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Journal of the American Mathematical Society
Journal of the American Mathematical Society
ISSN 1088-6834(online) ISSN 0894-0347(print)


Papers accepted for publication in Journal of the American Mathematical Society which have not yet been published

Papers are displayed alphabetically by first author listed.

Bate, David
Structure of measures in Lipschitz differentiability spaces

Boucksom, Sébastien; Favre, Charles; Jonsson, Mattias
Solution to a non-Archimedean Monge-Ampère equation

Braverman, Alexander; Finkelberg, Michael
Semi-infinite Schubert varieties and quantum $K$-theory of flag manifolds

Bruin, Henk; van Strien, Sebastian
Monotonicity of entropy for real multimodal maps

Calegari, Danny; Walker, Alden
Random groups contain surface subgroups

Hacon, Christopher; Xu, Chenyang
On the three dimensional minimal model program in positive characteristic

Hofmann, Steve; Kenig, Carlos; Mayboroda, Svitlana; Pipher, Jill
Square function/non-tangential maximal function estimates and the Dirichlet problem for non-symmetric elliptic operators

Juteau, Daniel; Mautner, Carl; Williamson, Geordie
Parity sheaves

Kapovich, Michael; Kollár, János
Fundamental groups of links of isolated singularities

Lipshitz, Robert; Sarkar, Sucharit
A Khovanov stable homotopy type

Matsuo, Shinichiroh; Tsukamoto, Masaki
Brody curves and mean dimension

Mohammadi, Amir; Oh, Hee
Ergodicity of unipotent flows and Kleinian groups

Orlik, Sascha; Strauch, Matthias
On Jordan-Hölder series of some locally analytic representations

Pandharipande, Rahul; Pixton, Aaron; Zvonkine, Dimitri
Relations on $\overline {\mathcal {M}}_{g,n}$ via $3$-spin structures

Thorne, Jack
Automorphy lifting for residually reducible $l$-adic Galois representations