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Mathematics of Computation
Mathematics of Computation
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Papers accepted for publication in Mathematics of Computation which have not yet been published

Papers are displayed alphabetically by first author listed.

Articles for which AMS Early View is available:

Nina Aguillon, Frédéric Lagoutière and Nicolas Seguin
Convergence of finite volumes schemes for the coupling between the inviscid Burgers equation and a particle
(Primary MSC 35R37, 65M12, 35L65)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Makoto Araya, Masaaki Harada and Sho Suda
Quasi-unbiased Hadamard matrices and weakly unbiased Hadamard matrices: A coding-theoretic approach
(Primary MSC 05B20, 94B25, 94B65)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Douglas Norman Arnold and Lizao Li
Finite element exterior calculus with lower-order terms
(Primary MSC 65N30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jennifer S. Balakrishnan, Amnon Besser and Jan Steffen Müller
Computing integral points on hyperelliptic curves using quadratic Chabauty
(Primary MSC 11G30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

John W. Barrett, Harald Garcke and Robert Nürnberg
Finite element approximation for the dynamics of asymmetric fluidic biomembranes
(Primary MSC 65M60, 65M12, 76M10, 76Z99, 92C05, 35Q35, 76D05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Thomas Barron, Christopher ONeill and Roberto Pelayo
On dynamic algorithms for factorization invariants in numerical monoids
(Primary MSC 05C70, 11Y11)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Hélène Barucq, Théophile Chaumont-Frelet and Christian Gout
Stability analysis of heterogeneous Helmholtz problems and finite element solution based on propagation media approximation
(Primary MSC 65N12, 65N15, 65N30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Benjamin Berkels, Alexander Effland and Martin Rumpf
A posteriori error control for the binary Mumford-Shah model
(Primary MSC 49M25, 53C22, 65D18, 65L20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Christopher Bresten, Sigal Gottlieb, Zachary James Grant, Daniel Higgs, David I Ketcheson and Adrian Nemeth
Explicit strong stability preserving multistep Runge-Kutta methods
(Primary MSC 65M20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Christophe Buet, Bruno Després, Emmanuel Franck and Thomas Leroy
Proof of uniform convergence for a cell-centered AP discretization of the hyperbolic heat equation on general meshes
(Primary MSC 65M08, 65M12)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jessika Camaño, Ricardo Oyarzúa and Giordano Tierra
Analysis of an augmented mixed-FEM for the Navier-Stokes problem
(Primary MSC 65N15, 65N30, 76D05, 76M10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Wenbin Chen and Yanqiu Wang
Minimal degree $H$(curl) and $H$(div) conforming finite elements on polytopal meshes
(Primary MSC 65N30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Yao Cheng, Xiong Meng and Qiang Zhang
Application of generalized Gauss-Radau projections for the local discontinuous Galerkin method for linear convection-diffusion equations
(Primary MSC 65M12, 65M15, 65M60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Sudipto Chowdhury, Thirupathi Gudi and A. K. Nandakumaran
Error bounds for a Dirichlet boundary control problem based on energy spaces
(Primary MSC 65N30, 65N15, 65N12, 65K10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Julio Bernardo Cockburn, Guosheng Fu and Francisco Javier Sayas
Superconvergence by $M$-decompositions. Part I: General theory for HDG methods for diffusion
(Primary MSC 65M60, 65N30, 58J32, 65N15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Tom Fisher
Higher descents on an elliptic curve with a rational 2-torsion point
(Primary MSC 11G05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Thomas Führer, Norbert Heuer and Michael Karkulik
On the coupling of DPG and BEM
(Primary MSC 65N30, 35J20, 65N38)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Carlo Garoni, Carla Manni, Stefano Serra-Capizzano, Debora Sesana and Hendrik Speleers
Spectral analysis and spectral symbol of matrices in isogeometric Galerkin methods
(Primary MSC 15A18, 15B05, 41A15, 15A69, 65N30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Michael Griebel, Frances Y. Kuo and Ian H. Sloan
The ANOVA decomposition of a non-smooth function of infinitely many variables can have every term smooth
(Primary MSC 41A63, 41A99)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

