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A Mathematical Medley: Fifty Easy Pieces on Mathematics
George G. Szpiro, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zurich, Switzerland

2010; 236 pp; softcover
ISBN-10: 0-8218-4928-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-4928-6
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George Szpiro was the winner of the 2006 DMV Media Prize for his monthly mathematical column in the Neue Nücher Zeitung.

Szpiro's book provides a delightful, well-written, eclectic selection of mathematical tidbits that makes excellent airplane reading for anyone with an interest in mathematics, regardless of their mathematical background. Excellent gift material.

--Keith Devlin, Stanford University, author of The Unfinished Game and The Language of Mathematics

It is great to have collected in one volume the many varied, insightful and often surprising mathematical stories that George Szpiro has written in his mathematical columns for the newspapers through the years.

--Marcus du Sautoy, Oxford University, author of The Music of the Primes and Symmetry: A Journey into the Patterns of Nature

Mathematics is thriving. Not only have long-standing problems, such as the Poincaré conjecture, been solved, but mathematics is an important element of many modern conveniences, such as cell phones, CDs, and secure transactions over the Internet. For good or for bad, it is also the engine that drives modern investment strategies. Fortunately for the general public, mathematics and its modern applications can be intelligible to the non-specialist, as George Szpiro shows in A Mathematical Medley.

In stories of a few pages each, Szpiro describes in layman's terms mathematical problems that have recently been solved (or thought to have been solved), research that was published in scientific journals, and mathematical observations about contemporary life. Anecdotal stories about the lives of mathematicians and stories about famous old problems are interspersed among other vignettes.


This book is intended for true general readers who are interested in any sort of mathematics.


"[This book] is an interesting collection of stories that will be accessible to a wide audience. ... It can also serve as a supplemental resource for math majors in a history of mathematics course."

-- CHOICE Reviews

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