing kernel banach spaces

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