L Guarnieri and L Vendramin
Skew braces and the Yang-Baxter equation
(Primary MSC 16T25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Wenming He and Zhimin Zhang
$2k$ superconvergence of $Q_{k}$ finite elements by anisotropic mesh approximation in weighted Sobolev spaces
(Primary MSC 65N30, 65N25, 65N15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Hui Huang and Jian-Guo Liu
Error estimate of a random particle blob method for the Keller-Segel equation
(Primary MSC 65M75, 65M15, 65M12, 35Q92, 35K55, 60H30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jonathan Jaquette and Miroslav Kramar
On $𝜖$ approximations of persistence diagrams
(Primary MSC 55-04, 55N99)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Claude-Pierre Jeannerod, Peter Kornerup, Nicolas Louvet and Jean-Michel Muller
Error bounds on complex floating-point multiplication with an FMA
(Primary MSC 65G50)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Bangti Jin, Raytcho Lazarov, Vidar Thomée and Zhi Zhou
On nonnegativity preservation in finite element methods for subdiffusion equations
(Primary MSC 65M12, 65M60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Dohyeong Kim
A modular approach to cubic Thue-Mahler equations
(Primary MSC 11D59, 11F11, 11Y50)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Christian Klingenberg, Gero Schnücke and Yinhua Xia
Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian discontinuous Galerkin method for conservation laws: Analysis and application in one dimension
(Primary MSC 65M12, 65M15, 65M60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Hiroki Kojima, Takayasu Matsuo and Daisuke Furihata
Some discrete inequalities for central-difference type operators
(Primary MSC 65M06, 65M12)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Joachim König
Computation of Hurwitz spaces and new explicit polynomials for almost simple Galois groups
(Primary MSC 11R32, 12Y05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Pierre Lezowski and Kevin J. McGown
The Euclidean algorithm in quintic and septic cyclic fields
(Primary MSC 11A05, 11R04, 11Y40)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Buyang Li and Weiwei Sun
Maximal $L^{p}$ analysis of finite element solutions for parabolic equations with nonsmooth coefficients in convex polyhedra
(Primary MSC 35K20, 65M12, 65M30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Qin Li, Jianfeng Lu and Weiran Sun
Half-space kinetic equations with general boundary conditions
(Primary MSC 32Q20, 65N35)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Lin Lin
Localized spectrum slicing
(Primary MSC 65F60, 65F50, 65F15, 65N22)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jóse L. López and Pedro J. Pagola
Analytic formulas for the evaluation of the Pearcey integral
(Primary MSC 33E20)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Peipei Lu, Huangxin Chen and Weifeng Qiu
An absolutely stable $hp$-HDG method for the time-harmonic Maxwell equations with high wave number
(Primary MSC 65N12, 65N15, 65N30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Ivan Marin and Götz Pfeiffer
The BMR freeness conjecture for the 2-reflection groups
(Primary MSC 20C08)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Robert McLachlan, Klas Modin and Olivier Verdier
A minimal-variable symplectic integrator on spheres
(Primary MSC 37J15, 37M15, 65P10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Steve Nugent and John Voight
On the arithmetic dimension of triangle groups
(Primary MSC 11F03, 20H10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Daniel Peterseim
Eliminating the pollution effect in Helmholtz problems by local subscale correction
(Primary MSC 65N12, 65N15, 65N30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Vladimir Yu. Protasov
The Euler binary partition function and subdivision schemes
(Primary MSC 05A17, 39A99, 11P99, 65D17, 15A60)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

M. Pruitt and D. Leykekhman
On the positivity of discrete harmonic functions and the discrete Harnack inequality for piecewise linear finite elements
(Primary MSC 65N30, 65N15)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Javier Segura
The Schwarzian-Newton method for solving nonlinear equations, with applications
(Primary MSC 65H05)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Raffaello Seri
Statistical properties of $b$-adic diaphonies
(Primary MSC 65D30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Weikun Shan and Huiyuan Li
The triangular spectral element method for Stokes eigenvalues
(Primary MSC 65N35, 65N25, 35P15, 35Q30)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Jonathan Sorenson and Jonathan Webster
Strong pseudoprimes to twelve prime bases
(Primary MSC 11Y11, 11Y16)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Min Tao and Xiaoming Yuan
Accelerated Uzawa methods for convex optimization
(Primary MSC 90C25)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Danping Yang
Non-iterative parallel Schwarz algorithms based on overlapping domain decomposition for parabolic partial differential equations
(Primary MSC 65N30, 65F10)
Early View PDF (AMS members only)

Articles accepted prior to AMS Early View implementation:

José A. Adell; Alberto Lekuona
Fast computation of the Stieltjes constants

M. Aurada; M. Feischl; T. Führer; M. Karkulik; J. M. Melenk; D. Praetorius
Local inverse estimates for non-local boundary integral operators

Markus Bachmayr; Albert Cohen
Kolmogorov widths and low-rank approximations of parametric elliptic PDEs

Michael A. Bennett; Nicolas Billerey
Sums of two $S$-units via Frey-Hellegouarch curves

Alexandre Benoit; Mioara Joldes; Marc Mezzarobba
Rigorous uniform approximation of D-finite functions using Chebyshev expansions

Susanne C. Brenner

Daniele A. Di Pietro; Jérôme Droniou
A hybrid high-order method for Leray-Lions elliptic equations on general meshes

Jan H. Dumke
$p$-adic zeros of quintic forms

Xiaobing Feng; Lauren Hennings; Michael Neilan
Finite element methods for second order linear elliptic partial differential equations in non-divergence form

Benji Fisher; David R. Hayes
“The 2-divisibility of $h_p^+$”

Jens Franke; Thorsten Kleinjung; Jan Büthe; Alexander Jost
A practical analytic method for calculating $\pi (x)$

Walter Gautschi
Monotonicity properties of the zeros of Freud and sub-range Freud polynomials: Analytic and empirical results

Michael Griebel; Frances Y. Kuo; Ian H. Sloan
Note on “The smoothing effect of integration in $\mathbb {R}^d$ and the ANOVA decomposition”

Martin Hutzenthaler; Arnulf Jentzen; Xiaojie Wang
Exponential integrability properties of numerical approximation processes for nonlinear stochastic differential equations

Frances Y. Kuo; Ian H. Sloan; Henryk Woźniakowski
Multivariate integration for analytic functions with Gaussian kernels

Karl Larsson; Mats G. Larson
A continuous/discontinuous Galerkin method and a priori error estimates for the biharmonic problem on surfaces

Buyang Li; Zhimin Zhang
Mathematical and numerical analysis of the time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau equations in nonconvex polygons based on Hodge decomposition

Vanni Noferini; Javier Pérez
Chebyshev rootfinding via computing eigenvalues of colleague matrices: When is it stable?

Przemysław Rutka; Ryszard Smarzewski
Explicit barycentric formulae for osculatory interpolation at roots of classical orthogonal polynomials

Jason Sneed
Lead changes in the prime number race

Xiao Wang; Shiqian Ma; Ya-xiang Yuan
Penalty methods with stochastic approximation for stochastic nonlinear programming

Zhong-qing Wang; Yu-ling Guo; Li-jun Yi
An $hp$-version Legendre-Jacobi spectral collocation method for Volterra integro-differential equations with smooth and weakly singular kernels

Michael E. Zieve
A remark on the paper “$N$-tuples of positive integers with the same sum and the same product” by Zhang and Cai

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